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Hey, Twisted (and others)


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BELLISSIMO! Hand Painted Glassware

Does it load a little faster now? I changed the overall bg image to a gif last week, and have now changed the header image to a gif also, with transparency for the black. Twisted made the comment that the original images loaded too slowly.

I'm pretty happy with the simple look of the site now, and it is mostly complete. I'm waiting for a couple of bugs in the cart/shipping/checkout to be resolved before putting much time into inventory and such, and haven't begun to optimize for search engines, etc. yet.

So whaddya think? Is it an eye-pleasing look, and does it load fast enough?



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Thank you for the compliment, roban. BTW, I enjoyed looking at the East Hampton Arts & Cultural Council site. Nice blog, and thanks for the news items on New Orleans. I am a native Louisianian, a Texan by transplant. All of my family, save those who sprung from my own loins, live in Louisiana. It is chaos and utter devastaton on the coast right now. Many thanks to everyone who contributes to helping these victims in any way whatsover.

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OK, well, thanks again Spanjis . . . I thought those two (or at least Firefox) behaved like netscape ;)

May take awhile to fix then, as I don't even have either of them on my machine any more. Here's where the problem will be:

#topHeader {

	text-align: right;

	height: 300px;


	margin-bottom: 10px;

	padding-right: 9px;

	padding-top: 0px;

	background: black url(../styleImages/backgrounds/topHeader.gif) no-repeat;


I had the "fixed" option as well on the background attribute which ns didn't like. I'm going to try two more changes as a shot in the dark to see if I can make the oera/firefox probs disappear. If you see anything here that you know they won't like, suggestions welcome . . .

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Not using iframe . . . everything is done in stylesheets and html to get that look. You can see any of the code you want . . . just let me know which code you want to see.

ns and ie have their quirks - backgrounds in table cell elements used to be parsed differently by the two, but I don't know any of the quirks in opera and firefox.

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Hi Spanjis,

I think it must have been in:

background: . . . no-repeat;

I know that earlier versions of netscape did not support anything but tiling in table cells, as opposed to the body tag - this quirk must have been inherited from Mozilla in the latest versions of Firefox and Opera. I had to get rid of the no-repeat and adjust the size of #topHeader until the background image displayed right regardless of tiling.

Thanks for your willingness to give me feedback on the problem :lol:

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