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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, setting up a new shop, and its solely for Bangladeshi consumers, so i need BDT ( Local currency ) to be available and default currency. However, even after adding it the sign isnt showing anywhere, the currency itself is showing and can be used but not the sign .. ৳ .. any help is appreciated .. thanks
  2. Hi community, I'm looking for someone who can help me to customize the way my costumers pay for their products. I don't want cubecart to ask my customers to pay, I want that when they hit the checkout button I receive an email with the info of what they have bought and also their personal info. After that I will personally send them an email with my info including the bank account number in which they have to transfer the money. Is that possible?
  3. Hi CubeCart Community! Bothering your asking for some help, I want to add to my shop the shipping service that I will use and it is not listed, it is mexican and it is named "Estafeta". I hope there is a way to add it to the list in the Control Panel and obviously activate it, it is going to be the default service for shipping my shop will use. Hope you can help me, thank you in advance.
  4. Hi CubeCart community! I want to show the last item I uploaded to the store in the homepage of my website. Can anyone help me?
  5. Hi community! Today I'm facing a problem with CC5, I want to turn on the "Expand Category Navigation Tree" option, but can't find it anywhere, can someone tell me how to reach this option? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi CubeCart community, I've just started with this awesome tool today and I've a huge doubt, is there anyway for people to select the language of the store before entering? The matter is that I divided my website in two languages but when the people select the English site and then they enter to the store it is in Spanish as default, hope you can help me. If you want to see my problem you can see my site under construction: http://elpenco.260mb.org
  7. Hello Everyone, Paypal wants me to "Please send some additional information" to confirm my identity. Then, It states that I have nearly reached my "limit" and wants to "collect" more information about me.Is this safe? Who can see this information? Thanks everyone - Also, I got a few payments from my family in america and a few other people and I haven't declared tax on it, Will the government find out?
  8. I have decided to give the CC5 lite a run for its money. I was using CC3 up now. I have done a complete fresh install of both CC5 and database required. That all worked out fine and dandy. Been working on the setup side and come accross issues where I have adjusted the privacy page of what its content was and removed the about us page for the moment. After doing these couple of adjustments I decided to preview the live site and to my amazement I get an error page that comes up only. I tried all the other links an get the same thing. I have thought it might of been the Ioncube folder causing me grief. I renamed it temporarily to test if thaat was the problem. It did not seem to matter. If need to view the site to see what is happening the web address is www.nabbsws.com. I am still in setup mode so all is not complete but I need to resolve this page not showing first so I can continue. Thanks
  9. Hi, Is there a way tot get the order-id, price and so... on the confirmationpage after you've done your payment?! Hope someone can help me out here! Thanks
  10. Hi wondered if someone could help me on Cubecart 3 there was 2 buttons on adding product images: Uploading New Images Browse Existing Images Well on CubeCart 4 it doesnt have the 2 buttons it just has the 1, So when you click browse/upload new image you have to search the image once uploaded, but on V3 you could click Upload New Image and as soon as you do that it would show the product image as a thumbnail attached to the product your creating or editing but on V4 it doesnt do this? Is there a way this can be added to V4. Kind Regards, Aaron
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