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Found 16 results

  1. We need to change the domain of our licence. cubecart.com not reachable? TR
  2. Hello, My company has been using CubeCart 4.3.3 for a while now with now problems. Just recently, USPS updated their APIs for the shipping module and I have been having a heck of a time trying to get that to function correctly. I have followed some of the threads posted here on updating the APIs, and I'm sure I can figure it out if I work with it, but in all honesty, we should probably just go ahead and make the upgrade to CubeCart 5. There are a few reasons why we haven't made the switch yet, and most of it is due to the fact that I would have to put other projects on hold to do it myself. I am thinking about paying the upgrade fee and then paying the fee to have a developer do the upgrade for me, but I have a few questions I would like to know. I read that some third party modules might not work correctly after an upgrade. We really have only one third party module, which is a coupon code module that we purchased from Estelle's Mod Store. We have a lot of coupon codes and it would be a pain to have to go add the mod coding back to the source code and reenter every coupon code that we have. This is really my main concern because I do not have time to do this and I would rather just keep version 4 than have to put my current projects on hold. Does anybody know if this would carry over into the upgrade and function properly? As I stated above, I was having difficulty getting the new USPS shipping API to work correctly with version 4. If I upgrade to version 5 and pay to have a developer do the upgrade for me, will this fee include getting the new USPS shipping API to work correctly? If not, is there an extra fee I can pay to have this done? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hi all, I am getting a very odd security warning when trying to access items in our online store at www.pacworks.biz. Here is the message that I am getting when trying to click on different menu items: Security Warning Parsed array keys can not contain illegal characters! Script execution has been halted. It may be possible to fix this error by deleting your browsers cookies and refresh this page. This message just randomly started appearing. I did a search trying to figure out a solution to this problem and it seems like people are saying that it is a problem with some PHP coding. The odd thing is that we have not changed any of the code, nor installed any third party plugins in at least 6 months and our store has been running fine. I also haven't changed any of the store settings in the CubeCart dash board. I know CSS and HTML, but I am not a PHP programmer, so I am not sure what to look for to fix this problem. Here is some info that may help diagnose my problem: I am using CubeCart 4.3.3 I have tested on multiple web browsers and got the same error message Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Hello So now that I have updated to CC5 I am not used to it so I need assistance. My web page has "text" on the front "home" page that was put there in an option in CC3 This is what the page looks like right now: http://timesforgottendvd.com I need to know how to remove the paragraph that is below the welcome text? This would be the text starting at "OUR CREDIT CARD" - ending in - "DURING THIS TIME." It used to just be an option in the old CC3 dashboard but I can not find an option in CC5 Any help?
  5. From Admin > Inventory > Export catalogue When adding products to the exported catalogue, and reimporting the new version do we simply do: Admin > Inventory > Import catalogue: Format: Comma seperated values Delimiter: . Also... is there a handy way to update the Matrix stock levels per product via csv? Can't see a col in the exported csv Would love some tips from store owners who manage a lot of products.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm trying to export CubeCart to CubeCart all products, but the csv file has nothing in "Description" column except <p>. Thanks, Peter
  7. hi, I am using cubecart 5.2.12. In this how to display single product page in shipping price display. Any idea which code add in content.product.php file. Please help me.
  8. Hello Members I' hope my english is understandable I have a full site Backup of my cubecart eshop , I do not know which version but the (PRO).. My question is : Can i restore the shop only with a full site Backup ? If yes , can someone give me a Tutorial ? I have found only this : http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/17022-quick-tutorial-on-how-to-back-up-and-restore-db/ It will be very nice if someone have a video for me . I will only restore the shop under a new domain and server and then make some changes , the only thing i can't do is to bring it again alive ! I have ask a technician for Help and he want from me 1080$ only for this ! Regards and Thanks in Advance
  9. How do I disable the lightbox from within the Admin, I was able to find this feature in CC4 but not in CC5.
  10. Hello All, I have run Cubecart on my dedicated hosting for a long time now without many problems. However starting from today i have a huge problem. All my websites connected with SQL will have a problem ... saying max connections limit blabla. However ... we conacted the hosting and they changed it from max connection 25 to the limit 100. This helped for 1 hour and then it didnt work anymore ... same problem. I contacted my hosting company again and they found out the the username from one of my cubecart website is causing this problem to rerule the max connections to set as limit 10. This is causing the whole server to colapse. So after a long talk with hosting ... they same i need to talk with my "programmer" about this issue ... Can anyone help me to let cubecart optimize the cubecart site to get well with max connection usages? See attachment of the converstation i had with my hosting company. Please do not recommand me to get another hosting (yet) i already changed MANY times in MANY years and we have HUGE websites! I just want a solution to fix this ... if i am stuck in the end i will sell all websites, because after many years i am done with it and i need more rest then stressful headaches running webshops and websites. Thank you for your support and reading this. hosting.txt
  11. OK, here is my new dilemma. Following on from my navigation not showing up on the homepage, I have decided to upgrade to the v5.2.8. Upgrade was a complete success, although the navigation is still not showing but this is not the main problem. In Admin > Store Settings, all the options now have double ticks/crosses. For example on the Features tab, the Enable Products Review/Comments now has Tick Tick instead of just 1 Tick. The same is for items which are disabled I now have Cross Cross. Furthermore, I do not have the option to change them; although the hover says "Enable" or "Disable", clicking the tick/cross does not do anything. Is my upgrade bugged or does anyone else have this problem? Thanks Dave
  12. Hi, I'm Using cubecart 5.2.1. When I go to admin section and click on sales reports under Advance in the left sidebar. It displays the content of orders page (admin.php?_g=orders), however the URL says (admin.php?_g=reports). Please help me find the file where I need to change/Modify code to fix this.
  13. Hi, I am developing a plugin for cubecart admin panel.In that am using ajax to store some details through database.I have included the admin core files but still its not stored in database. can anyone know, what are all the exact files needed to be included in custom php file to access all the functions of an admin panel? Here is my code. I have tried like this. but its not allowing me to perform db operations.can any one help me please.am new to cubecart. <?php include '../../../../ini.inc.php'; include '../../../../includes/global.inc.php'; include '../../../../includes/functions.inc.php'; include '../../../../classes/db/database.class.php'; include '../../../../controllers/controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php'; $action=$_POST['action']; $data=array( 'color'=>$_POST['colorname'], 'colorcode'=>$_POST['colorcode'], ); $res=Database::getInstance()->insert('abc', $data); $GLOBALS['db']->insert('abc',$data)
  14. Hello All, I am having troubles using the CCNOW module. When you try to checkout with this module i get the following error: ERROR: 36: amount mismatch: 20.90 <> 10.95 This means CCNOW gateway only receive the product price and not the shipping price. I have sent an email to CCNOW helpdesk and i got the following response: The amount mismatch error is because the Cubecart shopping cart is sending "x_amount: 10.95" when it should be sending "x_amount: 20.90". 10.95 is for the product + 9.95 for shipping). This module may be out of date (it is not supplied by us). Perhaps CubeCart can offer support on this issue if you purchased the module from them? It is possible it is a setting in CubeCart, but I do not know their system. Thanks, -Matt CCNow.com So can any one help me to provide an updated CCNOW module? I already sent a support ticket to Cubecart, but so far i didnt receive an answer. Please share the right module with me if you can help me or smart coders help me out to debug? Thanks all!
  15. 'Evening, I've been troubled by this issue for years, and have not found a solution yet. Every customer order I receive does not show any of the product options they've selected with the item (e.g. colour: blue, size: M). I am currently running two sites with cubecart, and I cannot locate a single difference in the general settings (bar the store skin) - yet one shows the product options, and one does not. Can anyone help resolve this issue? Please let me know if you require any further information. Thanks, Jac
  16. Hi community, I'm looking for someone who can help me to customize the way my costumers pay for their products. I don't want cubecart to ask my customers to pay, I want that when they hit the checkout button I receive an email with the info of what they have bought and also their personal info. After that I will personally send them an email with my info including the bank account number in which they have to transfer the money. Is that possible?
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