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Checklist for Making Paypalâ„¢ IPN Work


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Just published a "mini-tutorial" that's really just a checklist for getting PayPalâ„¢ IPN up and running with Sir William's patch.

The tute is a 2 page PDF file. It will hopefully help you to avoid some frustrating little pitfalls I and others have encountered in making the automatic payment thingy work.

It has been submitted and should soon appear in the Downloads area. In the meantime,

you can see it online here..

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Works like Charm :(

Thanks you Marrscarts & thank you to Sir William for your code....

Note im a International user from Mexico, paypal is not yet well known here but many people are signinup with paypal and hoppe this will be meaning more profits sending thru paypal

As i said Before

Thanks you Both

Regards From mexico

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mmmmm Bad news :(

almost had it

I have an error when paypal gateway is selected, when transfering to paypal site i have found that always have $10 for S & H

on the cart i have configured just flat rate with a $22 value, all other options are disabled.

also if a make a change on my flat rate config (lets say change from 22 to $1) i have the same shipping cost on paypal site ($10)

here are some pics




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Hi mig6!

This post is only about the checklist/tutorial for setting up IPN. It has nothing to do with shipping costs at PayPal. I do not know the answer to your problem. :(

As mentioned in the checklist, Brooky has made a post about the problem you are having. It is at http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=11126

If the PayPal IPN and autoreturn are not working, I can refer you to the checklist and to Sir William's thread . . . but the shipping amount is a whole separate issue.

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