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Pagination Problem

Guest tbladecki

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Guest tbladecki

I need change the highlighted "red pointer" are to display a "clickable" directory to the sub cat listing. If you look at my site you can go into the cats, then to the sub cats you can see that I am able to return to the parent cat listing but then I have to navigate back to the sub cat and to the listing that I last looked at. Now you can do this via the back button, but if the link is going to be there I want it to be fully functionable or I may as well remove it.

I ahve tried to modify the veiwcat and viewprod tpl files in the skins folders but they do not seen to fix my problems any assitance will be helpful, or at least which files will I need to modify and I can try to figure it out myself..... Thank you

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it's a small one line change...

in the includes/functions.inc.php find this line

$dirArray[0] = $config['dirSymbol'].$catName;

comment it out and insert below this line

$dirArray[0] = $config['dirSymbol']."<a href='".$GLOBALS['rootRel']."index.php?ccUser=".$sessId."&amp;catId=".$catId."&amp;act=viewCat' class='txtLocation'>".$catName."</a>";

The result should look like this

//$dirArray[0] = $config['dirSymbol'].$catName;

$dirArray[0] = $config['dirSymbol']."<a href='".$GLOBALS['rootRel']."index.php?ccUser=".$sessId."&amp;catId=".$catId."&amp;act=viewCat' class='txtLocation'>".$catName."</a>";

Now the current category is a link!

Good luck

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Hi Gobber

I am having an issue since I first installed my cube cart at the beginning of this year and I think you might help me...If you wish, ofcourse:)

It is really bugging me and I do not seem to find an answer for it.

While searching an item on the main page it finds it and only shows the first page from 10 pages let's say. The other numbers of pages being invisible.

Like in this example:


I really wish to change the color so that it can become visible. I have tried in layout but it seems I didn't managed.

Can you, please, give me some indications?

With appreciation,


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