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Cross-browser testing - yet again . . .


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Thanks for everyone's help in de-bugging my Classic Full Screen.

I have a Legend full screen and a couple of other very basic skins that are nearly completed. I look through the skins with Netscape and IE . . . but would like to get feedback from users with different browsers.

If you see a problem, please point it out along with your browser name and version and your screen resolution.

Thanx a million!

Stock Legend skin, full screen version

Deep Blue Urban skin

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Guest sunshine

Hi Markscarts,

I'm on Windows 6.02 wih a 17' and using 1028x768. It's completely center with about 1.5mm l/r black show. I see things off.

1 - Main Page 'Latest Products'. I'm only seing a fraction of the top lettering. Maybe increased depth of the box.

2 - Some might not notice but the banner top misses the vertical right line y about 1mm. Actually, I think it looks better that way-just trim/enlarge and move from left to center.

I did the click-thru and all else look good. Maybe I should increase my width a bit too.

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@ sunshine - I'm assuming it's the Legend you're having a problem with? I'm on my way out the door, but will look into it when I get in this eve. I've noticed how the "Latest Prods" title gets cut off in the Legend. I've found it to be an issue with the stock skin as-is, and corrected it on my first store. I'll correct it on this skin as well . . .

@ jbdancer - the skins will be available at cc3.biz. The store is not quite functional yet, but my skins and tutorials will be very cheap, from 99 cents to 4.99 and free for licensed CC users :D

You can visit my store, but the gateway and usergroups aren't set up yet, and the look will be changing daily as I settle on a final look for the store.

You can view the skins at test stores right now, and the ones I'm actually working on at any given time can be seen at cc3.biz/test/


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