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Language problem

Guest vrakas

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Guest vrakas

It's been an expensive month!

I think I have a spending problem... At least it wasn't my money. It's nice spending the companies (your) money.

This is just the begining of the month :)

It wasn't my money it was their money (my clients) lol :)

Well i installed CC2.07 and the results are:

Greek and English works fine together in the same product description.

Greek only - The product you are trying to view no longer exists in our database!


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Guest vrakas

Ok now i am totally confused.

Site 1 can post greek ok (this one i made changes in all these days that i cant remeber) :)

site 2 new installation and made the changes nothing happened it was actually worse.

I copied the files from site 1 of fck and pasted them in site 2 it works but only the title is in code Greek is working ok.

Sorry have to look in to it more :)

Latest updates:

3 html files edit

3 JS files edit

1 to be replaced new altered one

and ..... this is where i have the problem to solve.

I found the files to change and must replace another one but in the site documents the title is in code.

If i can figure this one out then i have a chance.

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Guest vrakas

Solution found it was another one file needed to be corrected in the language file.

I am totaly out of energy and i am going to crash for the night.

Goodnight and dont let the bed bugs bite :)

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Guest guenthar

The database isnlt incrementing... bugger.

Execute the following MySQL commands replacing ##PREFIX## with your store prefix if you have one....

Thie will delete any langauges you have already made for the product.

TRUNCATE TABLE `##PREFIX##CubeCart_inv_lang` 

ALTER TABLE `##PREFIX##ubeCart_inv_lang` ADD INDEX ( `id` ) 

ALTER TABLE `##PREFIX##CubeCart_inv_lang` CHANGE `id` `id` INT( 11 ) NULL AUTO_INCREMENT

I just want to say thank you, brooky:

Rebuilding the CubeCart_inv_lang table with your queries solved the "edit/delete other languages" problem.


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Guest vrakas

In brief:

In order to get the Greek language to work you need to:

Correct 3 html pages.

Then you have to correct 3 js files (just as estelle posted (Thanks for that and the attachments you send me :D ))

And finally you need to get and replace a greek js file that has been altered to match the above corrected settings you have made.

I am loosing one step that i didnt write down when this post started but i figured a way around it. :rolleyes:

I am satisfied (apart from the missing part) with FCK now and it provides what i need, for now.

Thanks guys for all the help and support you provided and especially the CC team that donated 250 euros for extra assistance to solve this problem.

If you have made any extra laguage settings and cannot edit or delete them, then use the above SQL query tested and it works B)

If there is another solution (as i am waiting for one by the CC team) i or brooky will post it for you.

Thanks again :)

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Hi Susanne,

i did sort it out at the end with some help from some of you but it was a bi** ;)

The good news is that it works fine with no problems in Ver3.05 as the fix is included. B)

Storm is over, now i must get paid from my clients ;)

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Message follows in English (partial)

Man can you help me a bit here, cause i've ready the 3 pages thread but i'm still confused.. is there a problem with the latest v3? greek is displayed ok?

Message follows in Greek

Αδερφέ ρίξε ένα χέρι βοηθείας γιατί αν και διάβασα και τις 3 σελίδες είμαι πολύ μπερδεμένος.. υπάρχει τελικά κάποιο πρόβλημα με την τελευταία έκδοση (3); τα ελληνικά εμφανίζονται εντάξει? και αν μπορείς κάνε την καλή και στείλε μου ένα Pm με το σωστό πακέτο ελληνικής που χρειάζομαι να αρχίσω κι εγώ τις δοκιμές

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