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  1. Hi.. I am new to cubecart but i canĀ“t install extensions. When inserting any of the tokens from cubecart.com it just says: Error: Token was not recognised or has expired. Can somebody help? The error logs within the admin page shows nothing.
  2. Call out to anyone who has installed and is using any of the affiliate plugins. I'm new to this particular area. I have been asked by my client to install an affiliate plugin so that click-throughs from an external site that result in certain products being purchased will result in a commission payment to the originating site. Sounds fair enough, I thought, so I installed the iDevAffiliate plug in,since it seems to be the most popular. so... autoinstall using the generated token, enable it in the Admin Panel and refresh the cache...... then what? I can't find any instructions on how to configure it. The "edit" link on the Manage Plugins takes me to a very thin page where I can set the status and how to log the commission; there's a mysterious field called "URL to iDevAffiliate" to complete, but no other config options. What's the deal? Do I have to sign up with idevdirect to go further? Are there any configuration instructions out there? Are there any other plugins that might be better for what I need? Any advice gratefully received. Postscript: I guess that this is related to post https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/35588-affiliate-tracking-self-contained-in-cart/ but that post degenerated into a bit of a rant about email marketing, which I can assure you I'm not in the slightest bit interested in.
  3. I have just signed up for Braintree's sandbox, and installed the braintree extension, but I have a few questions. -Is there any way to get rid of the Choose Payment Gateway section when I start the checkout process? I only have one payment extension installed. -When I go to check out (in sandbox with fake credit card provided by Braintree) the security lock doesn't show up in the browser. Is there a way for this to show up? -When I click check out it shows a pending order in my admin view, but it takes me back to the checkout form without any verification that the transaction took place. Is there any way to get some sort of feedback/receipt here? I have tried searching for these items, but haven't had any success Any help would be appreciated, also if someone would recommend a different CC processor that works well with CubeCart I would gladly take that recommendation. Ideally I would like no monthly fees, and low ongoing fees.
  4. hello buddies I Created a market using cube cart. I opened an account in one of the local banks in my country and received information of getaway. now I want to add the capability of online paying to my store? how can I do that. the bank also send me some php and certificate files and of course a guideline, but unfortunately I am not a professional programmer and not to know what to do with them.
  5. I'm looking for a plugin that will only allow shipping to specific cities and/or zipcodes
  6. Hello All, I am running a Childhood cancer Awareness Shop on CC 6.0.6 @ Forty Six Seven Childhood cancer Awareness Is there a 'testimonials' plug-in available or in the works? and is there a site for 3rd party extensions / plugins? Thank you, Bill
  7. I am running CubeCart v6, and have been writing a payment gateway module to interface with Paypal's Payflow Link website. Payflow Link is simply an external web page that takes an HTTP POST with various variables like a transaction value, merchant details, or any other values I choose sent to it from CubeCart, and presents fields to accept the user's credit card details. On completion of processing on the Payflow Link website, Payflow Link can be configured to perform either an HTTP GET or HTTP POST back to a URL on the CubeCart website with an AUTHCODE value (0 = success, >0 means failure). Payflow Link can also be configured to return any of the values that were sent to it by CubeCart for that transaction (eg: CubeCart order ID, or anything else you want to have returned back to you that originally came from CubeCart). Currently, I have managed to get this payment gateway working, up to the point that Payflow Link sends back an HTTP POST to CubeCart with the transaction details, including the original CubeCart order ID, to a separate PHP script I have created that currently just redirects to CubeCart at /index.php?_a=complete&cart_order_id=$cart_order_id". This successfully clears the user's cart, and displays a nice page saying that the order is pending, which is all well and good, as the order is in the system with a PENDING status. The problem I have been stuck on is how to change the order status from PENDING to either PROCESSING or DECLINED, depending on the AUTHCODE variable and CubeCart order ID that is sent back from the Payflow Link website. If this could be done with a simple HTTP POST to index.php, or some other module, that would be nice and simple. At present, the current setup would require the admin to manually check the Payflow reports and reconcile the CubeCart order ID with the Payflow transaction log, and manually change the order status in CubeCart according to whether the credit card transaction is listed as successful or not. Note that I am a novice with PHP and CubeCart, having never programmed in this language before (or any language for the last 20 years for that matter), so I'm pretty pleased to have made it this far! I have tried using pieces of code that I have found in other modules, without luck, as there appears to be classes and functions that are available in calling modules that are not available when a module is run directly from an HTTP POST. I have tried including the order.class.php module and then call the function orderStatus that I believe should be able to modify the status, but I get "Call to member function get() on a non-object in /order.class.php" errors in the error.log file (this is where my understanding of how PHP works begins to break down). If there is not an HTTP POST method to change the order status (when I have the CubeCart order ID as a variable), could someone assist with some code that could allow my PHP module to change the order status when all I have are variable values like order ID? Note that I can pass anything I like to Payflow and get it echoed back to my module through an HTTP POST from Payflow in the return URL. Alternatively, is there a better way of doing this, either with HTTP GET or HTTP POST from Payflow?
  8. Does anyone have an extension for Payflow Link that works on CC6? Payflow Link is the Paypal (previously Verisign) payment gateway that uses a website hosted by Paypal to collect credit card information (as opposed to Payflow Pro which relies on the store web page to collect the credit card and send them to Paypal for authorisation, which is also different to Paypal Website Payments Pro, for which there is a plugin available, which is also different to Paypal Standard, for which a plugin also exists...I'm sure they don't deliberately want to confuse people, but...) If an extension for Payflow Link is not available, a Payflow Pro plugin would be the next best thing, but Payflow Link is certainly preferred as it is what we use currently. We do not want to use Paypal standard or Website Payments Pro, as the fees involved are greater than using Payflow Link with our bank merchant account, making it uneconomical to swap processing methods just for the sake of a plugin. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi. I am a new Cubecart user, and not much of a code adjuster. I am looking for a way to keep my main page fresh rather than having the "latest products" showing. This is of course fine while I am adding products, but I would rather have a mix of items showing. I am aware I can somewhat do this by controlling the products that have "latest" ticked, but have already run into the problem of not being able to isolate easily from admin which products have currently got "latest" ticked. So my questions are... First of all is there an easy way to search for products in my shop that are currently ticked as "latest products" so I can untick some of them?. I have come across "fusion" being mentioned a few times on the forum, but also understand it is no longer available for download. I also understand this plugin may have been able to give me the functionality I am looking for. So my second question ....Is there another way I could have a mix of "latest products, featured product and sale items showing in the main content? I am using a slightly modified version of the Foundation skin. My website is https://knicknacs.com.au Thanks in advance
  10. Hi All, Cheers in advance for anyone who picks up on this. I appear to be having a clash between the 'customers who also bought section' at the bottom of the products page and the Facebook comment feed. On any page where there are product recommendations 'customers who also bought section' it displays neither recommendations nor the Facebook feed. It simply displays the number 2 (see showing2.png). The Facebook feed works fine on any page without product recommendations (see showing feed.png). Its a fresh upgrade from v5 so I am using a very nearly stock foundation skin, with no changes to the content.product tpl file itself. The Facebook plugin is from the extensions market installed with a token. LAMP / PHP Version 5.4.40 / mysql 5.5.41
  11. Hi, How can I integrate a payment gateway in CC for which there is no plugin available in the CC marketplace? I wanted to add Citruspay (www.citruspay.com) Payment gateway to my site.
  12. Hi, I'd like to give a buyer an option to express interest in a product that is currently out of stock. We have some specialised items that we display in our shop but don't always carry in stock. If a buyer could be encouraged to express interest in the out of stock items we would have a better idea of what to keep in stock. Make sense? Cheers.
  13. We have developed a plugin that connects CubeCart with USAePay. 100% tested with USAePay. If you need it, contact me and i will get back to you within 24 hrs. Email: [email protected] Phone: 818-281-7253
  14. Hi all, My employer has tasked me with embedding a product demo video on a product page. I've had no trouble using the YouTube video however he has decided he wants the original file embedded to remove any association with YouTube. The code I used for the YouTube version worked fine. This was: <p> <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="214" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LbAYBlrFhjI?feature=player_detailpage" width="380"></iframe> </p> I attempted altering the "src" to the files location on our server: https://www.leegodbold.com/public_html/video/kitsoundsonar.mp4 and https://www.leegodbold.com/public_html/video/kitsoundsonar.ogv However I get several error messages telling me that the sites security certificate is not valid, please contact the webmaster etc etc. Is there another way to embed the video? A way which I wouldn't have to deal with the security certificate and such other business. Any advice, positive or negative, would be really appreciated. I'm totally stumped as it stands as I'm not yet a pro with html. Thanks very much! George B
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