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Found 4 results

  1. Registrations are not generating emails to the user or admin after upgrading from 4.3.7 to 5.1.4. "Recover Password" is the only User related "Email Template" I can see. Users and admins do receive emails when orders are placed. How can I send the user a "Welcome" email with all pertinent information and send admins a notice letting them know of a new customer?
  2. Hi there, My client is working with 5.14. Now they constantly receive a notification that the shop needs an update when they login in the admin. Since I payed money to remove all those CC copyright links and stuff the last thing my client (and I) wants to see this annoying notification every time they log in. So my simple question is: How to remove this update notification permanently? Kind regards, Boudi
  3. Any tips or clues on how to send an email after a form is submitted? I'm looking to send a Welcome! email to anyone who registers. Seems like it should be fairly easy but I'm not smart... enough to decipher the Smarty code yet :-)
  4. Hello, Could not find any solution on both forums so here's my (major) problem: 1) I noticed that when a client is buying multiple products, in the e-mail notification the total price is correct but you see only 1(!) product. What I want, and has to be normal, is an overview of ALL the products that the client bought. The email templates are original and my CC version is 5.14 (latest) 2) Besides that the client does not receive any email till the admin changes the status. Need solution too for this one. Kind regards, Boudi PS: the reason for urgency is that our client has to put the shop online within 17 hours from this topicstart.
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