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Skining, Templates and Layout Modification

Guest vrakas

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Please find here all the minor or major tips and tricks on how to change, alter, reposition or whatever you would like to change in your CC3.

General Support Questions Answered Here.

Remember to use the search if your question is not answered above or below.

How to set permisions - CHMOD

How do i change my Logo?

How to add a copyright with an active hyperlink to the footer

Create a Thank You Page

Killer Skin - How to MOVE the categories from the top to the side

Killer Skin - How to ADD the categories from the top to the side

Clickable Logo, Add URL to topHeader

Links as buttons/images

Fitting the logo in the header

How do you move the search box

How do i change my homepage text?

How to change the Header (for all skins)

How can I completely change the look of CubeCart v3?

Latest products display fix

How to add Flash in Header?

Killer Skin, Search box too tall, double up background issue solved

How to add boxes

Minor mod to product + More images

How to remove or move boxes

Putting the Categories on the Frontpage (Killer Skin)

Peekaboo Category Titles and try this also

Redirecting to HomePage after Customer Logout

How to make new CUSTOM BOX, Small tutorial

Adding new tabs in Killer Skin, How to?

Remove "There are no products in this category"

Killer Tabs in Legend Skin

More Images - How to add

How to show product picture in popup window

Change the window size of the FCK editor. and this more simple version

How to remove tax completely

How to change wording or text in cubecart store, Editing the Language File.

Sort Categories Alphabetically

Sort Sub-Categories Alphabetically

Larger PopUp for more images

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