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Guest twisted

Might I suggest you look at the installation of your SSL cert.

Your whole site is under SSL...which, while not a major problem (apart from giving you slower page loading times) does keep throwing up the warning:

"This page contains both secure and non-secure items.

Do you want to view the non-secure items?"

which is due to the fact that your images folder is not included under the SSL.

The "gurus" all say that a warning such as this, can put some people, especially newcomers to the Web, off, and you may be losing customers because of it.

I would suggest you have the SSL cert applied only to your actual shopping cart pages. If you don;t know how to do this, speak to your webhost. If THEY don;t know how to do it...find another host!

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*cough* bullshit *cough*

So tell me again how an SSL cert slows down your server?

That is the most assinine thing I have ever heard.

Maybe if your running your home computer which is already loaded down with spyware and adware, but with say Ibm Netfinity's or Compaq 5500's which are real servers you wont see it. hell, even a dual xeon could handle it ...

And if your running your site on total SSL, it actually impresses alot of buyers because they know they are secure from the start.

you can get chainedssl certs for any part of your site and just have a couple of those for a lesser price than whole site or root.

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