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paypal direct payment FIX for lack of errors

Guest krypton1

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Guest cdtronix

to be honest im not really at the stage of upgrading to v4. ive spent months getting my cc v 3.016 up the level of what i need to provide for my customers and its all working just fine right now. the last part i need to complete my site fully is getting a proper merchant account on there for card payments, so im currently looking at going the paypal route, thats providing they accept my application form but i dont see any reason while it wont be.

I suppose i'll just have to have a go at setting it up and see how i get on.

is there any guides for setting this all up with paypal UK & CC v3 ??

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Guest grafixster

Just to 1.) Say thanks and 2.) Confirm

I've installed the TimHensel fix to the 3.0.15 first, then went back and did the changes as detailed in krypton1's original post.

Everything works Great!

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Guest erhanagan

hii all i hope you can solve my problem...

i can try to use paypal direct payment method but some problem occurs also i dont know how can i solve this problem.

problem is...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getack() in /home/aberc/public_html/modules/gateway/DirectPayment/form.inc.php on line 166

thnx for kind response

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  • 7 months later...

Just wondering if anyone that had installed this mod (PayPal Direct Lack of Errors Fix) ever did side work on it to expand the error details?

Certain failures are good, like 'Order failed...Enter valid credit card expiration date'. But so many times with PayPal Direct I get the 'The transaction cannot be processed.' error, which is an error code 10505/AVS failure. Customers only see 'Transaction cannot be processed'. I am thinking about trying to mod this mod even further to include failure codes, then display even more detailed failure info like 'The credit card processor has shown an invalid credit card billing address entered. Please check your billing address and try again.' ... or something like that.

Just a though and to see if anyone has already done this to save me the work. :homestar:


-Tim H.

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