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Found 8 results

  1. Apologies if this question is quite general, but I'm still new to Cube Cart. I'm trying implement a custom nav mega menu into my new store site, I've finished most of the CSS/JS stuff, but I'm not quite sure about what syntax I need to use now to link it all together with Cube Carts categories. I've put the menu up on this domain to test it - http://101share.co.uk/ - at the moment it's just HTML to give an idea of what it might look like and not hooked up to the CC categories. It would be amazing if anyone could help me out here, I'm a bit confused about how to integrate it correctly or if I'll just need to write something me self to do so. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello once again. My experimentation continues, and I'm back with a fresh round of questions. This particular one concerns the CSS surrounding the main navigation, particularly, the sub-categories that appear when you hover over a main navigation title. I have the main navigation menu formatted nicely to change the background colour on hover, which works great for the main menu titles, however, I'm struggling to find a way to edit the navigation so that the sub-categories behave in the same manner. I've looked at documents like element.navigation_tree.php and box.navigation.php along with the #menu CSS found in common.css but I just cannot find a way. Would anyone care to offer me a nudge in the right direction? Apologies, I have found the solution to this problem, and it was staring me right in the face. I'm not sure how to delete posts, so I thought I would just update.
  3. Greetings, I am fairly new to templating with CubeCart and I have been experimenting these last few months, basically going through, trial by error (Its the best way I learn). I have come across an error I must have made and not initially noticed and now I cannot figure out where that error lies or how to fix it. Basically, in the site documents (t&c's, privacy etc) menu the homepage title keeps repeating (see picture) ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > I know where the problem stems from, as I remember last week trying to find a way to remove the 'homepage' title from the main menu. Anyhow, I'm hoping that the solution is an easy one and that I'm too much of a noob to notice. I thank you all in advance for any help. Cheers, Christian. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  4. Hi, First post on this forum and mainly because I am totally stuck! I do try to resolve things before resorting to asking for help but here goes:- Running CC5.2.7 and the Crosshatch Skin I have 2 categories in my store and a few products in each category; it's not going to be a massive store. Problem is, on the homepage (where I have "welcome to the store blah blah blah) I have the logo on the left, the Homepage as a navigation link and that is it. I want to have the categories listed here as well but can't see how to get them there. In fact, if you look at the homepage, there is no navigation at all. Very confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  5. I've checked both this and cubecartforums.org without any luck. This should be simple enough, I just can't figure it out. I am using the Kurouto Grey skin. In the top right hand corner of the skin, there is a search bar. Above that, opposite the login/register links I would like to add a few links. One going back to the main site portal and one going to my forums. I can not seem to do this! I have tried editing several different template files to see either no changes or messing everything up. LOL I would also like to know where to add customized boxes for future reference.
  6. Hi, I have two shops where i have a problem with the navigation from the shop. By navigation use the shop diverend URL paths, with the normaly domain, then the alias domain and a other time with the IP adres of the webserver. This is verry bad for the SEO. Its version CC 5.1.5 How has this problem also? With kind regards, Martin
  7. Hi community! Today I'm facing a problem with CC5, I want to turn on the "Expand Category Navigation Tree" option, but can't find it anywhere, can someone tell me how to reach this option? Thank you in advance.
  8. Does anyone else have this problem? I thought it was the apache mod rewrite, but it happens with or without the rewrite. The category links change to these extremely long links, and the linked page shows without any formatting. I go clear cache and save the general settings page without changing anything, and it goes back to normal. Please help, the site has to be constantly checked to make sure the category links work. Losing sales because of this, no doubt. This started happening after the 5.06 update. the site is http://www.eyewearchain.com and the version is 5.06 I turned caching off, but will turn back on to see if I can duplicate the issue.
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