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Many people ask if they can change the copyright notices which are output on the font end of the store.

Our answer to this is that you can only remove or change the text in the page footer and browser title with a license key purchase.

You may not modify the text at all without a license key purchase.

For example if you change the footer text to "powerd by CubeCart" instead of "Powered by CubeCart 3.x.x Copyright Devellion Limited 200x. All rights reserved." you are breaking our license agreement.

Common questions:

1. Can I change the CubeCart logo without a license key purchase?

Yes you may remove or change this without a license key purchase.

2. Can I remove the (Powered by CubeCart) from the browser title and leave the bottom copyright (or vice versa)?

No - Sorry but they must both remain without modification at all.

3. Can I change the position/style of the footer text.

Yes - You may move this and change the colour or the text using CSS only to make the look and feel of your store.

4. Is the branding and copyright removed from admin pages with a license key?

No - These remain in place after a license key has been imported. However you are permitted to remove them manually if you desire.

Please remember that the CubeCart software packages must ONLY be distributed from CubeCart.com and no other servers or domains. It is not open source software and must not be used or rebranded as an alternatively named cart solution for free or profit.

Devellion Limited is a company registered in England & Wales under number 5323904 and have the right to prosecute anybody breaking our license agreement in the courts of England and Wales.

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