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much to my amazement, our local trading standards people are a bit over-keen ,and insist on detailed terms and conditions being displayed on the website - I was given the job of applying them to a friend's - he handed me 8 sheets of A4 covered with civil service bollockese! I 'phoned the local office, and enquired politely if I had to paste the entire eight pages of rhubarb - "no" - "well, can you give me an idea of the precise shortened form that you would find acceptable "no"- could you point me to a website that is complying so that I could get a rough idea of what I should put? - "no" - "so if I precis it, would you check that it's acceptable? - "no" - "so how do I know if I've got it right or not?" - "we'll let you know!" - so I wandered off, and after much head scratching, came up with the following - thankfully the following has been "vetted" by the East Sussex Stasi, and has found to be correct - do use it as you wish - hopefully it'll save a few people from the wasted day I had sorting it out! :blink:


Terms & Conditions

"The Small print" - (terms and conditions)If you buy from us over the internet, you are entering into a legally binding contract - we are an English company, and trade under English law; prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate - we provide a VAT receipt which you can use to reclaim it from Customs & Excise (if applicable).

Any import taxes or duties for goods sent abroad are the responsibility of the purchaser

Postage is added to the cost of the goods at the time of purchase, which are either sent by Royal Mail or Interlink

We offer a seven "working" days "no quibble" guarantee - email us immediately if you want to return goods, and we will arrange a refund.

Any manufacturer's guarantees offered with new goods are in addition to, and don't affect your normal statutory rights

Second hand equipment is offered with a 3 month guarantee, unless expressly marked - again, in addition to your normal rights

Goods bought from us using Ebay are subject to their terms and conditions - link

In the event of a complaint of any sort, just get in touch, preferably by email, and we will do our utmost to resolve the matter swiftly & amicably - it is as much in our interest as yours that any problems are dealt with quickly (and painlessly) -

We don't track you, install spyware, fill your mailbox with spam, or otherwise indulge in "dirty internet tricks""The Small print" - (terms and conditions)"

I got so p*ssed off with their attitude, I went for brevity and clarity - a few titchy paragraphs, condensed from eight sodding pages!

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