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  1. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    And the hidden cell was in the ordinary description, not the seo description.or the item name, which the seourl is based on. OK, i'll pass the quotes info onto the people who enter the new products, Is it just the description, or other field as well? Is it possible to write a sql to replace any quotes already there?
  2. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    first noticed in 6.1.1. but the item has probably been listed since v3 or 4, but no one wanted it before now.
  3. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    just had another look at that ie7 red line Butter highlighted above.. isn't "<!-- " a comment tag..? i still dont think it's something i would have edited unless it was instructions in one of the mods we used to have .. as IE7 is 10 years old, i don't think I'll worry about it too much. But Thanks again for everyone's help.
  4. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    Finally, deleted all the references to estelle mod the hidden cell shows on the one product description .. <input name="add" type="hidden" value="647" .. Don't have the faintest idea how this would redirect what's being sent to the basket.. but apparently it did. Thanks for all your help on this..
  5. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    ok, i see the estelle reference, we did have that mod back in V.3 or 4.. looking at the description on the product setup i see a odd item on the bottom of the page.. screenshot attached. this references 647.. so this must have be redirecting the item to the basket as I've deleted it and it's working OK now. But the estelle reference still shows on the database record. so doesn't seem to be related to this. I have 15 other products with an estelle reference, so i'll look through and see if any of those are affected. not sure about the red ie7 line, it's not one I'd have modified. I'll have a look for that too.
  6. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    not sure what i'm looking for. attached is the original SQL export in notepad++, i copied it to excel before so i could read and compare easier I would have thought the "add to basket" button works on the Product_id, not the seo. How does this affect things? CubeCart_inventory.sql ayz.. i agree, deleting and relisting might solve THIS instance.. I just like to see if there's a reason first. If i could see corrupted data, i'd be happy to accept that. But everything i looked at seems OK.
  7. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    It's a specialised item and hasn't been sold on this listing before. The store has been updated several times over the years. Today upgraded to 6.1.3, noticed the problem on 6.1.1 but who knows when it first occurred. Before V5, we had some third party addins, including SEO, but now run a standard product except for some personal amendments to skins. the seo urls are generated by cc we don't change the url but do add meta description & keywords. I attach a csv file with the two records. Book1.csv
  8. towersecurity

    Wrong item added to basket

    I was contacted by a customer who noticed that when he tried to add a product to the basket, a different one was added. We looked into this and found just the one item that does this: http://towersecurity.co.uk/locks/specialist-locks/metal-shop-door-locks/tower-security-21068-apg-lock-set-of-4.html adds http://towersecurity.co.uk/locks/specialist-locks/metal-shop-door-locks/union-21068-kxt-armour-plate-glass-apg-lock-pair.html to the basket. I looked at the database but couldnt see any duplicated fields, The items were created many years ago and each have different product_id, product_code, description and name. I'm not sure what the unique key is for the file, so I cant see why? the product_id (generated by CC) are 819, and 647 - I assume they were created at different times even though they are essentially the same product but a different configuration. I tried creating an error log, but nothing showed up. this occurred in version 6.1.1, and still happens now i've updated to 6.1.3. we've only found this one item doing this, but still looking to see if it happens elsewhere. It only occurs when adding to the basket from the main product view.. not if you add from the search results or catagory listing. Any Ideas?
  9. OK.. The sites up again and working perfectly but we don't really know why it went wrong or how it fixed itself We restored the CC files from the ftp backups as before. But previously, we'd deleted the data from the database, leaving the structure. Then restored the data to the existing database from a SQL export. This time we deleted the database completely through MySQL and restored it, structure and everything from the same SQL export. I guess it was a glich in the database somehow. This doesn't explain why the clean install of 6.0.12 didn't work, because I deleted the Database before i tried this. The version upgrade to 6.0.12 was also done via Cubecart Admin with no problems. Anyway.. Thanks for all the support guys.
  10. I've been downloading the 6.0.12 files from cubecart, I only tried installing from cpanel (fantastico) when ayz1 suggested it.. The Host support team is looking at it again,
  11. .I'm just bluffing my way through here..the installer on my cpanel is called fantastico ... can't see how a new folder'll work but i'll try later 'cos i'm taking a rest.. The Host is having another look hopefully he'll agree..
  12. Good Idea, forgot about that... Unfortunately it didnt work
  13. the cc install istruction suggest using 0777 on certain directories.. done this no difference Because it's clean install on the root directory, there wasn't a .htaccess file.. replacing it made no difference.
  14. Trying to do a clean install.. Deleted all CC files. Deleted the Database Uploaded 6.0.12 All file permissions set to 0755 Firefox browser to setup folde.. i get error message: Warning: session_start(): open(/tmp/sess_4cb1411d216e9334a0cd57db7bfbada9, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/xxx/public_html/setup/index.php on line 38
  15. Yep, trying a clean install to latest version.. having problems here too.. I'll post them when I'm able.