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Found 441 results

  1. it report that server error '500' when you click 'CLEAR CACHE',i find the error log,it report mysql syntax error. Do i need to update the mysql version?
  2. Hello, I used to have a webshop where you could download all items and it would show you weaknesses that need to be corrected - such as no image, poor style settings, search engine errors etc. I have recently found loads and loads of 404 - page not found errors on my cubecart webshop but on looking at some of them cannot see what is wrong. Thanks Jan
  3. I have many of the Cubecart V6 web sites but on only one there is this odd thing happening to the domain in the browser bar. I don't know when it happened but it's only been brought to my attention today and I suspect hasn't been happening all that long. ugc.domain name appears in the browser bar if you click on the home page house icon on the navigational bar but not if you click on the word home on the breadcrumbs bar. Once the extra wording of ugc. before the domain name appears you can still navigate the web site fine but it doesn't disappear unless you remove the extra bit of wording in the browser bar. It will only then reappear if you click on the house icon for home but not if you click on the wording for home on the breadcrumb bar. So instead of the browser bar reading www. domain name .co.uk it reads ugc. domain name .co.uk I can't find any thing on this on the internet and none of my other web sites on the same version have the problem, even one I built at the very same time.
  4. I received a message from my credit card company saying "It’s time to renew digital certificates in your certificate store for the Payeezy® Gateway" They say "This update does not apply to clients using Hosted Checkout, Payeezy API, Payeezy.JS, Android Pay™ or Apple Pay®. " Is there an obvious way to determine whether Cubecart uses the Payeezy API? Or is this a question for Payeezy? I think I'm using code I hacked up from either FirstData or Authorize.
  5. I want to connect my Point of Sale System with cubecart. Where can I find an API to link both system together
  6. If you haven't taken a look at the new Request a Feature board - please do! The link to it is near the top of this forum. You can add a feature if it has not already been listed there. There is a Search Box, so you can check first to see if your idea has already been suggested. The ones listed to start with came from GitHub. If you want to help decide on the enhancements to CC in the future, please VOTE on the ideas you are interested in seeing in a future v6 upgrade. You will have to create a new login name and password, separate from your forum, GitHub, and CubeCart identities. But that's very easily done. Let your wishes be known!! VOTE!
  7. kyoshoj


    I can't change any options. I can't change time-zone, currency, skins, nothing. As soon as I hit save it reverts back to the default settings. I've tried clearing cache also. Is there some setting I'm need to change to customize my cart?
  8. What does this portion of admin/sources/products.index.inc.php do? If I add new columns to the inventory database do I have to add info here too? Thanks in advance for all help. Me // Sorting $current_page = currentPage(array('sort')); if (!isset($_GET['sort']) || !is_array($_GET['sort'])) { $_GET['sort'] = array('updated' => 'DESC'); } $thead_sort = array ( 'status' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('status', $lang['common']['status'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'digital' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('digital', $lang['common']['type'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'image' => $lang['catalogue']['title_image'], 'name' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('name', $lang['catalogue']['product_name'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'product_code' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('product_code', $lang['catalogue']['product_code'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'price' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('price', $lang['common']['price'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'stock_level' => $lang['catalogue']['title_stock'], 'updated' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('updated', $lang['catalogue']['title_last_updated'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), 'translations' => $lang['translate']['title_translations'] ); foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.product.table_head_sort') as $hook) include $hook; $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('THEAD', $thead_sort);
  9. Hi, I'm having an issue with this broken image on only some products. Any thoughts? https://shocktechusa.com/autococker-trigger-pants.html
  10. I just (about a month ago) installed v6.2 with a new hosting company. Then suddenly it stopped working. I found that my Apache inodes limit was reached at 250,000. When looking in the ./cache folder, all the entries are from CubeCart 6. Is this as a result of having to clear cache after every update? It has shut my site down, which is unacceptable. Is this a problem y'all have identified and have a fix? Can this folder be emptied without affecting the operation of the site? Here is a typical file name: a6005.sql.4c7082ec64ab2c24bf242509af3d7806.cache Here is the contents of the file: a:2:{s:4:"time";i:1532111718;s:6:"expire";i:86400;} -- CubeCart Cache Split -- b:1; These seem to be calls to sql for product update for something similar. OR are these calls to the database to retrieve product information and this will happen over and over...? Number if files on my site: 129410 ./cache 94436 ./cube 16261 ./images 3232 ./hisstaff.com 1793 ./wp 1694 ./papasknives.com
  11. Hi All, I have a client that would like to use a payment method that is provided by a company call AFTERPAY which I think will require and API to be created to do this. AfterPay has provided api code that they require so my question is there any where the api requirements that Cubecart needs so that I can write this API. Also instructions on how to write and API for cubecart would be very helpful. Afterpay is currently being used by other eCommerce sites such as Shopify, magneto and woocommerce. I hope somebody can point me in the right direction as my client is really keen to use this payment process. Thanks for any help. Best regards, Peterp
  12. Hello! Is there any way to install multiple skins and use them simultaneously, please? At the moment, I have the Foundation set for a wholesale portal. The next step is to have a retail online shop based on the very same inventory of products. The idea is to have a different look for the retail than the one for wholesale. Thank you very much in advance for your help!
  13. Help!! I'm a newbie making a site for a non-profit to handle orders and sales of tickets to an event. Since I don't need it, I would like to remove the product information and specification tabs from the product page. How do I go about this? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  14. Hi, I am having trouble uploading images via the file manager. It was fine two days ago but now it has just stopped working. I have asked my web host if they have made any changes and they say they have not so i am a bit stumped. Any ideas of what i need to check? Cheers Gary
  15. Hello all, new to the forum but I've been using Cubecart for a couple of years. Albeit very lightly. I'm hoping that someone can help me with a problem I'm having. I have a small hobby store and nothing much changes so I do very few updates. a while back I went on vacation so I put a notice on the home page telling visitors that I would be away until a certain date. All was well, the page updated fine, I left. When I returned I went back and deleted the vacation text. Should be the end of it. Wrong! Now the home page still displays the vacation text and I have tried everything I can do to delete it but no mater what, it just will not go away. I have deleted almost everything from the home page document but nothing changes. It displays the text along with one of the photos in the bx-wrapper <div>. I had also added a photo but that was deleted when I got back and it no longer shows. Just the text in the bx-wrapper division of the homepage. I have even deleted all the text on the homepage document but it still displays after I save and upload it. I sure could use a little advice here. Anyone out there have any idea what I can do. If I just knew where the raw file is stored, I could edit or delete it and start over. I have the text I want, I just cannot get the store to accept it. I'm using Cubecart v6.2.1. Thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction. Bill
  16. Hi, Sometimes we copy and paste the website address like this - https://www.firstchoicemobility.com/freerider-mayfair-mobility-scooter.html - in to a facebook message but for some strange reason the message always displays the VAT Relief image from the checkout page instead of the actual product image. Any Idea why it's grabbing this image and not the product image? Regards Gary
  17. Hi, I'm looking to make the product images larger. Currently they are the standard size then when you roll over them they magnify. I would like them to be slightly larger to start then the magnification stay the same. I cannot find where to change this in the code.
  18. So, when I upgraded from 6.1.8 to 6.1.12, there was a problem with the session.class.php file... so, Al directed me to the corrected file from the 6.1.13 branch at Github. To make this story short, now my browser tab icon is the Github icon. In the past, on my html websites, I would just put the path to the favicon.ico in the <head> of the index.html file. Well, since that isn't in play here, anyone have any ideas? I'm using the default Foundation skin. Thanks, R
  19. Does the stripe module redirect back to the confirmation page correctly?
  20. Hi, I'm new to forum but been using cubecart for some time now, thinking to upgrade from V4 to V6 and currently developing new skin for V6, my question will be how can I add new fields for product specification instead of UPC, EAN codes I would need colour, dimension, length etc. Any suggestions will be very appreciated.
  21. In the United States we, or me, usually measure by L (length - Longest) W (width – second Longest *this could be depth also) H (height - The height of an item) In this Order When product dimensions was added in CC6.2.0 (Thank you by the way) the code didn’t really reflect the order or wording I wanted to use. Therefore I made the following changes and this happens: When I refreshed my browser it all looked good, but when I cleared cache in admin the dimensions disappeared from the store webpage and I get this error: [Exception] /home/claudias/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:181 - Syntax error in template "file:/home/claudias/public_html/admin_YYines/skins/default/templates/products.index.php" on line 181 " {Product Length} " unknown tag "Product" In admin/skins/default/templates/products.index Lines 181 -183 All I changed was the Label Name and the order <div><label for="product_depth">Length</label><span><input name="product_depth" id="product_depth" class="textbox number" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.product_depth}"></span></div> <div><label for="product_width">Width / Depth</label><span><input name="product_width" id="product_width" class="textbox number" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.product_width}"></span></div> <div><label for="product_height">Height</label><span><input name="product_height" id="product_height" class="textbox number" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.product_height}"></span></div> Change skin/templates/content.product to the following: {if $PRODUCT.product_width > 0 && $PRODUCT.product_height > 0 && $PRODUCT.product_depth > 0} <tr> <td class="pp-spec-txt bold">Item Size</td> <td class="pp-spec-txt">{floatval($PRODUCT.product_depth)}{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='in'}L x {floatval($PRODUCT.product_width)}{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='in'}W{/if} x {floatval($PRODUCT.product_height)}{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='in'}H{/if} {else} {$PRODUCT.dimension_unit}{/if}</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="pp-spec-txt-sm" colspan="2">Rounded to the nearest quarter inch</td> </tr> {/if}
  22. I noticed in admin/store settings/ layout you can sort the product list by Product Code ASC of DESC. Is there anyway to offer these choices as well as the views or sales options for the latest products / featured products? Thanks in advance! Claudia
  23. hi everyone, just downloaded my 1st cubecart platform and trying to set up email which im hosting my self and seams get stuck any suggestion
  24. I have an ssl on my site and tried to use the card capture offline module and it worked but it wont show me the card #'s. it says view under ssl. is there something special needed for this module? I am using 6.1.14
  25. Hello Everyone. Ive setup an old box as an intranet server running Ubuntu 18.04. Ive also installed lamp, php, mysql and mariadb. I next created a db for cubecart and was then able to install cubecart v6. I can log into the cubecart admin page, setup store settings, add products, add payment plugin, surf the intranet shop, add products to cart by just clicking on "Add to cart" if a product is listed as a "Latest Product". My problem is if I want to go in to the product and see a description, I get the following error page: " The requested URL /shop/fanclub/fanclub-01.html was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80" Have i missed something, or would it be a problem with missing software from setting up Ubuntu ? Thanks Phillip
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