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What's with the shipping on v. 3?


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Ideally, I need to use shipping by weight. I have attempted to set it up, but cannot make it work. Here's what I've done, and the results (or lack thereof):

1. I added Shipping by Weight parameters. I put "US" as the ISO value for country. I read at the bottom of the page for this module,

"Shipping rates are worked out by weight/price.

"e.g. 1:1.29 (For a parcel of 1Lbs or under the shipping would be 1.29 USD)"

and the text box where the values are entered says . . .

Zone 1 Shiping 1st Class Rates:

(Comma Separated)

so I entered the following:





First time, I entered them with a space after ea. comma, then I took out all the spaces, same result. When I fill the cart and try to checkout, I get the message, "Sorry - We cannot ship an order of that total weight."

When entering the products I assigned weights ranging from 0.5 lb to 2.2 lbs so far. Does anybody have a clue as to why this isn't working?

Since I had so much trouble with it, I tried the shipping by category module. I had problems with that one too, as sometimes it worked, sometimes no, and the shipping would appear as a choice in a drop-down - the only choice - but unless you manually selected it, it would not be added to the order. WTF? ;)

So after running through the motions several times over this shipping crud, I'm desparate enough to whine in the forum about it. Does anybody have a clue as to where I'm screwing up, or are the program's shipping modules just so bad that making shipping mods and selling them is a lucrative bidness :whistle:

Anyway, I wouldn't mind forking over for a mod that solves all my problems, but what I really want is a ship-by-weight that works. ;)

BTW, each time I tried a different shipping module, I disabled all other shipping modules.

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OK ;)

I've been posting in the wrong forum . . .

Tho't I had v.2 but it's actually 3.0.0

On the shipping by weight problem, I've found that it would not work without two options - shown as 1st Class and 2nd Class. I only wanted to offer one shipping method by weight, but once I added a second it all worked, so now I'm offering two methods - Priority Mail & Express Mail.

The larger problem is that shipping doesn't automatically get entered upon checkout without refreshing the cart before checking out.

I'll make any more posts to the problems in the v. 3 forum from now on . . . :whistle:

To see how my cart is working with the shipping, anyone interested can try it out at http://avftexas.com/shopping/

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Well brooky, I did get it to work after adding the second shipping option. But as I wrote in my second post above, the shipping hasn't been adding properly, so this is a second problem due to no fault of my own, I think. I noticed over in the "bugs" area that you are looking into that problem - others have been complaining here about it - and I don't want to put my store online until that is figured out.

About 3.0.2 - I downloaded the files yesterday, and I noticed that there were instructions for upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1; also for going from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 - how do I get directly from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2? May seem a bit silly, but I hate to presume anything and mess up my store.


Edit: 3.0.3? hmmm, did you put out a new version since last night? I'll look around for it, something tells me you may have already solved the problem :w00t:

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remove whitespace from the values?

there isnt any values to remove whitespace from

the only way to get UPS working is to

1) apply a weight to all products

2) enter in BY HAND all the countrys you WILL ship to in the shipping > by weight

zone 1 countries

shipping by weight doesnt even have to be enabled

just as long as you ENTER BY HAND all the country ISO codes seprated by commas in the zone 1 countrys

what a screwed up mess...

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