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Found 12 results

  1. Question - I use chase banking and I was led to this payment gateway option: https://www.chasepaymentech.com/faq_orbital_payment_gateway.html Only thing is it is not one of the the options in the cubecart payment gateways So how do I set it up or use it? Do I have to call them and ask them? or is there something I am missing on this page or do I need to go to another page? I was encouraged to use this gateway I just need to know how - Thanks in advance
  2. Disclaimer: I despise Paypal, so I really don't care. I have a question about the Gateway->call() function. When the IPN comes in, all the stuff in POST is used to make a $request, and the answer to that $request is tested to be either 'INVALID' or 'VERIFIED'. Assuming 'VERIFIED', the code then looks at $_POST['payment_status']. If $_POST['payment_status'] is 'Pending', the code calls $order->paymentStatus(Order::PAYMENT_PENDING, $cart_order_id), then calls $order->orderStatus(Order::ORDER_PROCESS, $cart_order_id). The question is: Assuming PayPal's 'payment_status' as "Pending" means exactly that, why is CubeCart setting the status of the order to Processing?
  3. Hello All, If anyone is interested i have a working 2000Charge payment gateway for Cubecart. They offer all kinds of gateways and they accept customers from all over the world. http://2000charge.com/ If CC wants you can implement it in the default installation so that members can use it.
  4. So far, CubeCart is using the store's default currency when processing payments through payment gateways. Guess this is fine for US or UK shops, as there the credit card processing companies accept USD and GBP on their gateways. In minor markets (like the 350 million people who pay in EURO) situation is different. While customers want to pay in EURO, credit card processing companies need USD on their gateways. Maybe there is a hope that this will be implemented with CC release 6? We think this is just one more switch in the store's general configuration ('select currency for payment gateways'). We don't think it is necessary to select a currency on each payment gateway. --- Any work-around until this is (maybe) implemented? Cheers TOM
  5. I have a major issue since last cubecart update. My last order date is Jan 21st 2014 since that customers can build their order but the system don't transfer them to the payment gateway page. Actually i don't even see the transfer in process icon. We are using Paypal, Mail order form and Authorized but none are ending on the transfer. Located in USA PHP Version 5.4.24 Shopping cart version is 5.2.7 It was working with 5.2.6 but now nothing... Update: I have reverse the update and now it's transfering to payment gateway but credit card processing send back an error...crap! Any suggestion are welcome Dan
  6. I have the problem very much similar to >this conversation. I have modified the javascript to be this: $('img.autosubmit').each(function(){ if ($(this).hasClass('form-name')) { var formname = $(this).attr('rel');console.debug('CubeCart: auto-submitting '+formname); $('form#'+formname).submit(); } else {console.debug('CubeCart: auto-submitting ' +'this:'+$(this).attr('src')+' ' +'parent-form:'+$(this).parents('form').attr('id')); $(this).parents('form:first').submit(); } }); The console reports the string, then nothing. The submit() function does not fire. Even in the console where I can execute this: $('#gateway-transfer').submit(); Nothing happens. I have commented out the plugins.php call thinking that there may be javascript binding interfering, but no change. (It seems the currency and language drop-down selectors also don't work. I'll have to make some experiments with that.) I have made very few and inconsequential changes to the CC527 Mican skin. I have not yet tried on a different browser, nor a different skin, but looking at the template code for all the skins, there is no difference to how content.gateway.php is coded.
  7. Hi, I just upgraded my store to 5.2.7 and have noticed the following error when entering Card Capture Payment Gateway which is what we use and been using fine until upgrade. The is the following error that we receive via Card Capture Gateway: The following errors were detected: Mcrypt library missing from server required to encrypt credit card data! Can anyone please let me know why or how to go about this error if possible? I would really appreciate any further info that I can use to fix this error if anyone has any knowledge or awareness on said issue. I thank you again! Eddie
  8. Hello, I recently got complaints from customers that CCNOW doesn;t work. I tested and what i get is this: ERROR: 7: FP mismatch Please share latest working module for CCNOW. Thanks.
  9. Hello All, I am having troubles using the CCNOW module. When you try to checkout with this module i get the following error: ERROR: 36: amount mismatch: 20.90 <> 10.95 This means CCNOW gateway only receive the product price and not the shipping price. I have sent an email to CCNOW helpdesk and i got the following response: The amount mismatch error is because the Cubecart shopping cart is sending "x_amount: 10.95" when it should be sending "x_amount: 20.90". 10.95 is for the product + 9.95 for shipping). This module may be out of date (it is not supplied by us). Perhaps CubeCart can offer support on this issue if you purchased the module from them? It is possible it is a setting in CubeCart, but I do not know their system. Thanks, -Matt CCNow.com So can any one help me to provide an updated CCNOW module? I already sent a support ticket to Cubecart, but so far i didnt receive an answer. Please share the right module with me if you can help me or smart coders help me out to debug? Thanks all!
  10. Hello there. I have a question regarding the print order form gateway in my shop. Yesterday I moved my shop to another host. All is working well again, but for some reason the print order form option is displaying two times when the customer wants to place an order and is checking out. (You could try at www.petitemiri.nl) enabling and disabling didn't work. Nor did repairing the tables. So somehow there is this duplicate that is misplaced somewhere, probably after the import I guess. I have been looking into my database but am not sure where I need to look. I've been checking for gateways etc to see if the print order form option has a duplicate there. But I can't find it because I am not sure where to search for it. I was hoping someone could lead me into the right direction? Thanks very much in advance! Kind Regards, Miriam
  11. I have a fresh install of CC 5.1.0. No modifications except to the skin css. The print order gateway in Firefox Mac shows a blank page (indicating a fatal php script error). Chrome on Mac shows this error message: Server error HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request. I emptied all caches, reloaded the files, checked the forums and bug tracker and it just doesn't work. Any suggestions to get this to happen?
  12. When I ship using flat rate everything works, but when I use the shipping by weight cubecart goes into a loop and stays on that page. The All-in-one shipping module that I was using in version 4 from Estelle's does not work in version 5. My company sells tech support and products. We cannot charge a flat shipping rate for a service. We need to be able to specify that some items have no shipping and other items have a flat rate shipping. This could be accomplished in the shipping by weight module, but I cannot get it to come up and therefore does not allow the customer to go any further for example to the gateway. It appears the program goes into a loop when I click the checkout button. Any suggestions or fixes? Thanks!
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