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  1. Hi all, Close to launching my new site but have just found what I think may be another bug. If you place an order as a guest and then try to register at a later date, you get the error message: The following errors were detected: Invalid Username and/or Password This could be quite annoying. Is there a reason why guests shouldn't be able to register or shall I go ahead and make changes so that they can? Cheers, Chris
  2. Hello, I am developing a cubecart skin by customizing the vanilla skin. I have posted once here before and recieved fast and helpful feedback; now I am having another issue. I wanted to get rid of the white spaces between my logo and surrounding items (menu, and both side div's) and at the bottom of both side div's. But nothing I do seems to get the job done. I have configured the padding around all the related items to no avail. My current fix for the logo was to change the background to black and make the width 788px; while this worded on the right side it didn't for the left and may not be the best practice (I wanted to extend the logo across the whole area). I tried float: left; for the links on the bottom and that got rid of the white spacing on the bottom of the side panels, but pulled the mobile and created by content beside each other in an unflattering way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Sam
  3. Hello, I have created my own skin from the vanilla skin using all the information found in this forum; I have edited the file so it won't be deleted on update to cubecart etc. I have mostly had an easy time making changes to the files to create a unique store. Except with adding a background image. Here is my current code: body { background-image: url (../image/metalBackground.jpg); background-color: #B5C894; color: #000; background-repeat: repeat; } I have tried numerous variations such as (../../etc) (images/etc.) I have even copied the image to use in numerous places thinking it was a file path issue and hosted it in an outside source and copied the url given but still no dice. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Thanks, Sam
  4. Hi there, I found a SEO issue/bug with CubeCart v.5.2.14 I see by all of my webshops from my clients the Productpages are not good indexing in the search engins. When you click on the hyperlink in the search engine, you com on empty page of the webshop. Se the snapshots below. PS: It's only by Google
  5. I have been messing around with the Mican:Black templates, but I am pretty sure that's not what caused this. It showed up after I clicked save from the main page of admin.php?_g=documents. I tried disabling all the documents & saving, re-enabling > saving, clearing all the caches, turning off caching, and it won't go away. It must be a background image because nothing is select-able, and possibly supposed to be in a hidden block? It shows up in multiple browsers. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  6. This question has been asked in previous posts and no answer was given in either of the posts I found. I want to be able to add a different Product Code to a Product Option. I cannot seem to this. Example Product Option Code Widget X Red Red-X Black Black-X Right now if I add an option to a particular product, the item is assigned one product code. I need a different code for each option. My alternative is to create a separate product to assign a different code. That is what I am trying to avoid. If anyone could help I would truly appreciate it.
  7. My store is at http://www.pdmpantiqueprints.com/store/. When someone goes to buy something, before they've put in their information, under Tax it'll fill in Virginia state sales tax by default. I believe it's b/c the store is located in VA. Once you input your info, if you're shipping outside of VA then the tax goes away, which is fine. However, does anyone know how to make it default to 0? I believe the following code from /includes/content/cart.inc.php needs editing: /* START IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY TO CALC TAX ON STORE LOCALE IF CUSTOMER IS UNKNOWN */ $configCounty = $db->select('SELECT `name`, `abbrev` FROM '.$glob['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_iso_counties WHERE `id` = '.$db->mySQLSafe($config['siteCounty'])); $countyInvName = !empty($cc_session->ccUserData['county']) ? $cc_session->ccUserData['county'] : $configCounty[0]['name']; $countryInvId = !empty($cc_session->ccUserData['country']) ? $cc_session->ccUserData['country'] : $config['siteCountry']; $query = 'SELECT `id` FROM '.$glob['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_iso_counties WHERE `name` = '.$db->mySQLSafe($countyInvName).' AND `countryId` = '.$db->MySQLSafe($countryInvId); $countyInv = $db->select($query); $countyDelName = !empty($basket['delInf']['county']) ? $basket['delInf']['county'] : $configCounty[0]['name']; $countyDelAbbr = !empty($basket['delInf']['county']) ? $basket['delInf']['county'] : $configCounty[0]['abbrev']; $countryDelId = !empty($basket['delInf']['country']) ? $basket['delInf']['country'] : $config['siteCountry']; $query = 'SELECT `id` FROM '.$glob['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_iso_counties WHERE (`abbrev` = '.$db->MySQLSafe($countyDelAbbr).' OR `name` = '.$db->MySQLSafe($countyDelName).') AND `countryId` = '.$db->MySQLSafe($countryDelId); $countyDel = $db->select($query); /* END IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY TO CALC TAX ON STORE LOCALE IF CUSTOMER IS UNKNOWN */ I tried putting a "/*" towards the beginning to negate the whole block of code, but that caused it to not charge sales tax even after inputting my address as a customer. I'm running v4 by the way.
  8. Hello brainiacs! I am unable to access the maintenance tab (or related functions, like clear cache link via debug) in admin at all. I get a 500.0.0 error. Everything else seems to be working fine. The error from the logs is - 500 0 0 672 497 812. I am currently using the Lite version of the software to see if I can get it to work for us. We are a small services based company and only have a couple of services that could be considered "products" with fixed prices, I need to figure out a solution to be able to charge (bill) CC customers for service work completed via FirstData gateway, cheaply and safely. I have spent days trying to look for this, but the internet is totally flooded with hosted/expensive solutions. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Kurouto Skin FIX, gallery to many image UPDATE 11-12-2014 jQuery custom content scroller i try to put over 15 images to X product, and the images of gallery go over the div. this is my solution. (sorry for my bad english) in the Kurouto Skin "styles" folder, and Edit file "common.css" find id "#gallery_select" and replace with this code: #gallery_select { float: left; text-align: center; width: 80px; overflow: auto; height: 300px; // height you wish... } i hope this is useful for someone. Including the Custom content scroller: Example in skin Kurouto MOD 1 - Downloading plugins from: LINK http://manos.malihu.gr/jquery-custom-content-scroller/ (there have many themes you can use!! LINKS Themes!) 2 - Create a folder in your store, i prefer this location. (for best organization) {$STORE_URL}/js/customscroller/ and put in there the plugin custom scroller. 3 - Edit file "skinsyourthemetemplatescontent.product.php" find this code and add before <script type="text/javascript"> var gallery_json = {$GALLERY_JSON} </script> This Code <!-- Custom scroller --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="{$STORE_URL}/js/customscroller/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.css" /> <!-- Create a folder for the plugin custm scroller jquery --> <style> #gallery_select{ height: 300px; width: 80px; } /*#gallery_select{ height: 80px; width: 580px; } #gallery{ height: 400px; }*/ /*if you like horizontal gallery */ </style> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js"></script><!-- Only if you dont load before --> <script src="{$STORE_URL}/js/customscroller/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.js"></script> <!-- Create a folder for the plugin custm scroller jquery --> <script> $("#gallery_select").mCustomScrollbar( { snapAmount:60, scrollInertia:100, autoHideScrollbar: true, axis:"y", // axis:"x", if you like horizontal gallery theme:"inset-2-dark", advanced:{ autoExpandHorizontalScroll:true }, scrollButtons:{ enable:true }, } ); </script> <!-- Custom scroller --> <script type="text/javascript"> var gallery_json = {$GALLERY_JSON} </script> wala!
  10. All Bsmither's work to add metadata () has improved our situation with Google considerably. But now I have accidentally found this issue. I don't know if it was created by the changes to metadata or something else I have fiddled with. This error message shows at the top of the Customer's page BEFORE I try to create an Advanced search - Warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home3/butter01/public_html/plushcatalog/classes/config.class.php on line 283 Warning: base64_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home3/butter01/public_html/plushcatalog/classes/config.class.php on line 293 /** * Json decode but convert if serialized */ private function _json_decode($string) { if(preg_match('/^a:[0-9]/', $string)) { // convert from serialized and next save will convert $array = unserialize($string); if(isset($array['offline_content']) && !empty($array['offline_content'])) { $array['offline_content'] = base64_decode($array['offline_content']); } if(isset($array['store_copyright']) && !empty($array['store_copyright'])) { $array['store_copyright'] = base64_decode($array['store_copyright']); } return $array; } else { return json_decode(base64_decode($string), true); } } The Debug shows no errors or warnings. I don't have a clue where to look to find the problem.
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