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Who is your Web Host company?


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The further away the server the slower the conection speed, << makes sense it has to travel further...

So if your in the UK on a UK server then you will get a marginaly faster conection than if you had a server in the US...

However if the majority of your visitors are going to be in the US you need to consider that that they will then get the slower speed being further away...

Its always a good idea to have a DEDICATED server thats close to you but with shared this speed diffrence is the only main diffrence... but also take into consideration of time zones so getting a server in the US will mean that alot of their operators for support will be unavailable durring the most the day over here...

PS i have PM'd you...

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Currently using Simplehost.com

Great plan, great value

Sometimes the site goes unresponsive (sometimes slow response)

Thinking about using JaguarPC, have heard some good things about this host.

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Well, I switched over and now I'm testing out BlueHost...

So far for about 3 weeks now, I've been getting a lot of slow down spots at any given time during the day... Possibly a few EVERY HOUR!!!!!

Hell, right now I'm writing up this since I have the time. I was trying to work on my website but once again it's been down for a good 15 minutes...

So far my choice of switching to BLUEHOST seems like a huge mistake. Maybe i have just been stuck on a server of theirs with too many people.. Anyhow it's aggravating and making my site look and me look really bad.

Okay.. My site is working again. Time to try and squeeze in some more work before the Bluehost server cloggs up again!

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Guest sgleaton

how about simplehost.com

Pretty much unlimited everything for $90 annual and that includes the domain name!

Scott Gleaton

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I'm not going to say the name of who I use for hosting because I own that hosting service. Under one banner or another I've been doing that since January, 1994. I host web sites for clients in 5 countries.

Today is our 12th anniversary. Later this week I will be sending every one of my clients an Anniversary Gift in the form of a one-month credit for every year they have hosted with us.

I'm withholding the name of my company because, although I disagree with the idea that I should not be allowed to mention its name here, I'm not going to defy it either. But I do think it treats me like a second class citizen. I think it is unfair to me as a piad license holder of CC and to anyone who wants to ask an open question for that kind of information. The policy is mistaken in assuming that such a mention, with proper disclosure of my interest, would be predatory.

Were I to answer the question as posted by providing the name of my company, I also would have clearly disclosed that I am the owner of the business, not just a user. I think that such an explicit disclaimer should be sufficient. Why assume that a person who is informed of that will somehow be abused by that knowledge. In fact, they should be comforted, knowing that I am a responsble member of this support community, one who is much more likely to understand the needs and issues involved in running a CC store than some uninvolved hosting company.

I could understand such a policy if CC were to be in the hosting business - in which case, this is their venue and banning competetive mentions would not be at all unreasonable. However, that's not the case - at least not so far, anyway - but were I Brooky, I definitely would partner with someone in offering a hosting service in the same manner as a IPB, the maker of the software for this support forum (for which I also hold a few paid licenses) and host a few forums.)

Having said all that, I agree that customer service and prompt, competant, professional support is a consideration far more important than price. That's why I am still in business after all these years and why so many of my clients have stayed with me from the start.

Our service is definitely not the cheapest. Not even close. We charge a business web site $240 per year (20 a month) or $71.88 per year (that's 5.99 a month) for a personal web site, paid annually in advance, with a plain-language, no-excuses, money-back at any time guarantee. And my clients know they are paying for someone who watches out for them.

For example, it was my tech support people who stepped in around 3am on a Sunday morning within minutes after the latest hack of a CC and protected the client by shutting down the store and preserving the database. The anomlies were immeditely detected and made the subject of premptive shutdown. Damage might have gone on for many hours or even days at some lower-priced hosting services - and maybe never acted upon until it was too late.

That's because the price I charge for hosting includes 24/7/52/265 live human monitoring. When the stable version of CC is available, we'll upgrade the installation and restore the store from backups that are never more than 12 hours old.

I wish you well in your search - but unless your web site is just for fun - make price the last thing you look at.

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Guest davedavenport

I use my own server which is monitored on my behalf 24/7.

I only host client sites with custom built cms in php. (So no advertising from me for hosting)

I have only installed cc on a test site but hopefully I will be a fully paid up cc member this weekend with me having 4 pre-ordered sites and a few in the pipeline (so lots of money spent this weekend with a bulk buy on licences so drinks on Brooky!

Ok not millions of pounds so maybe orange squash on Brooky!)

I personally feel that communities like the cc forum assist people in making the right choice, not only in using cc but all aspects of the internet, one being the right choice of host.

Maybe this could be in a seperate section on hosting/software/equipment ect??? Just a thought :D

General discusion could be about things in the news, sport etc (and me talking rubbish ;) )

Oh and to all who dont know me..... I ask silly questions, waffle on and have a really wierd sense of humour.

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Guest gwizard

My turn :ninja:

I have been running my own server for a very long time. It was Debian linux on Alpha XL 266 on ADSL line.

Those of you that know what Alpha is will know how it's extremely difficult when working with Linux. It took me 12 hours to install it and then 2 more days to properly configure it.

But then so many people (100 unique per day) started to access my sites (I own 6 of them) that my poor 96Kbps upload has practicly died.

That's when I found Rotmax.com

My main requirment was SSH access and today so few actually give that considering security risks involved so I was very happy when I found that not only rotmax give me SSH but they also give me a whole lot more for a not expensive price of 15$ per month.

Support is excellent, speaks English, Russian and Hebrew and works around the clock. Backups are made everyday, tickets resolved in matter of minutes and they are not greedy as some other hosts I saw. For example, they installed my SSL cert without any request of additional payment.

If you will consider them then speak to Roman at support - he is a Linux/PHP guru that will answer all your questions and help setup whatever ecommerce package you want.

Also, if you do take them as your host, please mention that Alon from Natalie-Shop sent you. That will give me 1 month free :)

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Guest wdstather


I use Dream-Hosting.co.uk

Cheapest Price is

£9.99 per year ($20)

500MB space

8GB transfer

5sql Databases

Never had an issue been with them since last July

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Guest nyvagyrl

I use u2-web.com.

I haven't been with them for very long but their service is excellent. The longest I have had to wait for an email reply from them was about 20 minutes. They are very helpful and patient.

This is my first plan so I don't have any poor experiences with a host as of yet.

I selected them after reviewing webhostingjury.com, after researching hosting services for about three months. I guess it wouldn't have taken me three months to find a service provider I wanted to go with if I found it sooner. Anyway, u2-web had pretty good marks along with many others but I guess I was looking at cost and what you get with it as well.

Hope this all helps. :on2long:


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Guest EverythingWeb

Thank you everybody for your comments.

I believe that the original poster has had their question answered, and that if this post is left much longer, will just turn into a massive bill-board of advertising and "recomendations".

For that reason, the thread is now being closed.

Thank You.

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