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  1. Many Thanks for the info. I added the missing fields and deleted and reinstated the one where I couldn't set the unique status. Looks like to error messages have stopped. Upgradrd to 6.2.8 with no appaerent problems. I'll monitor it a bit more closely now and hope fully it wont re-occur.
  2. Ok I can ask the host. but given: Is is possible to that i could use PHPMyAdmin to add in the 4 missing fields? If so can you tell me the formats. It's not a disater if i lose the last few months order history.
  3. they are both just .sql ... not .zip. I suspected the increase in size was due to these error logs, but couldn't see why 5k entries would cause 60MB increase.. Over night, the error log shows 1400 errors. Unfortunately, I don't remember the version number of my June SQL back up.. I updated to 6.2.5 in July, the useable .SQL file was created at this time.. the increase in the .SQL files started after the update. so.. two options: ZIP the 66MB .SQL from September (is this possible?) restore the .SQL.ZIP into my current set up Go back to CC 6.2.2 delete everything on my site, re install CC 6.2.2 restore the .SQL from June I'll try the 1st.. if that doesn't work I'll try the second. I'll let you know how it goes. Many thanks BSMITHER and HAVENSWIFT BUT.... i went through the upgrade process for 6.2.5 in the normal way. Even if it i upgraded from a lower version than 6.2.2, why would the live_from be missing? Also.. my september .sql file must be suffering from the same issues.. there no point in trying to zip it up.
  4. Something went wrong with my shop and was inaccessible. looking at my backups, i noticed that some time in July, the size of the database had increased, the June SQL export was about 8MB, the September one was 66MB. the maximum import for sql files was 50MB I couldn't see any reason for this and the only option I could see was to delete all the shop files and database to start again from the June backup. That all went well: I then noticed in a couple of days I had 5 thousands entries in the system error log . Looking in Advanced/Maintenace/Database.. were many errors like: "CubeCart_category.cat_parent_id has no key set. Expecting KEY." "CubeCart_admin_users.admin_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY." a previous post on the forum pointed me to use the PHP admin to Amend, delete and add indexes and unique settings. Also some tables had duplicate entries in the primary fields, for example the currency table. - i was able to delete duplicates in CC admin. Uncleared Errors on the database report are: Errors referring to a field that does not appear in the table structer CubeCart_documents.doc_privacy has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_inventory.live_from has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_sessions.acp has no key set. Expecting KEY. I'm unable to set this as a unique field, all records seem to be empty CubeCart_order_summary.custom_oid has no key set. Expecting UNIQUE KEY. I've cleared most of the problems, and the shop seems to work, but in the last 15 minutes there are 273 items in the error log: File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [70] "SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS MIN(`live_from`) AS `next_time` FROM `CubeCart_inventory` WHERE `live_from` > UNIX_TIMESTAMP() LIMIT 1;" - Unknown column 'live_from' in 'field list' This seems to refer to the 2nd uncleared issue above. Does anyone know what might be going on and how to clear these database errors. Many Thanks.
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