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Guest abcin

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Hi Everyone:

I've realized that many members are having problems with their cart/store, however, there could be various reasons responsible for this. One of the most common reasons could be as a result of your host company. Some may not support a lot of the features necessary to smoothly run your cart/store.

Nonetheless, to help solve many of these problems, I would recommend that members try hosting their store with "Abdulk Webhosting".I spoke to the web host with regard to this problem, this is what he had to say "I will install the cart/store free of charge once a member become my host customer. After installing your cart/store, I will email your initial login name and password; and upon having access to the admin/login page you can change your user name and password if you wish. My hosting plans start at $2.00 per month. With this you will get your own control panel and more."

Guys trust me, this is really working very well for me.

To see for your self, please click here to visit my store

Have a good luck :) guys!

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either you are on commision or you are an affiliate of this web host.

Basically they are re-selling hosting space, not difficult to do, but they could be doing it better, the site looks dull and the company look like they have just set up in a bunker in Afghanistan.

To be fair, would many of the cubecarters really want to host thier site with a company whjo can barely scratch there ass with HTML let alone leave them to host a potential million $ e-commerce site?

I doubt it, abcin if you want this company to do well, i would advise you plough all your own money into hosting packages from them, please stop posting stupid adverts on the forums.

If people want web hosting, try searching google!

Paul :mellow:

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Guest twisted

It looks to me that, due to the similarity in nature of the table header graphics, etc, that Adbulk and abcin are one and the same "company".

At the very LEAST it shows a lack of originality on abcin's part.

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