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  1. I have been researching the forums looking for a way to add a specific category to the homepage. I want the products in the category to display like the Latest Products do. And I am looking to locate it above the Latest Products. This is the most popular category for my store, so I would really like the homepage focus to be on those products. I am trying to find out what I need to modify in the content.homepage.php in order to do this.
  2. Is there a way to view skins locally, as in so I can see my updates without uploading them to my server each time? What is the best editor to use for skin creation?
  3. Okay, after some recent discoveries with my skin and some issues I have. I need to know if I can clone or duplicate my store as it is now to another location so that I can work on a custom skin. I want to keep the products that are already listed in the store if possible so that I can test the images and alignments properly. I do NOT want this to be a live store, or a store that has customers accessible, or even for it to have the ability to change the live stores database if I add/remove products from the database or even in and out of the cart. Is this possible? Or do I have to do a whole new store install and create fake products?? I don't want to break any terms with CC as this is for closed testing only. I am constantly looking for a good skin, and it seems that I may need to just try and customize one myself. This test site might be up for quite some time before it's deployed to the live store. All searches I found were test stores migrating to live stores, and not the other way around...
  4. Im looking to concatenate a sub-string of the product description on to the meta description when there is no product meta description being called. bellow is the section of seo.class.php i was trying to alter but as far as i can make out the smarty variable does not work in the seo.class.php file. Any suggestions ? public function meta_description($glue = ' - ') { if ($GLOBALS['config']->has('config', 'seo_metadata') && $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'seo_metadata') && !empty($this->_meta_data['description'])) { switch ((int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'seo_metadata')) { case self::TAGS_MERGE: if ($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'store_meta_description') && $this->_meta_data['description']) { $description[] = $this->_meta_data['description']; $description[] = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'store_meta_description'); } else if ($this->_meta_data['description']) { $description = $this->_meta_data['description']; } else { $description = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'store_meta_description'); } break; case self::TAGS_REPLACE: $description = $this->_meta_data['description']; break; } return (is_array($description)) ? implode($glue, $description) : $description; } else { return $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'store_meta_description') . $PRODUCT.description, 120; } }
  5. Call out to anyone who has installed and is using any of the affiliate plugins. I'm new to this particular area. I have been asked by my client to install an affiliate plugin so that click-throughs from an external site that result in certain products being purchased will result in a commission payment to the originating site. Sounds fair enough, I thought, so I installed the iDevAffiliate plug in,since it seems to be the most popular. so... autoinstall using the generated token, enable it in the Admin Panel and refresh the cache...... then what? I can't find any instructions on how to configure it. The "edit" link on the Manage Plugins takes me to a very thin page where I can set the status and how to log the commission; there's a mysterious field called "URL to iDevAffiliate" to complete, but no other config options. What's the deal? Do I have to sign up with idevdirect to go further? Are there any configuration instructions out there? Are there any other plugins that might be better for what I need? Any advice gratefully received. Postscript: I guess that this is related to post https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/35588-affiliate-tracking-self-contained-in-cart/ but that post degenerated into a bit of a rant about email marketing, which I can assure you I'm not in the slightest bit interested in.
  6. I have a CCv5 website which has the dreaded "This web page has a redirect loop" message when adding a product from the product page to the basket and clicking 'View Basket'. If I do a refresh the message remains, however if I do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) it loads and shows the basket contents as intended. I have done my research on this message and I have read about local time changes and there is nothing wrong in my htaccess so I am stumped. The website worked fine, this was upon backup and restore of the website. I have tried multiple computers/browsers, cleared cookies, tried on phone, etc with same result. Screenshot attached.
  7. Hello CC Forum, I am having an issue with our sites loading speeds and I am at a loss as to what is causing it. The page loading speed for the homepage is in and around the 5-10 second mark which is horrid. There are a few areas regards the content / external calls itself we are working on and we are confident we can get it down to 2-3 seconds, however there is one variable we cannot get around at the moment. The initial first byte time on page load can vary from 1 - 4 seconds, so I suggested to my hosting provider its time to move it over to a vps, interestingly the hosting provider advised that a VPS wont cure the problem I am having with the site that its most likely a problem caused by the .htaccess file /caching/old plugins. After some disagreement we both ran tests and regardless of what is in the .htaccess file the issue persists, in a final test to prove my provider wrong i tested a html site on same server and to my dismay the issue did not occur on the html site the whole thing loaded in under a second. We use memcache and minimal plugins, braintree payments plugin is the only 3rd party. Any thoughts on what might cause this initial delay? is anyone else having this issue with cc6? site - mcsoutdoorstore.ie .htaccess file attached + speed test Thanks in advance to anyone who read this far K .htaccess
  8. What's the best way to save modified files when upgrading? For instance, every time I upgrade I am finding at least a handful of files I have to go back in and re-code to get my store back up and running the way I want. Most are admin dashboard/order features. I see there is never any change logs available showing what files have been edited, but I would assume that if the file has been overwritten then it had a change to it. How can I go about making the code changes as seemless as possible??? Thanks!!
  9. hello, I have to say we are very impressed with cubecart at first glance it seems very friendly & so far is running stable so far. I have a few small issues we noticed during testing, I know I can address these but just need to get more familiar with the code structure. Question 1. With respect to "coupons" during final checkout instead of displaying the "coupon code" how can we change it to display the Coupon Description (or both) instead of the only the coupon code? Question 2: The External News & Announcements feed is causing insecure warning (when viewing dashboard via SSL) Where do we configure/disable that? Question 3: When setting up the PayPal Pro Plugin there is an option for "transaction password" under "3Dsecure" (just below merchant ID) can you clarify which password this is & is it required if I have the API setup & configured? Is there any security risk populating the 'transaction password' Can anyone elaborate on how this option effects transactions (if 3dSecure is disabled) or enabled with the merchant ID but without a transaction password? thanks in advance, Robert
  10. I am a newbie to e-commerce systems, and am building a simple site that will use Paypal to collect payments. I need to send two emails to different addresses once the payment has been accepted, is that possible with cubecart, and is there a tutorial? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi folks must be having a duh moment. Trying to do some different flavor data exports of our CC 5.2.13 shop for both posterity, and backups/migrations, paranoia, prior to CC6 move. Obviously can do full exports / backups of dbase via panel, cron, phpmysql, etc. which we do. So, I managed to easily do the "order search" from 2009 to today, filter by "order completed", export all as CSV, but obviously this will have duplicate entries for each customer on a line by line basis; seems painful to go through and manually remove duplicates for a customer who has done 100 orders with us.. There doesn't seem to be "export" button when doing a search by date range for all customers. If I do a 'view all' under customers, there is no export option. Is there perhaps a hack to add an export option to the customer search, or a plugin to "export all customers" that would work with v5 ? (and presumably could be adapted to v6 if there is no export customers option in v6 either?). One of those duh things that would have been useful in CC all these years. Export newsletter doesn't help as that does not have all the customer data and we have not been using this system for newsletter push. Thanks for any guidance on this! :-) Really not looking forward to manually editing the CSV/Excel file based on orders to remove dupes with sort by customer name column. I am super rusty with phpmysql, but if anybody has the "put in this string, and select these fields, dummy..." help, man that would be so awesome. I'm not MySQL/phpmyadmin illiterate, just only have to mess with that maybe once a year, so it's not my normal hang out. :-)
  12. I'm trying to test my website - I'm a newbie when it comes to website design and need help! After finding out that UPS plugin doesn't work for parcels where location of origin is a Canadian address (doesn't like Canadian Postal code), I turned to Canada Post and installed the free plugin (version 1.02). with Cubecart 6.07. I have configured my site to use kg and CAD for currency. I have configured the following fields : merchant ID, origin Postal Code, Handling cost (which I assume will get added on to whatever rate CP sends back), tax type =Standard rate and all checkboxes under 'Domestic Services" selected ( I'm only selling within Canada). All other fields have been left blank. I have tried to checkout an item as a text and noticed that I get the following show up in my request log (with my merchantCPICID changed): Request Sent - http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/ <eparcel> <language>en</language> <ratesAndServicesRequest> <merchantCPCID>MY_MERCHANT_CPCID</merchantCPCID> <fromPostalCode>K8V 6J4</fromPostalCode> <itemsPrice>15.00</itemsPrice> <lineItems> <item> <quantity>1</quantity> <weight>10</weight> <length></length> <width></width> <height></height> <description>Online Order</description> </item> </lineItems> <city>Trenton</city> <provOrState>Ontario</provOrState> <country>CA</country> <postalCode>K8V 6J4</postalCode> </ratesAndServicesRequest> </eparcel>Response received <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE eparcel [ <!ELEMENT eparcel (error)> <!ELEMENT error (statusCode,statusMessage*, requestID)> <!ELEMENT statusCode (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT statusMessage (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT requestID (#PCDATA)> ]> <eparcel> <error> <statusCode>-5000</statusCode> <statusMessage>XML parsing error. </statusMessage> <requestID>1906994</requestID> </error> </eparcel> <!--END_OF_EPARCEL--> I need help troubleshooting this response. Is it because I do not have anything entered for dimensions? - The weight was autofilled based on the product configuration. However, I looked at product configuration tabs and there is no option to add in product dimensions. I have multiple product of different dimensions, so i'm not sure what I would put in the plugin configuration? Does CP plugin need dimensions in order to give a valid quote? Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I am new to Cubecart and setting up my storefront. I've added a couple of categories and some products. I would like to promote other products for purchase to people based on their shopping cart contents. For example, if someone added a camera to their basket, I might want to suggest purchasing a carrying case or other accessories. Is there a way to do this Cubecart? I am using the Foundation skin.
  14. I have just signed up for Braintree's sandbox, and installed the braintree extension, but I have a few questions. -Is there any way to get rid of the Choose Payment Gateway section when I start the checkout process? I only have one payment extension installed. -When I go to check out (in sandbox with fake credit card provided by Braintree) the security lock doesn't show up in the browser. Is there a way for this to show up? -When I click check out it shows a pending order in my admin view, but it takes me back to the checkout form without any verification that the transaction took place. Is there any way to get some sort of feedback/receipt here? I have tried searching for these items, but haven't had any success Any help would be appreciated, also if someone would recommend a different CC processor that works well with CubeCart I would gladly take that recommendation. Ideally I would like no monthly fees, and low ongoing fees.
  15. I did a backup of my files before reinstalling cubecart v 6.06. I do not want to do a restore because I made changes to various files. However, I would like to copy and paste the information that I had written for my Contact us form - Except, I cannot seem to find where the text is stored! - I have looked in the sql database file (where the "About us, terms and conditions, privacy" text seems to be added). But there is nothing for Contact us. To be clear here is the path I am referring to in Cubecart. From File Manager-> Contact Form ->Content Tab -> There is a text window that I can update Where does this text get stored?
  16. This is my first install of CubeCart, I installed it locally first and noticed that when I clicked on login or a product, it doesn't actually take me to those pages. The URL changes, but the page doesn't, is this just CubeCart be default? Is there something I'm missing that I need to do or should have done to configure it properly? I have setup another install on a spare domain I have just to see if it was my local server config but I get the same thing live - http://www.centrenetsolutions.co.uk/ I just doesn't work like the demo at all - https://demo.cubecart.com/cc6/ - like clicking through to a new page just doesn't seem to work for me. Any idea why this is happening?
  17. Hiya I'm to improve the SEO rankings for my website. I'm starting to make progress but I'm noticing that if I do a search for lets say pirate costumes ireland or flapper costumes it brings me up alright but gives description of my webpage but not the category or webpage. Is this caused by a conflict between having a meta description and meta title in both documents and in the search engine of store setting. Should I delete one of them and if so which one? I've attached photos. My website is myfancydress.ie Cheers guys 8-)
  18. Hi, I'm trying to place a 'Page Peel' script onto my website to advertise Sale Items - Got the 'Peel' working but the problem is, I only want it to appear on the 'Home' Page. I've tried adding a basic bit of PHP to determine the URL but I think that the 'HTTPS' combined with the '.htaccess' are preventing me getting the correct one, so my if/else script doesn't work. Can anyone assist?
  19. Hello, We have recently upgraded one of our websites to CubeCart V6 and have noticed that there is an issue when trying to add / update a products description, none of the text area boxes seem to be showing.. The only errors we are getting in our console log are; GET http://website.com/store/includes/ckeditor/config.js ckeditor.js:16 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined ckeditor.js:96 Has anybody had a similar issue or could point me in the right direction to getting this fixed? Thanks! Dan
  20. I was looking at are website and the height is wrong. At the end of the footer where it says ecommerce by cube cart. The scroll is not done it still looks like it has 2 more pages to go. Any help can be appreciated. sweettreasuresmm.com/5.6/
  21. FireFox has started providing a way to use Reader View, and my Kindle of course has this capability. What would have to be done to the code for the Product Description so it would show up in Reader View? My Documents already show in Reader View.
  22. I have installed a clean version of 5.2.16 because it seems without the ability to mod_rewrite it will not work. We have 7 categories and they are on two lines. We are using the CrossHatch skin. Where would the css be so that I might change the font size so that it fits on one line?
  23. Hello, I am new to cubecart. I am trying to modify the Contact us form to request the user to include a phone number and concatenate that information with the email "enquiry" section (i.e. email message body). I'm looking for someone to help me understand, step by step, how I can most easily do this. I am using the "Foundation" skin/template and have been trying to play around with the content.contact.php file - I have managed to get it to display a field for entering the phone number, but I don't know how to get the information to be added to the email body.
  24. Hello, so I did the jump from version 3 to version 6 (no upgrade, but separate installation). Pretty happy with the result, only one thing is 'annoying'. As you can notice with here under attachment, the URL rewriting works, but does not recognize the langage specific coding (here, French) If for instance you create a new product, and name it, for the sake of the exercise 'Salade Composée'. Then, the url will be this one: http://www.forcemajeure.com/blog/livres/salade-compos-e.html while it should be http://www.forcemajeure.com/blog/livres/salade-composée.html I checked on the DB side, tables are properly set to UTF8, then tried to have a look deeper in the site files, but there I'm sort of lost. Is this a problem already identified ? Thanks for your help, Fabien
  25. I've been trying to get the CSV upload (import) to work but I haven't been able to get this to happen.. I export the CSV file as it stands, replace all the information, however which ever setting I use (. ; tab) ignore settings, select settings nothing works.. It says it uploads everytime but NONE of my products ever show up.. How do I correctly do this so I can stop wasting more of my time?
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