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  1. I'm using the latest version of V6, I have a client who doesn't want payments to be taken on his web site but instead of Add to Basket he wants that button to go to the Contact Form page - I presume it's the content.product.php page I need to alter but there must be another page I think that also controls that button as everything I've tried hasn't worked so far or I'm not putting the right bit of code in the right place. Some advice would be most gratefully received. I resolved the problem by replacing the form code in the content.product.php and the content.category.php and adding th
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to make the sub-category icons in the Foundation skin bigger I am currently adding a lot of content to my site but the icons are too small https://purestcbdhempoil.com/addiction.html
  3. Hi there I am new to Cube Cart and the forum I have tried many a cart program and am pleasantly surprised by Cube Cart It has been easy to install on a local computer and is not dragged down by to many bells and whistles and more importantly it has the speed the others do not have As i am of advancing years my speed in learning new things has somewhat reduced so just a couple of questions In the Top-Bar i am able to change the color but it only goes partially across eg .top-bar { background-color:#ffff7f; } is there a way changing it to
  4. Hi everyone, Is there a way to stop bots from using my contact us form to spam me and possibly others? I know that google has a recaptcha or something but not sure if I can add it to out site. Thanks in advance Pieter
  5. Hi All. I've been setting up an on-line jewellery store for my son (please click HERE). Everything is fine, nicely customised revved up and ready to go. BUT I've run into a log-jam with Braintree PayPal. I had installed the Braintree extension, went through the Braintree questionnaire, and made a test purchase, everything seemed OK but the payment stalled somewhere. I contacted Braintree and got told that we need to make one completed purchase before the system was fully functional. I thought it a bit strange, but carried on. Made another test purchase, this time the amount got taken
  6. Hi there, This is my first post to this forum after setting up CubeCart yesterday. I am having an issue with assigning option groups. Our site will be selling scarves (amongst other things) and I am trying to set 2 options for the scarves. Several colours and two size. My problem is that not all colours are available in both sizes. I cannot seem to have the list of colours change when a selection of size is made. All colours "remain" available which is the problem. I have foolishly(?) assumed the options matrix resolves this issue but I can't find a solution in foru
  7. I wonder if someone could help me with this issue. I have imported a list of products into the Product/inventory. All imported perfectly. But the condition field was blank and I wanted it to have the word 'New' in it. As I had already imported the products I went into SQL and UPDATED the table Inventory and the field condition with the work 'New' for all products. This worked fine but when viewing the site product normally it still doesn't show the word new against the field condition. The only way to get it to show the work 'New' in the displayed condition field is to
  8. Hi, Just upgrading n old V4 to 6.2.2. I have a problem with currency codes USD shows fine, but UKP and Euro puts a ? where the currency symbol ought to be (image attached). I an testing this with 'default foundation skin' so its not likely to my skin that's causing the problem. Any ideas .. Many Thanks, Chris Coleman.
  9. I had a couple of orders and after customers successfully made payments, the Order status changed from Pending to Processing. However, when I tried to change the Order status to Order Complete, I get an error saying something like "Failed to update order status". What is causing this? Everything else seems to be working fine except for that.
  10. Hi All, I have seen this before but for the life of me I cannot find how we did it last time. What my client requires is that the delivery address to be only a street address and not a Postal Box address. This would have to include the subscribers as well, that is they could not have any delivery addresses that were P.O. Box type address. I hope somebody remembers how this was done and points me in the right direction. You help is always appreciated best regards, Peterp
  11. hi guys im Darren and new to cube cart. I am no developer or real experience other than very basic html. I have managed to change a few things on the foundation skin via the css but im struggling with .some and any advice would be grateful. I need to change the colour of the txt and icons in the footer but when i do the txt for products and advance search change too. where am i going wrong please
  12. Hello everybody, During last two weeks, my on-line store, based on 6.1.7 version, constantly receive a requests for non-existing pages like /h/4261262.html The regions, where requests are generated, are not typical for my audience - Africa and Latin America. I checked my site from outside - attempts to reach this page cause 404 errors. I checked my hosting space by file manager and didn't find anything suspicious. Do you have any ideas about nature of these requests?
  13. Hi All, I'm not sure whether anybody can help me with this issue, however with the faint hope somebody has had the same experience here is the issue. I have created a copy of a live site using xampp and is a localhost site, all seems well and I can access the admin page with no issues however when I got to the store front the home page displays but when I select a category to display the products I'm sent to the xampp dashboard. On further investigation I think it is trying to go to execute a html program that I cannot find anywhere in the localhost. I have looked for the progra
  14. (How) Can I create a product that is an assembly of other products? I would like to be able to do a "multi-buy" where you can select one product and it automatically populates this with individual stock items, thus decrementing the stock level for each item. I hope this makes sense, not sure what to call it! Neil
  15. So since I updated to 6.1.10 I have gotten these PHP notices, warnings, etc. in my error log – more than once. Anything here to worry about? Also, if notices aren’t that big of a deal is there anyway to turn them off so they don’t get reported in the error log? Or is that a bad idea. Thanks, Claudia [07-Sep-2017 13:59:57 America/Louisville] PHP Warning: No customer information detected. Order summary was not built or inserted. in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/order.class.php on line 1170 [07-Sep-2017 18:05:36 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in
  16. Hi there, I have a new CubeCart store.. Love It! I have set it all up and it is all good so far. I did a fresh CubeCart install in a different domain and I am trying to duplicate it from the original. I have performed the Back up of the Files and the Databases from within the CubeCart Maintenance/Backup page on the original. This created 2 files which I have downloaded. The question is: How to I Restore this data to the new CubeCart location? I need to restore from the downloaded Backup files. Basically I want to two identical stores and start different edits, logos and product
  17. I upgraded my CC3 store to CC6 earlier this summer and received a lot of help here and it has been running well since. I've added a few mods and thought I was pretty much sorted, until I re-instated my Christmas ordering page and edited it for this year. I realised that I had never tested the Gift Certificates, having set the variables some months ago. Thankfully I haven't sold one in this time, but if I am likely to, it'll be at this time of year. Having now tested them, they don't appear to be working well - as Admin, I don't see any of the information the customer adds when ordering
  18. I'm more of a bootstrap kinda-guy but decided to try and work with Foundation, something I've not done before and so far it's been quite straight forward. I still feel there's a missing size in between small and medium but it's cool. I'm trying to implement tabs and have struggled to get them working. I realised after about 30 minutes that I was working with the wrong version Anyway... Foundation 6 has a simpler form of tab insertion over 5 but after setting up the html as illustrated on their page the tab buttons just work like jump to links with no hidden tab data (i.e. everyt
  19. Hi everyone, I get this error when trying to checkout "Error: Security header is not valid Security error", (see screenshot below). I have tried on both sandbox and live same result. Additionally: on the checkout page there is a button for payment with credit cards which doesn't seem to be sending any data. when trying to use the button "or pay with paypal" nothing happens. Also is confusing to me that the checkout has two buttons has Paypal is the only payment we have in use. live page can be seen at: http://www.tubethailand.com/ Any help is very welcome as
  20. Hi Brian, This issue raised its ugly head a few weeks ago. I found that the category bar gives an unusual url when I am mousing over an item. On any page not just the front page gives the incorrect url. eg. https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/ Hover over the word category sparkling gives https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/sparkling.html where there should be no "m." I have not been able to find what turns it on and off, but it does come and go without any input from myself. As an example it appeared this morning and then I refreshed the page and it was
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