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SSL: How do I make it work?


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My first store, so this is a dumb question.. I have setup and purchase a secure certification, so my site is now accessible through https:// however, I am not certain about how to make my cubecart store use this..?

I know there are some settings in the admin panel, but whenver I try some, I get locked out - and have to use the 'Config Recovery Tool' to fix this..

What am I not doing right??

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Nope, sorry, that link didn't really help.. Plus it now appears to be inactive. :blink:

What I need to know, is what to put here:

Directories & Folders

Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store: (Include Trailing Slash) 

Absolute SECURE URL to store:

e.g. https://secure.domain.com 

Server SECURE Root Directory:

e.g. /path/to/your/secure/webstore 

Enable SSL:

(Warning: This change takes place immediately after submit. Please ensure your secure Root Directory and Secure URL are correct and working before setting this to Yes)  Yes No

Obviously I put enable 'yes', and server path, is the general path to my site.. Right? Then for secure url, put in "https://www.mystore.com" and for root, I put in / because my store is in the main folder of the site..

But doing this just locks me out. :wacko::w00t:

Any suggestions?

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Sorry to bring this back up to the top, AGAIN.

Same problems.. I have the correct settings, and they are NOT working. :(

When I simply access my site manually via https:// it works, so I know my certificate is working. And as far as I know, it is a private, not shared certificate.

But when I enable it in the admin section, the store works properly, until I go to the card or registering areas. Then it just goes into a loop and I get the "Page Cannot be Displayed" message. :zorro:

I need help!! :)

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