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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All On our site we have really indepth product options on our products. In some cases there can be up to 8 different options that effect the product. We use the print packing note to pick and pack the order in our stores. At the moment this sheet displays the options but they are all laid out in one text block. This is not easy to read as in effect you end up with something like this: size: medium colour: pink : strapsize: 126cm design: track As you can see it is easy for the packer to misread etc. Does anyone know how we could make these options display on a seperate line for each? Any help would be appreciated as always! Pete Ward
  2. Just upgraded to 5.14. On the old order printout at the bottom there is shipping information. in the 5.13 against Shipping Method I used to get Royal Mail 1st or Royal Mail 2nd or Courier depending on what the customer chose. Now there is the Shipping module name and the chosen service. ie By_weight: Royal Mail 2nd Class or All_in_one: Hermes Courier. How do I stop it putting the shipping module name (By_weight, All_in_one) before the chosen shipping method. https://forums.cubecart.com/uploads/monthly_11_2014/post-147423-0-40808600-1415972220.jpghttps://forums.cubecart.com/uploads/monthly_11_2014/post-147423-0-63047400-1415972221.jpg here is an example of original printout
  3. The Shipping information on the bottom of my invoices shows Gateway - Correct Dispatch Date - Blank Shipping Method - Correct Tracking Code - I do not use. How do I get the dispatch date filied in, I was hoping that when I changed the order status to complete this would then fill in the dispatch date, but no. Any help would be useful Rustic
  4. Hi I know that the question was asked by another member and it was resolved but I do not understand how to go about replacing the image in the invoice template. Does this need to be done at the server end or can the template be accessed within the software? I would appreciate advice on this as the invoice is inserting an image that is far too large.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to replace the default logo (aka shop header) image for a custom logo image in the following files: - the email templates - the print order form invoice (The one you see right after making an order) - the newsletter template Currently these files use the default logo of my store which is of course also the same image that is used as a header in my online shop. But this header is very wide, and I would like to use a smaller and adjusted logo for the email templates, invoices and newsletters. Also because I could then (for example) add a title to each of my header for each item. (For example: I could use a special 'newsletter' logo for the newsletters and a special 'invoice' logo for the invoices). Is this possible? And if so, could someone perhaps tell me what files to look for? Can it be as easy as changing an image url in a template? I hope someone can nudge me into the right direction so I can customize my store a bit more Thanks very much in advance!
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