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Found 5 results

  1. Being new to cc5 I wanted to set up some coupons as I did in cc3 with a goober mod. However I find that there is no option to setup a coupon onall products in just one category. It appears I have to search my database and add each item idividually? Surely this is not the way to do it, if it is I suggest looking at other ecommerce sites to design a better system. Please tell me that I am a muppet and I have missed something.
  2. Hi all, We have recently upgrade from CC3 to CC5 and have been doing some testing before going live on our new server. A problem has been found with the discount calculation for sales using a coupon. We have set up a basic coupon that offers 10% off items (excluding shipping). We have added the products that we do not want to discount. The problem is that if we add a product from the 'non discount' list it shows correctly in the basket with the full price and the subtotal is correct, but a discount amount is still calculated, displayed, and subtracted from the grand total. If you enter a sale with a discounted item then it looks good. I have attached a screenshot showing the discount problem. Hopefully, someone can help me out with this as it's the only problem stopping us from going live. TIA Peter Wallington Kool Cookie Cutters WWW.koolcookiecutters.com.au Cubecart: 5.2.2 PHP: 5.3.21 My SQL: 5.1.68 Skin: Mican Blue Mods: Show stock level on product listing
  3. Hi I`m trying to set up the coupon plugin I`m having little bit problem with it doesn't seem to work for me this is what I'm trying to do after they buy first one full price they get the 2nd of $5 off how can I do that ? thank you Danny
  4. Is there a way to create gift certificates from the backend or phpmyadmin. I'd like to create a ten dollar gift certificate for customers who have purchased a certain item in the past. I know I could try a fixed price coupon, but that was unreliable when I attempted to use it before. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. Hello, I'm testing the coupons function, and i'm having some problems. I want to create a coupon with 10% of discount on orders above 20€. This i can do easily.. The problem is that each costumer can use the coupon the times he want until the coupon expires. Is there any way to make the coupon available just one time for each costumer? Thank You! ;)
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