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  1. Backup your Files and Folders and your Database.

    I upgraded from version 4 no problems to Version 6

    Uploading New files to my site worked for me as the Auto-Upgrade won't work on the server i have.

    If things Go Wrong you can easily go back to your old files and database, and try again.


  2. Hi, was there a section in v.4.5 per category where i could raise our lower prices over-all by percentage up or down?
     i believe there was...

    Is this same ability in v6. ?? i cannot seem to find it...

    Am i right, and i was in previous versions? by category price changes?


    If its not in v6. can we have that option again?



  3. The largest sessions table size i have is 6.4mb... Is that a normal operating size?

    Too me it just seemed large...

    Maybe i am just noticing normal sessions table operation if 6.4mb is a common table size???


    I DO HAVE ALL THOSE REQUIRED COLUMNS in my sessions database table

    I went ahead and used EMPTY .... thanks for the Help!

  4. Is it possible to make a Future version of Cubecart v6 Let me set FREE SHIPPING for certain items, and have that also displayed with the item as "Free Shipping"

    Or have it Show Free Shipping Automatically when i offer such after a certain price etc..

    Example i ship by Percent..

    My Free shipping module is set at $120. Is there a way to maybe use this setting to make cubecart show all items over that price as having "Free shipping" marked beside the price,?

    I have No Clue what the easiest way t make this Happen in Cubecart... 

    But it would let people know what items i FREE SHIP etc.. as based on my website needs etc.


  5. My sites came back just fine... and it did not take anyone's help to do so. I simply trimmed keywords, and reworked page writing.

    Simple... as for Bing and Yahoo.. they never change my ranking no matter what i do.. i stay number one.

    Use googles webmastertools and a good stemap...

    If you don't rank up, its because other sites are using there words better than you are.. its that simple.


  6. Not Sure what section this should be in? WHAT'S THE GRAVATAR BUTTON FOR?

    It's near the Reviews, but when you click it it goes to gravatar/emails?

    what the heck is the purpose of that?

    I clicked it thinking i was making a review and boom zoom i am off to another site?

    It should be removed, or used as just a Button for making a review, and have no h ref to garavatar ??

    If you can explain the sense to this Button , please tell me.

    Personally i removed it, because it has absolutely No Use-full Purpose i can see..



  7. If you have lots of keywords, trim the list down. Use a short description for the site and a Tittle thats not too long....

    Add writing content to the items you want to sell to make up for lost keywords etc...

    It should come back... besides many use Bing and yahoo... did you lose that ranking to?


  8. I had the same issue... but i DUG around here with a BIG SHOVEL and found the fix in the filemanager.class fix.... COOL!!

    I wish a Dug around sooner, that dang bug drove me mental for 2 days, then again i was never quite right.. lol

    Now it gives good links to buyers for digital downloads and all is well in the World once again.


  9. NO.. I am not looking for nothing automated....

    I want the same layout as the Print Order Form Module in version 6

    All i did was edit the print.tpl and admin index.tpl

    I Removed the DATA request with Simple text.

    Bear with me as i am far from a php Pro... But when i isntalled the print oredr form i presume the parts that say "Bank Name" "Swiwt Code" "Account Name" etc..All get put into the sql Database? So my silly fix no longer calls up those names from the Database i presume, and uses the text i added into the print.tpl etc.. I added "E-Transfer Secret Question" "Answer to Secreat Question" "eTransfer Account" in place of the DATA request coding that was there.

    So i no longer see any info reagrding bank transfers with swift code etc,, i see now info for customers to send me an e-Transfer Payment.


    Waht i would like is to see a seperate little module that says print e-transfer payments, or ADD that little bit to the cuurent print order module.

    Then all the proper WORDS would go into the database i presume and not be a .tpl HACK as i did.

    I have NO CLUE how to make this idea into an installable application??? beyond my talents i think.

    Below is the code i played with.

    Here is the print.tpl

     * CubeCart v6
     * ========================================
     * CubeCart is a registered trade mark of CubeCart Limited
     * Copyright CubeCart Limited 2014. All rights reserved.
     * UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904
     * ========================================
     * Web:   http://www.cubecart.com
     * Email:  [email protected]
     * License:  GPL-2.0 http://opensource.org/licenses/GPL-2.0
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>{$LANG.common.order_id} {$SUM.cart_order_id}</title>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/skin/style/print.css" media="screen,print" />
    <style type="text/css" media="print">
    form, input.button {
        display: none;
        visibility: hidden;

    <form action="index.php" method="get">
      <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.common.close}" class="button" />
      <input type="button" value="{$LANG.common.print}" class="button" onclick="window.print();" />

    <div id="wrapper">
      <div id="header">
         <img src="{$STORE_LOGO}" alt="" />

      <div id="address">
        <div id="deliver-to">
          <strong>{$LANG.address.delivery_address}</strong><br />
          {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.title} {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.first_name} {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.last_name}<br />
          {if !empty($ADDRESS_DELIVERY.company_name)}{$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.company_name}<br />{/if}
          {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.line1} <br />
          {if !empty($ADDRESS_DELIVERY.line2)}{$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.line2}<br />{/if}
          {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.town}<br />
          {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.state}, {$ADDRESS_DELIVERY.postcode}<br />
        <div id="invoice-to">
        <strong>{$LANG.address.billing_address}</strong><br />
          {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.title} {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.first_name} {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.last_name}<br />
          {if !empty($ADDRESS_INVOICE.company_name)}{$ADDRESS_INVOICE.company_name}<br />{/if}
          {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.line1}<br />
          {if !empty($ADDRESS_INVOICE.line2_d)}{$ADDRESS_INVOICE.line2}<br />{/if}
          {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.town}<br />
          {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.state}, {$ADDRESS_INVOICE.postcode}<br />

      <div id="info">
        <span style="float: right;"><strong>{$LANG.common.order_id}:</strong> {$SUM.cart_order_id}</span>
        <strong>{$LANG.common.date}:</strong> {$ORDER_DATE}

      <div class="product">
        <span class="price"><strong>{$LANG.common.price}</strong></span>

      {foreach from=$ITEMS item=item}
      <div class="product">
        <span class="price">{$item.price_total}</span>
        {$item.quantity} x {$item.name} {if !empty({$item.product_code})}- {$item.product_code}{/if} ({$item.price})<br />
        {if $item.options}
          {foreach from=$item.options item=option}
            {$option} <br />

      <div id="totals">
        <div class="total">{$LANG.basket.total_sub}: {$SUM.subtotal}</div>
        <div class="total">{$LANG.basket.total_discount} {if $SUM.percent}({$SUM.percent}){/if}: {$SUM.discount}</div>
        <div class="total">{$LANG.basket.shipping}: {$SUM.shipping}</div>
        {if $TAX}
            <div class="total">{$LANG.basket.total_tax}: {$TAX}</div>
          {elseif $TAXES}
              {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax}
              <div class="total">{$tax.name}: {$tax.value}</div>
        <div class="total"><strong>{$LANG.basket.total_grand}: {$SUM.total}</strong></div>
      {if !empty($SUM.customer_comments)}
      <div>{$LANG.basket.your_comments}:<br /><em>&quot;{$SUM.customer_comments}&quot;</em></div>
      {if $CHEQUE}
      <div class="payment_method">
        <strong>{$LANG.gateway.cheque_payment}</strong><br />
        {$LANG.gateway.cheque_payable_to} &quot;{$MODULE.payableTo}&quot;

      {if $CARDS}
      <div class="payment_method">
        <div id="card_details">
          <div class="detail">{$LANG.gateway.card_number}:</div>
          <div class="detail">{$LANG.gateway.card_expiry_date}:</div>
          <div class="detail">{$LANG.gateway.card_issue_date}:</div>
          <div class="detail">{$LANG.gateway.card_issue_no}:</div>
          <div class="detail">{$LANG.gateway.card_security}:</div>

        <div style="margin-bottom: 5px;"><strong>{$LANG.gateway.card_payment}</strong></div>
        <div id="card_types">
          {foreach from=$CARDS item=card}
          <img src="modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/skin/images/box.gif" alt="" /> {$card}<br />


      {if $BANK}
      <div class="payment_method">
        <strong>Secure Online e-Transfers</strong><br />
        <br />
        <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.bankName}</div>
        <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_account_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.accName}</div>
        <div><strong>e-Transfer Email:</strong> {$MODULE.acNo}</div>
        <div><strong>e-Transfer Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.sortCode}</div>
        <div><strong>Answer to Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.swiftCode}</div>


      {if !empty($MODULE.notes)}
      <div id="notes">{$MODULE.notes}</div>

      <div id="thanks">{$LANG.common.thanks}</div>
      <div id="footer">
        {$LANG.gateway.postal_address}: {$STORE.address}, {$STORE.county}, {$STORE.postcode} {$STORE.country}<br />
        {$STORE.name}, {$STORE.url}




     * CubeCart v6
     * ========================================
     * CubeCart is a registered trade mark of CubeCart Limited
     * Copyright CubeCart Limited 2014. All rights reserved.
     * UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904
     * ========================================
     * Web:   http://www.cubecart.com
     * Email:  [email protected]
     * License:  GPL-2.0 http://opensource.org/licenses/GPL-2.0
    <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
      <div id="Print_Order_Form" class="tab_content">
          <div><label for="status">{$LANG.common.status}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[status]" id="status" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.status}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="position">{$LANG.module.position}</label><span><input type="text" name="module[position]" id="position" class="textbox number" value="{$MODULE.position}" /></span></div>
                    <label for="scope">{$LANG.module.scope}</label>
                        <select name="module[scope]">
                                  <option value="both" {$SELECT_scope_both}>{$LANG.module.both}</option>
                                  <option value="main" {$SELECT_scope_main}>{$LANG.module.main}</option>
                                  <option value="mobile" {$SELECT_scope_mobile}>{$LANG.module.mobile}</option>
          <div><label for="default">{$LANG.common.default}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[default]" id="default" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.default}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="description">{$LANG.common.description} *</label><span><input name="module[desc]" id="description" class="textbox" type="text" value="{$MODULE.desc}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="multiCurrency">{$LANG.print_order_form.currency_multi}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[multiCurrency]" id="multiCurrency" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.multiCurrency}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="cheque">{$LANG.print_order_form.cheque_allow}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[cheque]" id="cheque" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.cheque}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="payableTo">{$LANG.print_order_form.cheque_payable}</label><span><input type="text" name="module[payableTo]" value="{$MODULE.payableTo}" class="textbox" size="30" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="card">{$LANG.print_order_form.cards_allow}?</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[card]" id="card" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.card}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="cards">{$LANG.print_order_form.cards_accept}</label><span><input type="text" name="module[cards]" id="cards" class="textbox" value="{$MODULE.cards}" class="textbox" size="30" /> {$LANG.common.eg} {$LANG.print_order_form.cards_example}</span></div>
          <div><label for="status">{$LANG.print_order_form.confirmation_email}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[confirmation_email]" id="confirmation_email" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.confirmation_email}" /></span></div>

          <div><label for="bank">{$LANG.print_order_form.bank_allow}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="module[bank]" id="bank" class="toggle" value="{$MODULE.bank}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="bankName">{$LANG.print_order_form.bank_name}</label><span><input name="module[bankName]" id="bankName" class="textbox" type="text" value="{$MODULE.bankName}" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="accName">{$LANG.print_order_form.bank_account_name}</label><span><input type="text" name="module[accName]" value="{$MODULE.accName}" class="textbox" size="30" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="acNo">e-Transfer Email</label><span><input type="text" name="module[acNo]" value="{$MODULE.acNo}" class="textbox" size="30" /></span></div>
          <div><label for="sortCode">e-Transfer Secret Question ?</label><span><input type="text" name="module[sortCode]" value="{$MODULE.sortCode}" class="textbox" size="30" /></span></div>      
          <div><label for="swiftCode">Answer to Secret Question ?</label><span><input type="text" name="module[swiftCode]" value="{$MODULE.swiftCode}" class="textbox" size="30" /></span></div>


          <div><label for="notes">{$LANG.print_order_form.notes}</label><span><textarea name="module[notes]" cols="30" rows="5">{$MODULE.notes}</textarea></span></div>
      <div class="form_control"><input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /></div>
      <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$SESSION_TOKEN}" />


    I am not sure how popular e-transfer is around the world? but its in use in Canada and the USA.

    With a small seperate little e-transfer option the customer can print out and send money by e-transfer as an option.

    OR add that little bit to the current print order form, then we/i can also leave the bank transfers by swift code etc.. as a 3rd option of payment on the print out form.

    Not sure which is best.. i think a SEPERATE little e-transfer app. so as NOT to confuse customers to much on checkout options.



    The e-Transfer Payments i send and receive are done through Interac.ca

    Payments are sent to an email linked to the Sellers or Individuals Interac Account and Bank Account.

    Sender adds a Secret Question, which the Recipient must answer correctly to get paid.


  10. Can Someone Make an e-Transfer Gateway for me? I tweaked the Print Order Form But i would like a Seperate Module.

    I Tweaked the print.tpl in Pint Order Form Module, i took out the Bank Transfer info. and put it e-Transfer info. as this is common now in North America.

    Can someone take that IDEA and just make us/me an e-Transfer gateway module ONLY! Please.

    One that can de downloaded and installed etc..

    Go to www.ghost-powder.com make a fake order and use the print order checkout and u will see the type of e-tranfers module i want for all cubecart users.

    Then i can go back the the original print.tpl and use the print order forms for just money orders and bank tranfers as it originally is.

    OR alternately.. ADD the e-transfer to the current print order form module for installing etc..




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