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Found 6 results

  1. Question - I use chase banking and I was led to this payment gateway option: https://www.chasepaymentech.com/faq_orbital_payment_gateway.html Only thing is it is not one of the the options in the cubecart payment gateways So how do I set it up or use it? Do I have to call them and ask them? or is there something I am missing on this page or do I need to go to another page? I was encouraged to use this gateway I just need to know how - Thanks in advance
  2. i m using cube cart 4.3.8 version and this version providing me 17 payment gateways but i want to use another payment gate ways .... the how can i use or install new payment gateway thanks in advance waiting for reply pls help fast
  3. Hi, I have had a forum question on the Gateway forum since last week and had no help so thought I'd put here hoping someone might see it, here is the link to my problem question '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm posting this error here to see if anyone can please provide me with some advise or help with this issue. I'm currently using the (card capture) payment module and all works fine via the full site in v5.2.2 version, but when clients try to checkout via the mobile version of the site, it gives them a white page on checkout and don't show the page to inter there card info on. So the order comes in as pending only. I would gladly appreciate anyone's advise or help with this issue. Thank you! Eddie
  5. Hi all, I have created an order as a customer and proceed thru the processes where it has to be paid for, I have 2 selections one is paypal and the other is supposed to be direct deposit. However when I select Print_order_Form it seems to do nothing, if I go to the admin screen and slect the appropriate pending order then I am able print it but unfortunately there are no banking details the gateway just print Print_Order_Form obviously useless to the customer who wants to deposit maney for goods into our bank. Any suggestions as to how to get the invoice/order printed at the customers end and also how to display/print the necessary banking details Much appreciated
  6. Hi, i want to Hide pay to email in moneybookers Checkout page?? so please help me on this.
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