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  1. mg3ddesign

    Google Opt In Survey / Reviews

    I'm trying to implement this as well. Did anyone figure it out?
  2. Figured it out. One of the plugins had upgraded to be used on php 7. Removing that plugin while logged in on php 7 then allowed me to log in on php 5.6 and I could reinstall the 5.6 version of that plugin.
  3. Hi there I changed the server PHP to 7.2 and everything was running great and faster. I then noticed that certain plugins were not working in 7.2 so I rolled back to 5.6. For some reason now I can not access the admin in 5.6 and can only access the admin in 7.2 In 5.6 I just get the page is not working
  4. mg3ddesign

    Sort By and Search are not working

    I'm using the semperfi custom foundation 5 skin and semperfi plugins so no code that is not semperfi has been added. I just changed to the normal foundation skin and am having the same issues. Sort does not work and search does not bring up the correct products, an example is that if you search 'foam bo', the semperfi ajax dropdown search brings up the correct products where as the cubecart search results are incorrect products. It does seem to be the issue on the link but I was wondering if anyone has found a quick fix until the bug is sorted? This is quite a big issue coming up to xmas as everyone uses search to find specific products.
  5. I am having issues with search results not being correct and sort by not working in the store front indoorxtreme.co.uk Anyone else having these issues?