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PayPal API Rocks!

Al Brookbanks

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Thanks Brooky for a great upgrade!! It seem to be all working fine! Upgraded without a hitch. You kept your promise! :ninja:

Now, just tell me. Is what you call in CC "PayPal Direct" the equivalent of what PayPal themselves call Website Payments Pro? Or is PayPal Direct something else, and can you use it without WPP?

It appears to me, from what I see on PP site, that PayPal Express is not the same as Website Payments Pro, and you state that you cannot use PayPal Express without also PayPal Direct. ???

Can you please help me out of my confusion, thanks! :unsure:

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Hi Brooky

You say Paypal is not available for us brits.... If you go to your profile in PayPal then API Access you can apply for one there.

I hav done this and got my API cert... but the gateway does not seem to work. I am on latest version of cc.

Any ideas?

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Cheers Brooky

I have read through the PayPal help files but cant seem to find out whats going wrong!!

Be good if you could sort this out for us!! Good Luck!!!

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It contained the following errors:

1. The expiration date of the credit card is invalid.

2. Invalid Credit Card.

3. The credit card entered is either not a valid credit card, or does not match the credit card type in the CardType field.

4. The currency code submitted is not supported. Check the currency code and try again.

I'll look in the reference manual to try and see if GBP is allowed...

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Direct Payment only supports USD at this time. You must also be a US Business account and have complete the application for Website Payments Pro and agreed to the Pro User Agreement.
- Eric L.

PayPal Developer Technical Support

There you have it, only US accounts work with API right now. :D

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Guest baxterg

Is there not any way we can put some "pressure" on Paypal.co.uk to adopt the Pro setup for UK business' ?

Seems like it could be the answer to a lot of our prayers for payment gateways....

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