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Empty / No Confirmation Email

Guest Trees

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I have version 3.06, and using worldpay gateway.

When an order is placed the customer receives an email with the order number in the subject. ie "051123-173828-9875", but there is nothing in the email body.

They then recieve the standard confirmaiton emails from worldpay...

Admin email does not receive an order confirmation when the order is made.

Emails to customer work when order status is changed, notifying them of new status, and again admin does NOT receive emails.

Someone PLEASE HELP!!! I know of others who are expeirenceing the same problem.

The main issue for me is customers not recieving information about their order when they have made it. A blank email is at best a little confusing for the customer!

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Guest bikeman

There is a fix for the admin not getting an email notification of the order. Here:


Re the customer getting a blank email - I agree this is totally unacceptable. It is because the cart sends out an email whenever there is a status change and in this case it is bacause the payment processor has approved the payment so the status has changed from pending to processing. This is how the cart works. Unfortunately the developer seems deaf to repeated issues raised about this sort of thing in this forum. The recent release of 3.0.6 would have been an ideal time to get this right.

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