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Print Order form disappears 3.0.6

Guest muircockhall

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Guest raidahl

I´m having same problem, printing page do not appear. I have latest version of CC. I use MAC OS X 10.3.4 version and Opera 8,5 version.

With Safari I will go back to page 2.

I tried those two fixes mentioned earlier at this topic, didn´t work. :D

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Guest georgeh

Yep spot on

I took away the


& it went back to how it was, with the form disappearing

I then replced that with


& it's working again so i would defo say it has something to do with that.

Bloody 'ell can it be that I fixed my own problem :):ninja::D

:D Great - worked for me, i was ge

tting thrown back to step 2, the cart contents stayed there but no order was sent or received. thanks guys.

I guess this got missed out of 3.07-pl1? since I just upgraded from scratch. Anyone written an installation mod that installs mods? would make life so much easier than keeping track of which mods work with what versions.



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Guest SnakeMind

Strange problem that suddenly also starts appearing at my site.

It worked fine till yesterday, though i hadn't changed anything :S

(3.0.8 version btw.)

However, the item stays in the cart, but I do receive an order-mail in the inbox.

As customer being, I do NOT get a confirmation e-mail (cause it's flipping back to step2 instead of finishing)

I have tried to add the lines as mentioned, but now i get this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function mySQLSafe() on a non-object in /var/www/sites/silver-emotion.com/includes/session.inc.php on line 41

What is up now??

Thanx in advance :)

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