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  1. GItHub version from 05/29/15 I have an error message bubble (Please fill out this field) showing up at the top of the page (NOT near the form at all) when I try to click the Checkout button. By filling just one field at a time between checkout clicks, I can tell the problem is below the zip code. This has the new "nosubmit" line of code in it for countries, but taking it out does not make the checkout work, so I put it back. I only have one gateway. It used to show, but now it is not showing at all. I suspect that is the issue. Has anything changed since 6.0.4 was released that could be my issue? How can I trouble shoot this error message?
  2. I use Department email addresses, so I can route admin mail into different Outlook folders, based on the purpose for the message. How can I make choosing a Department required in content.contact.php? Also, either Require stars on a Review (preferred), or have CC calculate the overall star rating on only reviews WITH at least one star. (I've already modified element.product_reviews.php so only logged in Users can leave reviews.)
  3. Hi, Using CC 6.0.2. When a new customer registers and they fill in the address field under the address book tab and hitting "save", a message displays saying: "The following errors were detected: failed to save address." The address is not showing up in the admin panel under customers address book. I can however add an address in the admin panel and it then shows up when the customer logs into their address book. No errors are showing up in system error log. Thanks for your time :)
  4. Installed CC6, I am already familiar with version 4 and 5 I'm having an issue with store not sending out email when a purchase is made, I've checked with my provider Fasthosts, they have confirm port 25 is not blocked plus I have another installation on the same server running ver 4 OK. I tried switching to SMTP setting using a functional SMTP server, but when I do a test I get the following error SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110) SMTP connect() failed. I then resulted to Gmail's SMTP,on port 25 & 465 that still fails Help what I'm I doing wrong
  5. I had hoped I could set the Recaptcha as on, but put the active {include file='templates/content.recaptcha.php'} only on the Review page. But when I do that the other pages that have the commented out recaptcha file link still throw a verification error message. Is this something that can be fixed? Is it a bug?
  6. Hello, I have installed a simple 'Free Shipping' extension for Australia, but want to add 'Paid for shipping' for countries. Is this do-able? Can I run 2 shipping extensions in CC6. Thanks all!
  7. Hello, we need a solution on this: For different amounts of the same product we offer different prices, like product A order 1 piece total 10 GBP product A order 3 pieces total 27 GBP product A order 5 pieces total 40 GBP product A order 10 pieces total 70 GBP Of course there is a way to configure this, like: If you order minimum of 10 pieces, your price for a single product A is just 7 GBP. But our customers are used to see the total sum of a specific amount. We tried the options matrix but were not successful. It is important, that - with every sale - the amount of sold items (products A) is deducted from the stock. Any solution for this? Thank you.
  8. I know I can add images when adding/modifying a product from the "Images" tab in Dashboard|Product => Images However, I wanted to add some images in specific parts of the text to make what the text is about more clear. Using: <img src="/[cart]/images/source/[folder]l/[imagename]" alt="bla bla bla" longdesc="bla bla bla"> does not work. I noticed CubeCart does a lot of modification to the html code I enter. NOTE: I just saw i can do it if i do not code with html. Then looking at the html code... it's much easier to do it graphically rather than html (source) But still, why does CubeCart change the html code adding all sorts of spaces and tabs in it?
  9. Hello, I would like to know where I can get more info about the macro language (commands and syntax), CC is using within email templates. I have tried some sample code like: {if {$DATA.gateway}==Print_Order_Form}{True!}{/if}. But it didn't work.
  10. I just wane add this post for anyone who's been struggling with the same problem as i have, this appeared to have been the solution after i figured out this only happened when i add the paypal module When you add paypal express you have to enable your desired country's in allowed zones, if its not listed you'll be blocked from the admin panel and any country who is not in the allowed zone list won't be able to add a product to the cart or purchase it. It's easy to just scroll over it and mislook it
  11. I would like to know how I can add an additional link to the header for all pages in CubeCart. The way my site is set up I have a WordPress blog as the "Front End" with a blog, and more. That links to the Cube Cart Shop. I would like to have two links for "Home" One labeled "Store Home" and the other labeled "Site Home" Or possibly when someone clicks on the site logo they are taken to the site home. And I could also have a Text link that says "Shop Home" Thank You in Advance! Allen
  12. Hello, with up to 2000 shipments per months, we spend more than 200 working hours just on writing addresses on envelops, filling out 'pay on delivery' forms or 'registered mail' forms and enter shipping information like tracking numbers into the shop system. We are based in Germany, our shipments are lightweight (weigh between 50 and 500 grams) and send out as 'letters', therefore we cannot use parcel services like UPS, FedEx and others. What we desperately need is a shipment label print module for CC 6. This should be within the BASIC SET of functions of a shop system, but we still miss this in CC6. Further - as a second step - it would be wonderful to have an integration with the German online franking service (web based). We know there is an API as they provide an app for WORD and other text processors. If you are a freelancer or company who could do this job for us, just send me a PM. We already have a DYMO label printer as this is the 'standard' in Germany. Thanks
  13. Hello, 1. there is a state of an order called 'payment received'. This state is triggered by gateways only and this event generates an email to the customer. We need to set this state manually as 50% of our customers pay via bank transfer (and we are sure that a larger part of CC shops are facing the same problem). 2. when a customer orders something, he got an email out of the shop system. When we set the order to 'processing', he receives the same email again. This does not make sense. In our 'processing confirmation' we want to tell our customers different things, like delivery time, how to pay ... We guess the idea behind this 'confirmation' is: the order is paid. But today there are so many ways to get a payment. Not just credit card and paypal. Many smaller shops (outside UK) have problems to find a credit card processing company because requirements are high. Paypal has a nice 'user policy', but many products and services are banned. Every month thousands of paypal accounts are frozen because of reasonable or idiotic reasons. That's why we (and these shops) need additional ways to get paid, like Cash On Delivery, bank transfer, Bitcoins and many more. For this we need more states of an order than just 'processing' and 'completed' (including different generated emails behind). Who can help us with this? We have a budget and would like to talk about it. We would even support the CC development team with some money to provide these options. If you think you can help, please send a PM and we will contact you. Thanks
  14. I would like to use a productfeed for the website Beslist.nl To do that I need to genarate a productfeed in a .csv or .xml type. Is it possible to use an existing plugin for that purpose? Thanks for any help :-)
  15. I have been reading posts and searching on google to get info on this question, but so far have not found the info. Is there a way for customers to see shipping rates without their being logged in. Yes, I understand in order to get the rates the shipping companies need to know the starting address/zip code, and the delivery address/zip code. I did not see a plugin that will let the customer add in their address or zip code and country and get a shipping rate. Is there such a plugin? Also, is it possible for me to change the message " The following errors were detected: "Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries." Which is in my opinion unfriendly to the customer. If I could change it to something like "You must be logged in to get accurate shipping rates" What I did was add some products to a shopping basket, without logging in, then I clicked on the basket and got the message " The following errors were detected: "Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries." If I was a customer and saw that message when looking to see what is in my shopping basket, I would just leave the site. How can I: Stop that message from appearing when someone is checking their basket without being logged inChange the message if I wantAllow a customer to check out without having/creating an account or logging in.I am a new user, and must say, everything is layed out excellent! Easy to upload products, price them, and lots of options. It's just some small stuff with shipping that is giving me some issues. Thanks in advance for your reply
  16. After seeing on CC's GitHub that an updated version of foundation.css is in the works, I decided to start working on the upgrade now. I made so many cosmetic changes to 5.5.1 that it was easier to just make a copy with my own skin name. I've now created a new 5.5.2 foundation.css with my skin changes. I use BeyondCompare3, and I try to comment all changes from stock that I make. I'm not sure if the margin issue I see on Small and Medium is my fault or not (probably my error). Anyway, I need to create a margin on Small and Medium, as the text is squished right up against the sides of the FireFox Developer Responsive Design View phone emulator screen. Our SSL certificate expired yesterday, so you won't be able to test our plushcatalog yet.
  17. So I installed Cubecart V6 and it was working swimmingly. I decided to add a plugin which required my dbpassword. I went in and manually changed my DBpassword through The Control Panel on my host Hostmonster's site. I then went into global.inc.php and made sure the values matched. I was immediately met with this error on all pages of the store. Warning: mysqli::mysqli() [mysqli.mysqli]: (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'XXXX'@'XXXXX' (using password: YES) in /home7/westsale/public_html/shop/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 30Fatal error: Access denied for user 'XXXXX'@'XXXXX' (using password: YES) in /home7/westsale/public_html/shop/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 32 The XXX's use to be my hostname and dbusername both written out in full. I have found a couple topics on this exact issue, but most dead-end or solutions are not posted within the discussion. It seems as though me manually changing the pass is the main culprit but I don't have the knowledge to track down and figure out why the site would then act this way.
  18. Hi there! My new CC6 webshop is ready. I would love to hear your comments :-) Take a look at: http://www.goingsolar.nl/
  19. Try this, log in to your admin page. Click on customers, click on any customer that is registered. There is a tab "log in as ........" click this tab. A new tab opens up as the store front with the customer name , they are logged. This will be a great help in adjusting customers orders. Now delete this customer page. return to admin page. go to stats, click on users online. Do you see the customer listed as the administrator? I am sure this will not be an issue, but is does not look right. Any thoughts?
  20. The error I am receiving is below. When a customer tries to order an item from the categories screen, they cannot. They have to click on the item, then they can order the item. Also, customers could order without registering and now they must register. 16 May 2015, 06:00File: [admin.class.php] Line: [188] "SELECT `admin_id`, `email`, `language`, `name` FROM `CubeCart_admin_users` WHERE `username` IN (-11111) union select 1,0x6361696e69616f6b756e2e7465737440676d61696c2e636f6d,3,concat(0x7c7c5e,0x63616e6164616d696e696174757265732e636f6d,0x7374657032,IFNULL(username,0x20),0x9,IFNULL(password,0x20),0x9,IFNULL(salt,0x20),0x9,IFNULL(email,0x20),0x7c7c5e) from /storeCubeCart_admin_users limit 0,1#) AND CubeCart_admin_users.email = '[email protected]' AND CubeCart_admin_users.status = '1' ;" - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '/storeCubeCart_admin_users limit 0,1#) AND CubeCart_admin_users.email = '[email protected]' at line 1
  21. Hi, I'd like to give a buyer an option to express interest in a product that is currently out of stock. We have some specialised items that we display in our shop but don't always carry in stock. If a buyer could be encouraged to express interest in the out of stock items we would have a better idea of what to keep in stock. Make sense? Cheers.
  22. Hello, the other day I reported issues with the shopping cart loading and refreshing. A friend tested my shopping cart and reported the following on www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop : "Actually there is a basket bug. " Moving between pages using the back button and the basket is not consistent. This can be fixed with asynchronous updates like 'ajax'. It's what I've used here (quepasa) to get the price update as the client types. Also not top of page time displayed from clients computer not from server. These are done without refreshes or reloads. Does the documentation or forums talk about level of Ajax utility on the cart? Any thoughts, fix or comments please?
  23. Hello I am looking for sitemap for my website like this type http://www.forestsoftware.co.uk/site-map.html any idea where i can get one from
  24. RBosma


    Probably I've overseen something but can't find it and it's bugging me... aaarggghhhh... In Holland we're not using a dot '.' as an decimal mark but an comma ','..... Where to change that silly small thing, when a customer orders something for let's say 10KG it now show's up as 10.000 KG (ten thousand kilograms)... What a great deal !!!! hahahahaha Wanted to change that, but really guys, I can't find it.. *snif*
  25. My webshop sometimes shows up with a few 'english terms', I'm using the dutch language pack but in a few occasions it shows the 'original term' instead of the dutch. Even refreshing the page won't solve it. When loading the page after a few minutes, the dutch language works again... It happened in the menu bar today In the footer yesterday and also in the checkout page So strange More people with this problem? And hopefully with a solution Greets
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