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  1. Smallmouse wrote in 2008 "Hi again, I am trying to sell tickets to events online using cubecart. Is there any way that when the customer enters in the number of tickets they require and add to basket, then they are given a form to fill in with the names of those attending for each ticket? I am really stuck with how to do this. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Lisa." I am trying to do the same, however at the moment I use digital items and have the attendees registered name only. Would be nice to a full blown ticket agency using a CC plugin. Any takers? regards Duncan
  2. I need to add a banner for the paypal billmelater to my website, but it's in <script></script> form. I tried putting it in the Welcome Message text but it won't show the banner. I have spent 8 hours trying to figure out if I needed to tell javascript to be true, but i found so many references to javascript that I'm not sure where I have to change anything and I thought javascript was enabled cause I use recaptcha. Anyway if someone can help me figure out how to get this paypal banner that's in <script></script> form on my website I'd appreciate it. I have Cubecart 6.0.11. I do have the script already as given from Paypal. I could put it in my header too if that helps anyone help me. I use the Mican - Blue theme.
  3. Hi, My second post and I'm totally new to CubeCart... For a small set of specific products within my shop, I want to have a number of mandatory fields appear when any one of those products are ordered and on a "per product" basis, i.e. if more than any one of these products is purchased in a single transaction these fields appear for each product in the transaction. I want the data captured in these fields to be recorded as part of the order details, not the customer. My questions: 1) Which table(s) in the phpMyAdmin area would the new fields need to be added to? Any tips on some of the more unusual field options (e.g. I get "mandatory", but others?) when creating them... 2) I know I'll need some PHP coding to have the fields appear (getting that sorted) and I think it'd be best to have that occur in the "Basket" stage of the purchase. Which PHP file(s) would be the ones to change the code in? 3) It'd be great if I could have this mandatory data appear in the CubeCart Admin Control Panel -> Orders -> Overview tab - Order Summary. I'm guessing this would be PHP code changes too - again, which file(s)? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I am having an issue with setting EU rules etc. This may sound confusing but here goes. I do not want to sell to EU customers when it involves currencies, but, since I sell digital products, and occasionally add freebies, I do want them to be able to order and download those. I have tried every which way to mess with the tax and zone settings etc, and have had my CT from Australia, and a friend from the UK test for me, and no matter what, the cart stops them. I even tried setting up a tax rule of FREE set at 0 cost, but nothing let's them in. Am I doing something wrong, or is there simply not a capability to do this in CubeCart 6, I have the latest version.
  5. Greeting to cubecart's team and cubecarters, I just started using cubecart v6 and I was very impressed with the functions of cubecart. However, I'm now encounter some problems and I need some suggestions here. I used Softaculous to install my online ecommerce website (Ohsembuy) with the latest cubecart v6, it's working fast and smoothly without any hassle. Until now, I've uploaded more than 20 products onto the store. Yesterday, I'm ready to add the "Online Payment Gateway" from "WebCash". The customer support manager from WebCash informed me that I need to insert the "Online Payment Gateway API" by myself. I login to my webstore and try to add on the gateway API. However, I found out that I can't edit those PHP codes (All the PHP codes are fixed) just like the below picture: I can only view the PHP info, but can't barely change or edit the PHP codes. My question here - Is there any alternative solution for me to add the "Online Payment Gateway API" onto my webstore, since I can't change or edit the PHP codes? PS: I really need to solve this problem urgently, hopefully someone will guide me here. Thanks in advanced. Regards, Simon Wilson.
  6. Hi Cubecart forum, I have found in: Products/images there is an Exclude Image tick button. However I am unable to click on it or even untick the included Image box. Does anyone else have this issue? I also found that if I uploaded an image with the same name I get both listed in the file manager. Your comments and observations please.
  7. Hello, Just looking to see what everyone does for their record keeping processes. Currently, I have to manually input my sales in to Quickbooks and am looking for a better way! I then print out the invoice from the cubecart store and place that into a folder for a hard copy. I see a lot of people don't even keep their orders in the system. I am just looking to see if there is a way to streamline this process, it's very time consuming and wasteful as far as ink/paper goes!
  8. So, when my store was installed some years ago it was a different time.... now I am wondering if I could EASILY move my store from it's /store/ directory to the root directory without issue?? Is there a write up on this somewhere? I couldn't find one if there is. If it requires database changes and all that reconfiguring it is not worth it in my opinion. I will need to just create some sort of redirect to point to the /store/ directory, but I'd really rather avoid that. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hi there, I look after a website that uses cubecart v6 in catalogue mode. The cubecart software is currently installed at the root level of "public_html" folder. We want to make some major updates without the site going down or being disrupted. Is it possible to have a second version of cubecart running from another folder to work on and then when we are ready to go live take the old site down and use the new version? Thanks Amanda
  10. Hello all, I have a question : - How to display the e-mail the buyer on the purchase confirmation page with the module "PRINT ORDER FORM" in template file : print.tpl or else (as downloaded from the orders data such as below?) - This is an external system of data collection orders the customer so that he could ransom guarantees/Leave feedback. Regards
  11. I'm trying to set up a coupon for free shipping, I went through the process saved it, but where does it appear or how would or could I use this on FB or my cubecart website. I'm telling ya, by the time I get my site setup you might be able to add me as a moderator to help other people someday. hehehe Thanks, Mike
  12. Prior to go live with the site we have tested Paypal and despite placing an order and successfully paying with Paypal we are not receiving any admin email to warn us that a payment / order was placed. We are using CC V6 10. the site has three administrators and all three are set to receive system emails. I have tried to see if there is anything related in the forum but could not find any, (except for POF which is not what we are using as a Gateway). Anyone has a clue?
  13. Hi Looking at the template file for GalaxyX skin product display - content.product.php, I see it uses {$PRODUCT.full_base_price} & {$PRODUCT.price_to_pay} to display the prices. However, {$PRODUCT.full_base_price} is not displaying the original price. We have a 'Trade' Customer Group and have assigned 'Trade' prices to our products, so when logged in as a Trade customer we expect that the original price AND the Trade prices are displayed but instead we just get the Trade price twice (the first is crossed out). Is this a bug? Also, how can I test if a customer belongs to a particular group? Many thanks in advance.
  14. Am I correct that the Google code needed to report sales to Analytics is in content.receipt.php? I use Paypal Standard on our 5.2.14 Blueprint store and our Kurouto 5.2.14 store. Does the customer have to return to our store after payment to the receipt "thank you" page in order for Analytics to get information about the sale? Or does CC send the sale information to Google when the transaction is logged? I ask, because I have never seen any conversion information on Google Analytics. What do I have to do to see sales information in relation to site visits? This is the first year we have spent for Google Adwords, so it's now important that I understand if those advertising dollars might be worthwhile or not.
  15. I know this is not probably the right place to ask a question like this but after receiving so much good advice I will try anyway and see if someone can shine a light. So here is my problem: I have CCV6 which is able to send system emails to any email accounts such as Gmail but not to the business domain email where is hosted. Is this something that I have missed on the site configuration or I have to point it to the IT management at the Server side? As far as i am concerned I don't see any configuration file that might prevent processing domain emails. As usual Helpers will be greatly appreciated..:)
  16. Hi all, I am using Paypal Standard and have selected the option of writing the path to the logo.gif, (/modules/gateway/PayPal/admin/logo.gif), still no logo is displayed. I have read previous posts here (CC V5) that was suggesting to make changes to the file: (classes/sanitize.class.php) on line 30 change, however, as I am running CCV6 the sanitize.class.php is different and could not find that snippet of code to change. Does anyone have a clue why the payment gateway logo doesn't display on checkout or how to fix it on CCV6?
  17. Hello All, Here's my situation: I have a current site with minimal products (nine) Build in Drupal Using Ubercart Has some custom emails sent out (on order, when shipped, when delivered, customer verifies the delivery was okay, quality assurance for any missing/damaged items) Payment gateway is GSPay The issue I'm having is that GSPay doesn't have an Ubercart module, Cubecart does. The developer that I hired isn't getting the job done with the Ubercart integration. My previously automated custom emails (as listed above) are no longer automatic and there are other minor issues with the integration. I'm looking for someone to finish the job. Integrate with GSPay, get my automated emails working again. PM me for details. Thanks! Daniel
  18. Question... Hopefully some one has ran across this issue. I had been trying to figure out why none of my information files don't show up. Content in there. But in the front end when you try to view, say, the Privacy Policy, You only get a blank white page.. Then, a couple nights ago, a friend of mine logged on and went to view an individual product and since we were on skype at the time, he told me that all he was getting was a blank white page. So I logged in and tried several different products and sure enough, Blank white pages. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening and how to fix it??? And how do I fix it. Thanks in advance YJ p.s. Also nothing shows up in the error log.
  19. Hi Everyone, I wonder if there is a way for cubecart V6 to display more than one featured products on sidebar. Thank you all
  20. For some reason I am unable to get logged into the front end of my shop and also unable to view several areas of the admin area. I had everything working great then decided it was time to make an exact duplicate of the store on my local hard drive. I fired up my ftp and started downloading. while that was going I went outside to do some stuff out there and when I came back in, all was done. I went to my browser window to log into the front end again only this time I just got a blank screen. Went into the error.log to check it out and the below error is what I was greeted with. At this point, I haven't changed anything else so I was baffled. I wanted to go to my store settings to turn on the debug mode but found that the settings page was also affected in the same manner. Couldn't get in, along with several of the other admin pages. But not all. Can someone please help me sort this out, please. Here is the error message. [Exception] /home2/xxxxxxxx/public_html/classes/language.class.php:673 - String could not be parsed as XML
  21. Hi Everyone, I have recently got an email from Paypal stating: Note: PayPal will be undertaking testing between 17 June and 29 September to prepare for the full cutover to SHA-256 on 30 September 2016. We strongly recommend that your systems be compatible with SHA-256 by 17 June to avoid service interruptions during this period. And TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade I am not sure if I have to take some actions myself and what that could be or if is a matter for my hosting provider. Anyone can shine some light on this? Thank you very much all.
  22. Hi, I am using the foundation skin (customised) on CC6 but when i view the website from a mobile phone the text is positioned right up against the edge of the screen. I assume i need to make a change to the css to get some padding in. Can anyone offer any advice. Thanks
  23. Well, here I go with another one.. ssl. Yesterday I installed (or rather my web host installed) ssl on my website. They also set up a Dedicated IP for my site. After eight hours I was finally able to at least get into the Admin section, but still couldn't get into the front end of my shop. Today, I decided to try different browsers and see what happens. First up was Firefox. That was a No-Go with this error: Your connection is not secure The owner of www.dunnrightoutdoors.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Next up was Google Chrome. Also a No-Go with this error: SSL requests not supported for www.dunnrightoutdoors.com The site is not configured with SSL support. Then came Microsoft Edge (Windows 10). Now this one slid right in with absolutely no problems. Abel to roam around the site, looks at different products, ect. Then came Internet Explorer. Again, No-Go with this error: SSL requests not supported for www.dunnrightoutdoors.com The site is not configured with SSL support. Now, on all occasions I double checked then the Store Settings/SSL that the SSL was in fact set to YES.. Now here, when I tried to change the http:// to https:// when I saved it, it automatically changed it back to http:// ... I don't understand what is going on with this and I almost don't have any hair left. Why would it change the https back to http? Why can I get in with one browser but not the rest? What am I doing wrong???? I really need to get this issue resolve before I'm bald. Any help any of you can give would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance YJ Edit: My Dedicated IP is: My webhost is BlueHost.com
  24. Yep. I messed up big time. I edited the index.php in my /public_html/ folder. Problem now is that I apparently deleted everything below the comments.index.php Can someone please give me a copy to replace/fix my screw-up? this one getting backed up in more than just one place along with everything else. I sure would appreciate it. thank for your help. YJ
  25. Ok you Masters, I'll admit that I'm a total newbie to CubeCart and I've searched the forums for an answer. I have all my product imported into my shop. Now I've also downloaded all the product photos from my drop shipper. My question is how do I import all the images, in mass, to where they will show up in my product listings? I can do them 1 at a time in the Image File Manager but for 1900+ products I'll die of old age before it gets done. There has to be an easier and faster way to do this. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for any help ya'll can offer. YJ
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