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Found 17 results

  1. A Google search for our items pulls up the STORE TITLE and STORE URL with the product description. The Adwords Search pulls up the ITEM TITLE and the correct PRODUCT URL. Any suggestions about what I must have messed up that is keeping the Product Title and URL from showing on the Google Search? I have no idea how long it has been that way...
  2. Hello All Cubecart members, I have a question ... As default Cubecart is placing a robots.txt in the root folder that disallow to index the images folder. Can someone explain why? Is it good to remove the robots.txt from the root folder of Cubecart? And do i need to have a images sitemap generator? Or will Google index them fine? Thanks for your help.
  3. So I've added categories and sub-categories, the urls work fine. i.e store.com/category store.com/sub-category but the product appears as: store.com/product.html even though its in /category/sub-category I can set the custom seo path but isn't the process auto, if the product is assigned to category as the primary etc? I only noticed this when I added a product with the same name in two different categories and I got a error saying unique seo path has been created due to duplicated products. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All I have been doing an SEO audit on my website and there are issues with the site being accessible via both www and non www URLs. I prefer www but the sitemap automatically generated within cubecart shows non-www URLs. Is there any way to change the sitemap generation settings? I am thinking of doing a 301 redirect to www but this won't work well if the sitemap references non www URLs. All the best
  5. How important is is that we fill all four fields in? Does it make a difference? And what exactly should we put into these four fields for maximum benefit? Meta Title Custom SEO URL Path Meta Keywords Meta Description
  6. When SSL is disabled all domains when typed appear as written below: example.com http://example.com www.example.com http://www.example.com When SSL is enabled and forced on all pages: example.com http://example.com www.example.com http://www.example.com ^ ALL redirect to https://www.example.com/index.php The https://www.example.com is correct but index.php is being appended, for seo purposes I'd like this removing, not the *page* index.php as assumed in an older thread, just the url. I've had a look at the .htaccess but cannot find any reference to index.php being forced on the domain. I could write a redirect from /index.php to the root of the domain, but it feels like an extra redirect on a redirect. I'd rather fix the initial redirect. E.G currently http://example.com is classed as a redirect to https://example.com/index/php so rather than adding another redirect to a redirect, I'd rather fix the first one thats sending the user to /index.php. A lot of redirects lol Thanks in advance
  7. CuebCart 5 We have a site that is working fine in terms of navigation and design. However when we turn on the "Enable SEO URLs" the design on the category and product page doesn't format correctly. Can anyone help ?
  8. Hello All, I just want to change the way Cubecart is dealing with SEO, but i am not sure if this has something to do with a SEO setting in the admin? What i want is like this: If i create a product and i name this "DEMO" then i fill in the META title "DEMO" i want the META data to be "DEMO" Now what is happening is this: META data is "DEMO + general SEO text from the general SEO settings" I want to get rid of the general SEO that is added on ALL pages ...
  9. A question for you guru's about the mobile version of the Cubecart site that has been raised by my SEO "expert" - at least that's what he tells me He spotted the link on the bottom of my home page that goes to the mobile site and followed this to, as he said to me, "see what it did". He is telling me that the two versions have the same address (in my case http://www.northwalesinks.com/store/index.php ) but have two completely different lots of content - my desktop site has a chunk of text that has been "carefully crafted" on the home page while the mobile version is missing this text. His argument goes :- The search engines visit the desktop site and read the content and index it They see the link at the bottom of the page for the mobile site and follow it - the link does have the display_mobile parameter set but this parameter vanishes when you follow the link and navigate around the mobile site They read the mobile site at the same address and find different content ! They index the "new" content and see a link at the bottom to the desktop site They follow this link and see different content (again) They throw their toys out of the cot and decide that that page isn't worth worrying about as it never knows which content it's going to find - and apart from which it breaks the rule that Google say that the content they read should be the same as the content displayed to a visitor when they follow a result and might be considered as cloaking https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66355?hl=en I vanish from the search engine results ! Can anyone tell me if he is right? I've sat next to him while he explained it and demonstrated the "problem" and he seems to be right enough that I'm worried (and at the size of the bill for spotting this *grins* ).
  10. Hello all, I see Cube cart has a feature to add translated version for each language for categories or products. I want to make my website more SEO friendly in more languages meaning i want to add subdomains and with some cronjobs i can make a perfect SEO website for all available languages in Cube cart admin. Now here is the problem. I have more then 10.000 products and i can not simply modifying them one by one to add translations for each language. I have all languages for all products in excel. Is there any coder who can make a mod for this? So i can import excel or csv in admin and select which language i want to import? Let me know if you can and we can discuss the budget.
  11. CubeCart Version: 4.4.5 PHP Version: 5.2.17 MySQL Version: 5.5.32-log Image upload folder size: 1.6 MB Server Software: Apache/2.4.4 (Unix) Client Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_4) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/28.0.1500.95 Safari/537.36 Hi There, I was wondering if you could help. We are looking at the option of upgrading from version 4.4.5 to 5.22 and were wondering what ramifications this would have on our SEO rankings. The last update seemed to change our url structure and we do not know what it may do again. The skin is also custom so we were wondering what this would do to the site.
  12. I have previously entered individual meta descriptions and meta keywords for all of my products but they have vanished. When I re-enter them, and in fact the general meta data, it does not record the change and the boxes appear empty. The only thing that has changed recently is coding for google ads tracking has been added to the site Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello I have set up a shop in a subfolder http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk/shop As the site is in a sub folder I thought I should redirect traffic to that folder so I have a redirect from http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk to http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk/shop. My host wont let me use their seo tools as I have a redirect on there. I also read that redirects affect SEO and googles ranking. We have no traffic going to this site and I am wondering if this is the problem. Should I take off the redirect? if i do how do visitors get to the site if its in a sub folder (sorry this might be a dur question) Should I move the site to the root? if so are there any instructions. I am a bit stuck, I have never had a website in a subfolder as never needed to. Any help suggestions would be very very welcome. Niki
  14. Guest

    Resolved - SEO questions

    My hosting server is a Windows Server... will the SEO system and .htaccess file work? i've tried it, and the cart system generates the SEO friendly URLS, but I get a 404 file not found error when trying to use them. I rebuilt the store map, emptied cache but still no joy.
  15. Hello, We are on v4.3.3 and want to change the title tag on category and brand pages. Currently when you click on one of these the title tag is still the store name - is it possible to enter a customer title tag for each category and brand page? Thanks!
  16. Hi, V51.1 I have a question about the SEO URL Formating. I have categories which require more than one page to display all products. In other words sub pages of a category which i guess is a pretty common scenario. The SEO URL title for the first page of my category has an SEO friendly title which does a good job of reflecting the meta data that I entered into the backend of the site. So far so good. However there is an issue when I click to the next page or second page of my category listings - my SEO friendly URL starts to add "html?page=2" to the end of the title. This continues with each consecutive page in the category - "html?page=3", "html?page=4" etc. it will even display "html?page=all" when i choose to view all products under that category. All of these pages are generated in my sitemap with the generic "html?page=#" ending. Search engines do not like these URL's. It's just an awful waste of SEO real estate.. Does anyone know of a way to get the category sub-pages to display SEO friendly URL's. Thanks in advance.
  17. In general settings, under Search engine optimisation, there is an option to use search engine friendly URL. We already have over 3,500 pages on our site. Can anybody see any risk with me turning this on? Is it likely to mess anything up? Thanks.
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