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  1. Seems like I got this working now! This is how I made my filemanager.class.php file to look like: class FileManager { private $_directories; private $_mode; private $_manage_cache; private $_manage_dir; private $_manage_root; private $_recently_uploaded = array(); private $_sub_dir; private $_sendfile = false; //private $_max_upload_image_size = 350000; private $_max_upload_image_size = 6291456; // 6MB public $form_fields = false; Thanks!
  2. No the files does not exist on the server when I browse the images/cache with FTP. Also looked in the database and the files have not been added there. Yeah its strange since the file seem to upload fine without any warnings after dropping them into the dropzone. Do think there is any additional files that also needs to be edited? Or should this work just editing the admin.php file and filemanager.class.php
  3. Thanks for the fast reply bsmither. I was looking in the wrong admin.php file, but found the right one and changed the limit to maxFilesize: '2.55', But it still does not seem to work. I don't get any warning and the file seems to upload fine when I add it to the dropzone. However it never get's listed in the file list. I tried reload the page etc but the files does not seem to get uploaded. (Everything smaller than 350 works fine) By the way I'm using latest version of CC.
  4. I got this same problem. Where you able to solve this trivstar? I have changed the private $_max_upload_image_size to 500000 however I dont find the 0.35mb limit in the admin.js file probably since i'm not using dropzone. Anyone that knows how to increase the image size upload limit?
  5. I also got the problem with Cubecart giving the error message that the filesize are too big and can not be bigger than 350kb Tried to edit the filemanager.class.php file private $_max_upload_image_size = 15958400; but I still get the error message, does anyone what I need to change in order to be able to upload larger images? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for the reply Ian. I have a quiet a few scripts hosted on the same server so that probably add to the workload i guess. I'm on v 5.2.10 Your probably right about the server getting overloaded when the bandwidth peaks. The admin login is only slow from time to time. I will deferentially consider your hosting plans! Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much for the rapid reply guys, very much appreciated. Ian, I have a Cloud Servers - Webmaster Cloud v2 And had 23 625.06 M bandwidth usage last month. Server load 0.87 (2 CPUs) Memory Used 61.5% (1,177,328 of 1,914,332) Swap Used 0% (0 of 1) bsmither, do you know where in the WHM I can see the frequency? The storefront customer login (when it's not down due to the mysql error) seem to work fine. But the admin is always slow.
  8. Hi, So recently the admin login for my store have been really slow. It can cake 30sec to a min to login. Then I also started to get this error on the frontpage: Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/2013): Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading authorization packet', system error: 104 in mywebsite/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 22 The host told me I have to upgrade my server. I have about 30.000 daily hits and 700mb bandwidth on a currently run on: Total processors: 2 Intel® Xeon® CPU L5630 @ 2.13GHz Mem: total: 1914332 used: 1897316 Does anyone know if this error and slow login is simply due to the hosting and I need a better server? I been running the site for some time, should clear up any data in order to make the admin login work faster? Thanks!
  9. Thank you very much for replying to my thread bsmither. Sometime is also get to a Paypal page saying "Sorry — your last action could not be completed". There is no logs from the orders that get the Paypal error (incorrectly formatted item amount). I been trying to see a pattern when this happens and it seems to be related to: 1) Using German or Spanish language in the store. 2) When checking out having German or Spain selected as country. Maybe someone could verify this by testing it at: http://gamesitetemplates.com
  10. Hi, When I change the language in my store to German or Spanish and checkout I get following error on the Paypal page: "The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount". Any idea why I get this error? (I have both countries allowed in the paypal "allowed zone" and it's the same error for any product cost). Thanks, Anton
  11. For me it dosen't matter where the customer is from, can be any country. I have Cubecart installed on another host of mine and it works fine there, so I asked my current host if he had any input on this problem and I got following reply: "Our systems block all requests from clients with blank user agents. Paypal's IPN bot uses a blank user agent - therefore it is being blocked." Do you think it can be due to the host that I get this error and the cart dosen't change status from "Pending"?
  12. I also just want to confirm that I get the exact same screens and error, (I made sure I had the IPN turned off like you had) only thing that is different is that Im not using https. Could this be a hosting problem??
  13. Is your IPN working in PayPal or do you have that turned off?
  14. Yeah any solution to this would be appreciated, kinderyum what did Milos do to get your order status working??
  15. Yeah I have followed the instructions there, right now im using the default return URL for my other website...but that should not matter since cubecart 4 overrides this setting, right? Btw is there any other folder then the gateway modules that have to be set to CHMOD 755 in order to get the Paypal / order status working?
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