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Sale Price on Store front

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Still adding my items from v2 & creating my new store etc.

Noticed an error. See


I have an item listed @£42 Sale Price £37 Saving of £5. But on store front panel it says Save £37 which is the Sale Price. V2 shows the correct saving?

Is it me or am I missing something here?

The item details are okay its just the Sale Items window is giving false info?



BTW I have indicated buyers to input 1 item @£37, but is there anyway of forcing the buyer to input 2 (in this special offer example) eg 2 £18.50?

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In the file /upload/includes/boxes/saleItems.inc.php on line 57, if you change the following:

$salePrice = salePrice($saleItems[$i]['price'], $saleItems[$i]['sale_price']);


$salePrice = $saleItems[$i]['price']-$saleItems[$i]['sale_price'];

then the corrcet saving will be shown.

Unfortunately this only works if you select the "Individual Sale Prices per item" option in your admin section.

Now perform a search as there is another total solution to this problem posted.

Its to big to post again <_<

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i beleive that this is fixed in ver 3.03

Search: try and changing the date older than 90 days.

In any case if you need it i will post it. Just send me a PM.

Glad to have helped <_<

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