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Found 1 result

  1. Hello All, I am new here and i run a very serious webshop that i just migrated from Opencart to Cubecart. I bought the full license and copyright removal and i will buy this for at least 3 or 4 sites. So far so good very happy with Cubecart. However i am missing some features, but most of them not very important and i can hard code them in the templates files. However i am not a great programmer, but i do have ICT experience for more then 13 years and in daily life i am a freelancer based on Linux administrator, Windows enginering and sometimes supporting or management in the ITIL section like change management, so i do understand much. What i really miss is a feature to add one specific product option to ALL products! I have 11.000 products and i just go live with my webshop after migrating and i forgot the product options! Normally all webshops i worked with (different systems) has a add product option to ALL products ... cubecart don't have this? Why? I figured myself out this query: INSERT INTO `CubeCart_options_set_product` (`set_product_id`, `set_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (1, 2, 1); This will add product options to product id 1. If i want to add the product option to product id 2 it will be: INSERT INTO `CubeCart_options_set_product` (`set_product_id`, `set_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (2, 2, 2); If i want to add this on product id 3 it will be: INSERT INTO `CubeCart_options_set_product` (`set_product_id`, `set_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (3, 2, 3); Ok so we get the idea ... now ... how can i do this to ALL of my 11.000 products? Can someone PLEASE share a MYSQL query that will apply this to ALL product IDs? So i can make a cronjob of this activity? Lets say: create product option to product id if not exists. if exists update. Somethin like this. And for you third party developers ... if this is easy for you, please make a module of it in admin i will pay you! I need it URGENTLY, because i am live now and i lose orders, because people can not fill in their sizes or colors. Thank you all.
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