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Found 2 results

  1. I am evaluating 5.2.0 as an upgrade for 4.3.4 with Estelle's SLPO option. I am not abnormally dumb, but I cannot figure out how this works. This is what I have done: In Product Options, I have created a couple of option groups (Colour with attributes Black, White, Grey and Size with attributes A4, A5, A6, A7.) In Products, I have created a product and assigned the members of both groups to the product. Now I have three colour and four size attributes assigned under the Options tab. The Status column has a green tick for each row, and the Options Matrix column has a red cross for each row. The Options Matrix is not mentioned in the documentation under the Help link. I have not been able to find anything else about it, but I do not necessarily know all the hidey-holes where this sort of stuff is kept. I have tried various things with the Options Matrix checkboxes, (click all and save, click one from each group and save) in the hope of seeing a hint of what to do next, but I am stumped. Any hints? A stream of frustrated abuse followed by a link to some documentation is entirely acceptable. As an alternative, I tried creating an option set that contain all 7 options and assigned them to a different product. I am assuming this is a shorthand method for assigning a bunch of attributes from different groups as a collection, potentially to a large number of products. This caused a display aberation on the options page shown in the attachment. (Neither uploader is working...) The Options Matrix column displays a red X for the first attribute in a group, then the type information for the remaining items in the group. The remaining columns in these rows are slid one space to the left, so the Negative checkbox is in the Type column. It is possible that I am doing entirely inappropriate things here, but the program should be fixed to reject the operation or display it correctly.
  2. Is it possible to manually change the stock level to zero in the admin? I had an off-site order and wanted to set the stock level via the admin myself, but it won't allow me to. The lowest that field or the warning field will go is 1. I'd like to be able to have it at zero and show it out of stock on the front end. Thanks!
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