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  1. Hi all, I know there is integration for Stripe, however this extension is limited to a customer process - I'd like for telephone orders to be taken and entered as if they were an order, but obviously this requires a manual stripe payment (sometimes referred to as a MOTO transaction). Any thoughts anyone?
  2. i uploaded an html file in images while trying to add an item to the site using the karuto skin and i cannot find it in the images file to delete it. how do i find it to delete it? i am using 6.1.14
  3. CubeCart 6 Debugging: on Caching: off Cloudflare cache: off Browser cache: off Web server: display all errors Since the documentation for writing plug-ins in lacking for anything much beyond "hello world", I've resorted to brute force, line-by-line tracing. I'm working through the visitor stats sample plugin, I'm trying to trace program flow. In every PHP file in the plug-in, I've tried: inserting an echo statement with the filename using echo to insert a script tag to log the filename to the console writing the filename to a log file in a writ
  4. Can you please help me how can i edit Register form. I need to edit the description of some field. this is my demo shop i am configuring now http://www.buycy.eu/register.html thanks
  5. How can I fix such a cache problem? After clicking the "clear cache" button, the exchange rate of one of the currencies, namely the Ukrainian hryvnia (Code ISO 980) is reset.
  6. Latest download, new install. When filling out the registration form, when clicking the "Register" button (or the "Secure Checkout" button, on page 2 of the checkout process), nothing happens. Nothing at all. In Developer Tools, there's no network activity, no errors or notices in the console. I input $("#registration_form").trigger('submit'); into the console, but the form doesn't submit I just get back a jQuery reference _.fn.init [form#registration_form, context: document, selector: "#registration_form"] which makes me wonder if there's some jQuery override happening o
  7. I run a website which is staying open during the current crisis. I want to put a "banner" or something up so that anyone trying to buy stuff is aware of the fact that delivery may be impacted. I guess that a note on the checkout page may be the best? Has anyone either implemented something like this, or could give me a pointer as to which file(s) requires editing to effect something like this. Not sure if I want a "popup" or just hardcoded text. Thanks N
  8. I'm looking to "improve" on the Sales report, so that each sales record has the line items and cost of each line as well as all the current info. This is so that I can import the information into my accounts package (Quickbooks) and match it with the payment record. I'd like to be able to export the data as a csv file for upload. I've seen a few references to this with a quick search, but no example that I can see. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  9. Kez


    Hi, I manage a little site using cubecart for my boss. tinoneeorchids.com When entering the estore we now get the following message; Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/1275): Server is running in --secure-auth mode, but 'tin20440_cube'@'localhost' has a password in the old format; please change the password to the new format in /home/tin20440/public_html/shop/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33 Warning: mysqli_options(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/tin20440/public_html/shop/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 35 Fatal error: Server is running in --secure-auth mode, bu
  10. A client in California has alerted me that his store is not correctly calculating sales tax. I checked it and he is correct. He said it started happening after the upgrade to 6.2.9. I checked his tax rate setup and his zones and all appears to be done correctly. He has it to calculate on items and shipping. CA sales tax is 9% and it appears that it is calculating a fraction of a percent over that. The amount of error seems to depend upon the size of the total order. Anyone else experience this or have any idea where I should start looking? It all should be pretty straightforward so I a
  11. Whenever you click on Add to Basket, the basket doesn't add that item unless you manually do a browser refresh, or click the Refresh Basket button. You can add 3 or 4 items, and none of them will show up, then when you click Refresh Basket, they are all there. So Cubecart knows they are supposed to be there, but it isn't updating the Basket page to reflect it. This happens both on the main basket page, and also on the mini-cart in the navigation bar. I had done some customization of the scripts, and thought that might be the problem, but then I totally overwrote everything and went ba
  12. I have a collapsible list of information that I want to use as a customized document, and it works as a straight HTML file, but when I copy the code to a new document via the "source" view it doesn't execute (the collapses don't work). I can see that the jquery code is not executing, so I thought I would just add the HTML file and link to it, but I would like to use a kind of "wrapper" that would include the site header/footer, nav bar, etc. What would be the best approach to do that? Or better yet, is there something I can tweak so that the code will execute from within the new document?
  13. I keep getting this message.. The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries. I have the USPS shipping module installed.. why am I getting this? for the "allowed zones", I have United States. I have "retail ground" selected I have the item weighing in at .5 pounds.
  14. I would like to cancel a Gift Card someone has ordered. He's got this as a present and can't get what he wants from me, so I'm going to refund him outside of Cubecart. If I cancel the original order in Cubecart, will it cancel the gift card so that it cannot be used in future? Thanks
  15. I am looking to change my PHP 5.6 upto 7.2 on my website, Looking for some advice on how difficult this is. I am planning on doing this soon and have this procedure in mind or do I not have to reinstall cart software? Backed my shop up! Switch shop off for customers, Untick all extension modules so off Upload 7.2 extension mods x 2 I know that are required. Upload latest shop download again Change from 5.6 to 7.2 on Cpanel server software Reinstall shop / setup should say already on latest 6.2.8 see what happens!
  16. I am testing CubeCart looking for functionality. Checked throught the forums and extensions, but cannot find a way to handle Member/Non-Member pricing. These are both fixed (not %) and activated by possibly entereing a member ID. Any one know?
  17. Hi Everyone, I wanted to publicly thank Al for all his recent and continued help. I've used Cubecart since 2005 (at least). I've grown a business based on Cubecart and 15 years later am still really happy. I had a number of issues with my webhost starting end of last week, they blamed poor speed on my website when I knew it wasn't that. I decided yesterday to move my hosting to Cubecarts own hosted service, I wanted to let everyone know how impressed I am. The service is VERY fast, considerably and noticeably faster than my old webhost. My Cubecart now absolutely flies, I reall
  18. Is there a way to make a store "Private"? For instance, I want to make a store that is for club or premium site members only. In this situation I don't want any people viewing items that are listed in the store unless they are logged in to the store with credentials that I provided them. Is there a way to hide all listed products until they log in? Thanks!
  19. I have just installed CUBECART v6.2.8 on Xampp, but the modules was not installed. I don't know what happened.
  20. Just updated our Cubecart store from 622 to 628. The admin side of the store is working OK, but the store is not visible. Nothing is apparently delivered to the browser. I have just made a brand new fresh installation of 628 on the same server, and this installation has the same problem. I have also tried a full clean install on a different web host, and again the same problem - a blank storefront. Getting this system error: [<strong>Exception</strong>] /domain.co.uk/cc628/includes/lib/smarty/filters/HTMLMinify.smarty.php:166 - syntax error, unexpected ';'
  21. Hello, I had an issue yesterday where a duplicate order id was given to an order placed by a customer. The order was not created/stored in cubecart but the payment was taken from the customer. I managed to find the order details in the system error log and noticed at the bottom was this message: - Duplicate entry 'FNS00012' for key 'custom_oid' Why would this happen and how can I prevent it from happening in the future? Many thanks in advance.
  22. Is there a way to hold a customer registration until someone reviews? I have a need to get some additional information from a new customer prior to the customer being able to view the pricing on the site. I know I can limit the ability to see pricing until someone registers, but I don't want them to just select the register link and then immediately be able to login and see pricing. I want to review the registration and collect additional information before that happens. Thanks.
  23. Hello, I would like to upgrade to version 6.8. I downloaded the whole file and put the setup part in cubecart. When I go to the setup part, he wants to upgrade my current version (2.6) and not version 2.8. How to get there. Thank you for your help. Pictures for help : https://shop.aux-naturelles.ch/1.png https://shop.aux-naturelles.ch/2.png
  24. Hi All, I'm trying to setup incremental order numbers in my store however even though I have specified that the number should have a prefix of 'BTW' this does not appear. The order number is correct when I look in the orders selection from the admin dashboard but when it prints the order using print order form gateway I get the order format of date time etc. not the incremental order number. I have looked through the forum but cannot find anything similar so I guess must have some setup wrong. I somebody could help straighten me out I would appreciate it. Best Regards,
  25. I'm new to cubecart coming from bigcommerce. I have an item that come with various sizes and color. I was able to create product option for sizes and colors. now i need to use both attribute to control stock. for instance a customer would have to chose size and color in order to add the item to his/her basket. the system only let me use one or the other to control inventory.
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