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  1. After I migrated my shop (latest version) to another host the images I upload when creating a new product does not get set as images/thumbnails for the product and the images not show in the file list/picker file. They do show in the file list when I go into admin - Images and Update File List. Does anyone know what it might be problem with the images not showing in the file list when creating the a new product? Thanks for any advises!
  2. Seems like I got this working now! This is how I made my filemanager.class.php file to look like: class FileManager { private $_directories; private $_mode; private $_manage_cache; private $_manage_dir; private $_manage_root; private $_recently_uploaded = array(); private $_sub_dir; private $_sendfile = false; //private $_max_upload_image_size = 350000; private $_max_upload_image_size = 6291456; // 6MB public $form_fields = false; Thanks!
  3. No the files does not exist on the server when I browse the images/cache with FTP. Also looked in the database and the files have not been added there. Yeah its strange since the file seem to upload fine without any warnings after dropping them into the dropzone. Do think there is any additional files that also needs to be edited? Or should this work just editing the admin.php file and filemanager.class.php
  4. Thanks for the fast reply bsmither. I was looking in the wrong admin.php file, but found the right one and changed the limit to maxFilesize: '2.55', But it still does not seem to work. I don't get any warning and the file seems to upload fine when I add it to the dropzone. However it never get's listed in the file list. I tried reload the page etc but the files does not seem to get uploaded. (Everything smaller than 350 works fine) By the way I'm using latest version of CC.
  5. I got this same problem. Where you able to solve this trivstar? I have changed the private $_max_upload_image_size to 500000 however I dont find the 0.35mb limit in the admin.js file probably since i'm not using dropzone. Anyone that knows how to increase the image size upload limit?
  6. Antonw.com

    Upload large file in cubecart 6

    I also got the problem with Cubecart giving the error message that the filesize are too big and can not be bigger than 350kb Tried to edit the filemanager.class.php file private $_max_upload_image_size = 15958400; but I still get the error message, does anyone what I need to change in order to be able to upload larger images? Thanks!