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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All I am sure this is a crazy easy answer as I cannot find anybody else asking!!! I want to track conversions on sales from my Adwords account. I have some code that on my old V4 site it went on the skins/content/confirmed.tpl file. However on V5 which file should it go on. I cannot seem to find the file which relates to the order success page.......
  2. Hi All I wonder if anybody has ever managed to track conversions of Adwords Clicks through Cube Cart V5 and Google Analytics? Obviously when you enter your UA google analytics code in general settings Cubecart adds the google analytics code to every page and you can track all visitors etc. However there is another side to this. To track conversions of google adwords customers there is another piece of code required. This should (I think) sit on the skins/templates/content.receipt.php file. If you look at this file at the very bottom there is already some code here: See Below {if isset($ANALYTICS)} <!-- Google Analytics for e-commerce --> <script type="text/javascript"> {literal} pageTracker._addTrans('{$GA_SUM.cart_order_id}','','{$GA_SUM.total}','{$GA_SUM.total_tax}','{$GA_SUM.shipping}',"{$GA_SUM.town}","{$GA_SUM.state}","{$GA_SUM.country_iso}"); {/literal} {foreach from=$GA_ITEMS item=item} {literal} pageTracker._addItem('{$GA_SUM.cart_order_id}','{$item.product_code}',"{$item.name}",'','{$item.price}','{$item.quantity}'); {/literal} {/foreach} {literal} pageTracker._trackTrans(); {/literal} </script> {/if} However - this piece of code is not tracking our conversions at all. I have spoken with Google and they have confirmed that this code is incorrect. Has anybody got this working? I have looked through the forums and nobody seems to be discussing it. This either means that you all have it working or nobody is bothered!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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