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Forum Rules

1. Read Most Common Probems and Questions.

2. Do a search..

A- "Keywords " - type in the words you are looking for.

Also if you're searching for multiple words (rather than a phrase) you will need to put AND or OR or , between the words. This helps a lot :whistle:

B- "Search Where " - Choose the CC version you are using.

C- "Search posts from " - Change the date to 60 or 90 Days ago and...

This should help you find the answer you are looking for.

3. Post in the correct forum. ex. if its for skins, layout etc, post in "Skins & Templates" if its for installation "Installation & Upgrade Help" etc.

Remember also to post in the correct version of CC the question is meant for.

4. State your problem in the topic title of your post. The people most likely to know the answer may not open every thread titled, "PLEASE HELP!!!" Titling your thread this way with no indication of the problem in the title is a rude way to post for help.

5. Be sure to always mention the version of CubeCart you are using ex."CC3.xx", and the particular skin you've chosen . . . and give a link to your site so we can see the problem for ourselves.

TIP: if you can not find your post then go to your profile and click on Find all posts by this member and you will find it. This might occure if you posted in the wrong forum and it was moved.

Thank you :)

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Good guidelines ;)


If you have an error message, try using a few word phrase from the error message as a search term, because others who have had the same problem probably posted their error message too . . .


"upload.php on line 96"

"failed to open stream"

Don't copy a colon : into the search terms

Don't make the search terms too long

Don't put your URL into search terms - it won't match anyone else's post

Good luck with your problems; this forum is a helpful bunch!


ALSO, be sure to make a "wide enough, deep enough" search. Set to search all forums, and set the time to 90 days, or to unlimited time span if necessary to get results B)

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