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How do I send my CubeCart website to Dreamweaver

Guest rjbacon

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Guest rjbacon

Hi Folks,

Ive tried to put my CubeCart site into dreamweaver but when it opens there is just a blank screen. I know that Dreamweaver edits .php files but I do not know how to do this.

Please help me!

Many thanks,

Rob ;)

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Guest EverythingWeb


You want to be opening the files in the /skins/YOURSKIN/styleTemplates/ folder

global/index.tpl and global/cart.tpl are the two first ones to look at, then the boxes/ folder, and then the content folder.

Hope this helps.

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Guest rjbacon

Thanks for the reply,

Is there no way that I can view the whole of the page? Or is CubeCart just based on scripts?

When I open the index file all I get is...







What on earth is this??



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Guest toys4mobiles.com

If you want to edit the cubecart store templates etc. I installed a 'copy' of my site on a local server ie localhost. You will need either Win XP Pro and install IIS or install XAMPP (which is an apache server).

Once the localhost is set up, in dreamweaver you can edit the local server files and then upload them to your web server.

If you want to view your website you need to open the index.php page and press F12 to view it. or select the 'view live data' option.

Pressing F12 lets you view the website on your local server.

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