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My New Site! Comments please

Guest staff_bull

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Guest staff_bull

Hiya all,

I am in the process of developing a website using the CubeCart software. So far from what i have seen of the software, i am very glad i found it as this has to be one of the best if not the best free online store on the internet today.

My website store specialises in fishing tackle for the specimen fisherman, Carp, Barbel, Pike and Catfish. I am adding new products all the time, but i would appreciate as many comments as possible during the development stage before the site goes live on the net.

Quality Tackle

I look forward to hearing your comments...


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What a great store and I am glad you are in the UK - my husband would spend a fortune otherwise.

Thank you for looking at my store. I'm glad you think it is bright. I did the colors on a laptop away from home and then thought it wasn't bright enough seeing it on my desktop monitor.

It must have taken you a long time to get that many products up! I'm still at it after more than 2 months but its the photos of products that takes time for me.

Are the pike there Northerns? Fun fish to catch!


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Why not change the colours, or even add your own logos.

As at the moment is it just a plain vanilla populated CubeCart site, nothing special.

Remember there are many ways to get customers to buy from you and one of the m is to have a memorable site, the vanilla install is not in the slightest.

Unless you are the only UK online tackle store, which I doubt you do need to stand out from the crowd, or offer the visitor something unique, maybe a free download or a tips section.

If you just fill a catalogue system with products customers will not always be inclined to buy.

Hope that helps.



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I have to agree with Nathan,

You do need to stand out from the crowd, and Cubecart is very easy to customise once you understand how all the images site together.

I have customised a store for a company i do some work for, have a look here and see what you think of the customisations to this store


if you need any pointers please give me a shout.


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Guest staff_bull

There are a couple of things i would like to change or move around the site.

On the site there are a number of "blocks" i.e. category, information, shopping cart, most popular, etc. I would like the option of being able to move them around the pages, like moving the information block from the bottom left to bottom right. But as yet i have not found anywhere this can be done. I have seen this feature in phpnuke and think i would be a good idea to have this feature in Cubecart.

All your comments on this would be good as i would like to see what other people think about moving things around a little.


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