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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm testing the coupons function, and i'm having some problems. I want to create a coupon with 10% of discount on orders above 20€. This i can do easily.. The problem is that each costumer can use the coupon the times he want until the coupon expires. Is there any way to make the coupon available just one time for each costumer? Thank You! ;)
  2. I currently have three coupons active in my store, each with a minimum subtotal set. I just had two orders that did not meet the minimum purchase requirement use a code and receive the higher discount level. Is this a known bug or do I have something set up wrong? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, Our biggest client of us wants a new webshop and he has lots of demands. In the last years we build several CC shops but never came into this kind of questions. I'm not sure if CC is capable of doing this. That's why my questions. Hope for serious answers. - Automatic sending of invoices: client does order and receives within 1 minute the final invoice per email. No intervention of our client(admin) is needed any more. - Automatic processing of coupon codes: client gives couponcode and the total amount changes automatically - Overview turnover and sales: with 1 press of the button there should be an overview from which the accountant and the client can read and print the monthly sales - Advanced Stock control: the stock of the options of a product (eg. per size, color and model) must be automatically updated after a sale. - Customers should follow the shipping progress of a sold product. - When those demands ar not possible in the current CC, is there any CC developer who can do this? Regards,
  4. Hi all I've set up some coupons to give a 10% discount. But I don't want these to apply to sales items otherwise I'll be out of pocket. Is there a way of stopping coupons applying to sales items? I know you can assign products to coupons but I have nearly 400 products and several coupons so this isn't ideal. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. I don't know what information to enter to assign a category or even a product in the coupon section. Do you have any idea what the program wants me to enter in the blank to tie it to specific products? Or how I can assign coupons to specific products? I scanned the forum but couldn't find an answer.
  6. Hi, Recently upgraded from 4, and to be honest really wish I hadn`t bothered. I am based in the UK, and had issues with calculating VAT, but am coping with that. Biggest issue being when the customer wants to pay by PO, the VAT is worked out incorrectly! It comes back with a different figure compared with paying by card! Biggest problem though is that Coupons that have expired, are still active and allowed to be honoured. We had a sale the other night for a really old coupon which was displaying in Cubecart as expired in 2011, but it was allowed and the customer got a discount which I have to honour!! The coupons which were imported from CC4 don't expire, neither do any ones I create now!! Anyone else had issues with coupons ignoring whether they have expired or now? Overall, even using the latest Cubecart, it feels really buggy and un-trustworthy! Many thanks for any advice, Dave
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