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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, we are running 5.0.7 with no option to upgrade due to numerous custom modifications and features. We receive around 10 order every day, using Paypal as the only payment option. We started having a very serious issue with the orders for last couple of months/weeks, when the customer goes through the order process, completes the payment which appears in our Paypal account, but the order (summary) itself is not saved into the database, meaning we dont really know about it. When I search the entire database for the lost order ID, I see records in following tables: store_CubeCart_order_history store_CubeCart_order_inventory store_CubeCart_order_tax store_CubeCart_request_log store_CubeCart_transactions But NOT the all important CubeCart_order_summary. I tried setting up a debug condition for the database classes to detect if there is a "DELETE" and "order_summary" being executed, but Ive got nothing - meaning the summary is not saved at all. Example data of one such lost order: Status Date/Time Processing 13 Mar 2013, 20:39 Pending 13 Mar 2013, 20:37 The order inventory: [snip, three valid products] Transaction log: PayPal Card Payment: Success, Exact match for AVS data. CVV2 correctly matched., TXNID: 4FC98336766[snip, correct TXN ID] Do you have any idea why the order is not being saved? I tried going through the order process in the classes, but I see no vulnerable points - and we have done no adjustments to the order process. Was this a bug fixed in some of the latter versions, or could it be a Paypal issue? Thank you in advance for any input, as this is a very serious issue. Roman
  2. Hey Guys, Was hoping for a bit of help. My client sells tickets for events and they require to export the sales report to manage the e-tickets when the customer brings their print-off to their event/product they have bought a ticket for. http://www.mygigticket.com Unfortunately cubecart doesn't provide the product name in the sales report, only the order id, which then has to be cross referenced to find the event. This isn't very convenient and have been trying to figure out how to add product name to the report. I can see that the report in the admin is using the CubeCart_order_summary table, But I need the table in the cubecart CubeCart_order_inventory which associates the order number with the product. Can anyone help with a potential solution? Thanks in advance.
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