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Can You Help? Import Prods to DB w/CSV


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To set the stage: I know nothing about mysql db. I do have phpMyAdmin. I have about 1400 products that are already in an Excel spreadsheet from the mfr.

Is it very difficult to create a file of CSV from the relevant fields in Excel, then import them into the db, separate them into categories, and make everything work right?

Is it reasonable for someone with very limited experience to tackle this with aid from helpful forum members?

Does anyone know of a particular tutorial that makes this easy as a crack ho'?

I tried searching for posts of any date, but struck out (couldn't come up with the right terms, I suppose) - tried CSV, then comma separated values, then import products, then excel - couldn't find anything */*

Can somebody help me here?

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OK, (thanks for nothin') but here's what I found: It's difficult to find the info you seek with search function most of the time */*

But it's like that with damn near every forum I've been involved with.

I found a reference to sculptex's tutorial over in the list of 55 hidden mods - but the link is broken. I searched again with the terms "product import" which is remarkably similar to "import products" I used before, but this time turned up alot more useful material that quickly led to saztars mod (which I bought - thanks, saz, can hardly wait to try it).

BTW, a good link for sculptex's tutorial is http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index.php?showtopic=2154

yer welcome :)

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